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  1. Boss that! I assume your on a flight path? Unless my eyes are deceiving me ... also who was in the garden at 7am and who was in your neighbours before that? ?
  2. Sounds good seeing as the main band of ahowers aren’t due until after mindnight
  3. I’d pay to see you try it ? I’ve been up there when it’s a lot better than that and cars slide everywhere.
  4. Get up the kirkstone pass. It’s like five minutes in a car and there’s plenty of snow
  5. Kirkstone pass was always my go to place for a snow fix. An hour and a bit and almost guaranteed snow
  6. You say that all the time! Your inCumbria!!! Every time it’s meant to snow I always get in the car and head up your way and never have a problem finding snow . I can’t this time as I live in Spain now but you really are quite lucky to have it on your doorstep
  7. You live in the Lake District you should count yourself lucky! You can never be too far away from snow! A short drive and you’d see plenty! I used to travel from Liverpool when it snowed to see some decent stuff. Kirkstone pass etc.
  8. Happy days! Always used to check your posts here as I used to live in aigburth! I’ll be missing out of the fun now this year!!! Enjoy it!
  9. I can see the fells and mountains of the Lake District doing seriously well for snow over the next week or so.
  10. Crazy small world!!! Looks like we’ve been in the same pub at the same time! Had a laugh in there that night! Great atmosphere! Also ate many an amazing meal in the humble room in grasmere! Amazing god and a lovely little venue. We sat upstairs and the service was superb and the food was immense. Haha can’t believe I’ve been in the same pub as someone on the same night as someone I don’t know from here ? mental ?
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