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  1. Can be from forums I have been banned from local shop , some kid said they saw me stealing which I didn't.
  2. I would be happy to reach 75 (currently in 20s)
  3. Most shocking for me was that my great great grandfather was in jail for robbery.
  4. I'm neither clever or dumb , just average.
  5. Mine would be getting to go home about 20 minutes into the day as there was no water in the school.
  6. I remember when I was at school smiling when I got into trouble.
  7. http://mymentalage.com Post your scores below I got 27 I'm 23.
  8. I remember on friends Phoebe falling out with Ross because he called her boring in a dream just wondering if anyone has any like experiences?
  9. Which responses stunned you while playing this game?
  10. Suzzane from Hollyoaks is nice , that is my only experience.
  11. When I was playing GTA , my brother said "press circle and you join the police force" I did and ending up punching the police officer.
  12. One of my worst was my first for a placement I couldn't show eye contact for some reason(I can now) and stared at the table for the entire interview , safe to say it didn't go well.
  13. Im 23 but reckon i could pass for 17/18.
  14. We all have them I would say watching balamory when I was 18.
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