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  1. I'm in Eastbourne and it's painfully close but no cigar. I've got blue sky one side and a thunderstorm the other side.
  2. I think Eastbourne's primary problem was that it rained for hours before it snowed so it was always going to struggle. We have got a bit of laying snow now though.
  3. Moderate snow for the last few hrs in Eastbourne. Its topping up what we got overnight which was only a dusting really. Temp has not risen above -1.6 today.
  4. Just about stopping in Eastbourne now. Its not really settled but it was nice to see it snow. Im hoping for more. Its a shame to read people are getting grief.
  5. It's starting to settle more on the grass now. How are you guys doing up there?
  6. It has started to settle on the grass now a bit more. It's definitely trying. Just need it to carry on. Its been more snizzle for us for a while now but we had proper flakes earlier.
  7. Hello mate. What a shame the ground has been so wet. I hope this dont turn out to be a waste of snow and it does settle somehow.
  8. Hello mate. I got fingers and toes crossed. If there is a chance I'll be up to watch it.
  9. Met office forecast dont look to good for later. Like you say fizzling out by then. Looked like just an area cloud. Maybe another system coming into cold air at the weekend but I dont think that's a good set up for us. Always seems to rain. Too close to the channel.
  10. They are the ones I use. Being willingdon trees im kind of in-between them. Temp down to 2.1c now. I can see I few suspect bits in the rain.
  11. Morning. Same here. Got up to a frost -1 i think it was. Im gutted weve missed out again. I was reading yesterday about some signs of the beast but even the beast doesn't always deliver snow for Eastbourne of it comes off at all. Do you own a weather station or do you use the ones in Eastbourne?
  12. Yeah I was a bit surprised about that. No chance of snow for us.
  13. I got up at 6:30 and it was just rain in Eastbourne. The rain band was well over us by then though so maybe there was a bit of snow earlier on.
  14. I hope so. Fingers crossed. Not looking to good for us though.
  15. Nice storm in Eastbourne now. Been going on about an hour now. Frequent lightning, big thunder and torrential rain.
  16. I'm in eastbourne. We are on the western edge of it. We have had thunder and lightning and a couple of bursts of heavy rain but it's not that good here.
  17. There is near constant thunder and lightning in eastbourne. My boys live opposite the fire station and he says all the appliances have just gone out. Hope everyone is safe.
  18. It's a show alright. We had a brief power cut aswell about 10mins ago. Thunder has been shaking the windows.
  19. Hi all. 38mm of rain has fallen in eastbourne so far today. Been chilly aswell with a max temp of just 11.5c.
  20. Me and my misses are at a friend's house so we need to go out in it soon. I love it mate. Unexpected defo mate. No warnings either.
  21. Still snowing in eastbourne. Got more in the last few hours than what we got in the whole of the beast last winter.
  22. I'm thinking the same. Way past my bedtime it is. Fingers crossed for the morning. Good to meet and chat to you too. Yes. Defo catch up soon.
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