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  1. Me and my misses are at a friend's house so we need to go out in it soon. I love it mate. Unexpected defo mate. No warnings either.
  2. Still snowing in eastbourne. Got more in the last few hours than what we got in the whole of the beast last winter.
  3. I'm thinking the same. Way past my bedtime it is. Fingers crossed for the morning. Good to meet and chat to you too. Yes. Defo catch up soon.
  4. Ill have a look. It's proper snowing here now mate. Dewpoint still on the rise. -0.1 now.
  5. Moderate snow willingdon trees.
  6. It's a mix here now. More wintry in the slightly heavier bursts. Temp has actually gone down since it was snowing. Dp has risen slightly to -0.3. How comes the change to rain when the temp has gone down?
  7. We have snow on the ground in willingdon trees. Snow has changed to rain here now though.
  8. Snowing here in eastbourne. Temp 1.1c dew point is -0.6.
  9. Hi. I've definitely got my fingers crossed.
  10. I did have a look earlier. It showed heavy snow at 6am weds but by 9am it showed sunny. I'm hopeful.
  11. Me too. I'm in eastbourne. It was said on here earlier that we would struggle. Don't know if that's changed or not.
  12. Yeah. I'm out in Eastbourne. So gutted. 😭
  13. Snow didn't last that long in Eastbourne though there was some heavier bursts. It's just cold rain now. Temp is 2.9c