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  1. Depends on your forecast - in line with hirlam, gfs and arpege. I think most here would agree met office not coming out of this well.
  2. One last hurrah? Looks like this locale (east of Pershore) is about to get hit with the heaviest burst since the showers
  3. Radar seems to have more of an east to west component, so ppm over London might be a player for some surprise additions tonight?
  4. You’re more than welcome.
  5. Thanks - not so much the roads but accumulations in the fields around Kirby Bedon
  6. Quick request if I may: I'm due to survey a site south of Norwich on Monday. can anyone give me an idea of lying snow depths in the local area ? Thanks
  7. This band now beginning to look organised, and interesting most reporting a sudden drop in temps along the northern edge. Forecasts earlier had this front stalling. Could get interesting..
  8. You should be OK with a 4x4, and the intensity will be such that gritters / ploughs will be able to cope on major roads.
  9. Hirlam, Arpege and GFS 06z in good agreement on this: 5-10cms widely. More with elevation.
  10. Entirely possible Shaun
  11. Quite good model agreement now for a further 5-10cms later today, Hirlam and Arpege as well as gfs and EC stalling the front over us giving slightly deeper returns. I would once again favour Hirlam here. Snow on snow, such a rarity. Plus, wind speeds still enough to create blowing and drifting for the next 12 hours.
  12. Hirlam keeps the interest going into the early hours for the south west and west of the region. This and Arpege give 5-10cms from tomorrow's band.
  13. And confirms something we were seeing from this morning - this storm was much further east than the modelling was suggesting, Hirlam and Arpege apart (although the latter went tonto late on)
  14. EC rolling out also seems to have initialised poorly with the eastward extent of the storm. Models not very good on this one. The sweet spot looks to be Salisbury Plain.
  15. Yesterday's Euro4 and Arome have already bust with their projected snow amounts for here. And we have another 5-7 hrs to go..... ... plus something to chase tomorrow...