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  1. Thought you were running secret tours this year!
  2. Say hi to billings if you pass through it. I saw it was storm warned today there!
  3. Pleasure to meet you guys and many thanks for putting us in the right position safely.
  4. I don't fancy the sound of a tornado as we land in Texas, don't want to be diverted and miss the tour!
  5. How many states would that make it 5 or 6?
  6. Sounds good to me hardcore chasing!
  7. Will do Mike been looking fwd to this since we booked last summer! Can't believe how far away from Dallas they are on tour 1 though!
  8. Save some targets for tour 2 Paul!
  9. Texas chasers forecasting increase in storm activity over next couple of days should see tour1 go out with a bang! Then a calming down just in time for our tour :-(
  10. That looks like the one that reed timmer got right underneath on his Twitter feed! Good pictures tho.
  11. Radar appears to show they are right in it
  12. Bev and I can't wait it can't come soon enough. Been watching the radar people keep saying it's going to ko this week and next week so fingers crossed we see some awesome weather events!
  13. We are on tour 2 first timers really really looking forward to it. Rob n Bev
  14. Hello, Right Tour 2 paid up, Insurance paid up, flights paid up. Only 6 weeks of work to get through then we'll be ready. We cant wait for this to happen. Robin & Bev
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