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  1. Seen some beautiful strikes today. A fair few over the Mainland and a few in the Solent. Certainly seen more in the past week than the whole of last year up in Leeds.
  2. Nice deep rumbles of thunder here. Being spoilt with storms at the moment.
  3. Aparently there was flash flooding in the Solent!! Water everywhere!!!!!
  4. We did great here. Was sat down by Ryde marina as the first storm rolled in. Certainly was beautiful.
  5. That quenched my storm thirst. Caught the first storm down on Ryde beach. Came home had a cuppa and laid on the bed watching lightning and listening to the deep rumbles. Fell asleep n kept getting awoken by louder rumbles. Yes amazing.
  6. Hey bud. Remember me. Used to live up the road from you on the Glen. Been pretty amazing down here tonight.
  7. Passed over fairly quickly amazing lightning but now on it's way inland.
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