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  1. What would it feel like to be stood in it if its touch ground as in this case? Any increase in wind? Precipitation?
  2. Not particularly wooded there mainly fields.
  3. Thanks ive sent them the pics
  4. Thanks, i could see areas moving together and around each other in the main bit, but not particularly fast, could have been the distance though. I tried to drive to find it but gave up
  5. Whats that in laymens terms lol. A funnel cloud is not tornado related no?
  6. Worcester uk, yesterday evening around 9pm
  7. Can anyone identify whats going on here, almost looks tornadic lol
  8. Warning for the actual severity please. Also 45mph winds do not require a warning
  9. I know there are other considerations, but I thought generally speaking the storms were named when an amber warning at least is issued? Are we now naming storms that only carry a yellow warning?? The last one was yellow only also and not imo worthy of a storm that needed a name.
  10. Do you work for the Met Office or something lol? I like the Met Office but they have got things wrong probably as many times as anyone else. I think any decent forecaster would review all data presented in front of them, pretty narrow view to be met office, met office, met office all the time.
  11. In my humble opinion, referring back to the debate about the potency of this storm earlier in the thread, from being just a viewer of this website for some time, posters seems to fall into two sides here, those who like to over dramatise the situations/forecasts and those where nothing bothers them unless its a 150mph+ storm. With not much moderate grounded opinion in between. Personally I agree with this - "Call me old fashioned but years ago this would of just been a windy day. Now we call these storms as we lean towards more american type forecasts. In my opinion a storm is when gusts inland widely reach 60-70mph with exposed locations hitting 80-90mph"
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