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  1. Snow didn't last that long in Eastbourne though there was some heavier bursts. It's just cold rain now. Temp is 2.9c
  2. Estofex are doing discussions on the medicane. Very much a nhc feel to them. Cone of uncertainty aswell.
  3. I'm tempted to say no rain in Eastbourne today but it did drizzle for about 2mins. The sun has been out for a while now and it feels quite warm despite the breeze. Top temp 21.1c. Current temp is 20.1
  4. Just had a spell of heavy rain in Eastbourne but no thunder.
  5. Eastbourne aswell. I felt sure it couldnt miss us but I was wrong.
  6. Storm shield holding up well in eastbourne. Storms going round us.
  7. Htid

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I so hope this weather does break soon. I could just about live with another hot spell if there was solid light at the end of the tunnel but reading on the other thread, met office updates etc there really doesn't seem to be any hope anytime soon.
  8. Yeah. Eastbourne did very poorly out of the beasts this year. I was most disappointed.
  9. Rain from about half 9 this morning till about an hour ago here in Eastbourne. Mainly light and only 1.4mm measured. Max temp was 19.7c
  10. Quite heavy snow in Eastbourne.
  11. This afternoon brought Eastbourne it's best snow all week. Shame it couldn last. We've just had a couple of dustings here and there but it has been bitterly cold.
  12. Nothing in Eastbourne despite being in the pink for over an hour now.
  13. Lampost watching in Eastbourne. No snow to report yet.