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  1. No it only needs to stay above 18.6 from 21:00 this evening until 9:00 tomorrow morning, as that's the twelve hour time period during which minimum temperatures are recorded.
  2. The record for England is 18.6C so this could definitely be beaten!
  3. The Met Office have Exeter forecast to reach a UV of 9 tomorrow. I wonder whether this is the first time they have forecast 9, as it says on their UV index forecast page that the UV does not exceed 8 in the UK.
  4. Provisionally the coldest start to a month since January 1979, which had a CET of -3.8 to the 1st.
  5. In fact it was colder than all the winter months we have had so far this decade!
  6. Hadley still operational so far, 4.7 after the 1st
  7. That would be my reasoning, and also, taking the rounded value means that years prior to 1772 can be included in the record (when values accurate to more than 1 dp are not known).
  8. January just about made it, so we join the other sequence on 11 now.
  9. The page has now been updated to give the CET as 6.0 to the 7th, and 4.0 as a final figure for January
  10. Interestingly there has never been a February with a CET of 5.5 since the figures started to be rounded to the nearest 0.1 degree, but I'm going to go slightly above this and plump for 5.7
  11. So far the highest prediction is 6.2C. There have been 7 February's warmer than this since 1990.
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