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  1. Just been trying to find the latest on this developing worrying situation. Just putting this link down with live updates. Whaley Bridge evacuated as 'danger to life' warning issued over fears dam could burst - live updates The town is being evacuated after the Environment Agency issued a severe flood warning on Thursday lunchtime. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/reservoir-sealed-police-people-told-16681771
  2. Just North of Blackpool Cleveleys- Rossall area. 2 lightning flashes and thunder.Plenty of rumbles around the area in the last half hour. Raining,update if things deteriorate.
  3. Hearing rumbles just north of Blackpool. 4 in the last five minutes.Moving closer. Something is stirring. Looking at the radar it looks promising. Now heavy rain has just started. 32 degrees
  4. Good morning.Just north of Blackpool near the coast Impossible to sleep with the wind from hell blowing outside 76 KMH Gust at 4am probably more,it sounded like it.Peaks of 107 KMH. All hell is being let loose,well it sounds like it anyway. The storm has been building all night .I hope it calms down soon.Must be damage round and about. Back to shelter,take care out there. Over and out.
  5. Latest from the coast just North of Blackpool,Cleveleys, Bispham area. Snow Shower stopped ten minutes ago.But another shower lurking just off the coast about to move in. With some nice colours showing intensity. Showers in the Irish Sea all the way to the North East of the Isle Of Man .Pot luck i suppose if you are in the target area Sure to make their way inland. Sky darkening now,taking shelter,a enjoyable morning so far. Over and out.
  6. Looks like Preston is about to feel the force of this shower.Which has lasted quite a while now.Sky still dark near the coast.I cannot see a clearing appearing yet.Slow moving,are other shower clouds in the Irish Sea joining together.I am surprised how much snow you have all had.Some great photos.Still snowing near the coast,can you believe this news.A rare event
  7. Morning Just North of Blackpool, Bispham area sky darkened last 10 minutes.Shower as on Radar.Light at the moment Mixture of hail,sleet snow.Settling on road.
  8. Good morning Posting from the protected zone on the Fylde Coast.Blackpool area. The snow just dare not enter the protected zone. Nice to see the Radar showing many areas getting pasted this morning. Surrounded by the white stuff but not a flake to be seen yet.Howling winds and pretty cold As for the back door photo in Glossop what can i say. As usual enjoying your posts and photos showing the scenes today. One day a flake will fall.Maybe.
  9. Good morning. Nothing much happening.Blackpool. Looking at the Radar close but not close enough. Looks like Preston maybe and Manchester and other areas of the Northwest yes. According to the Radar. Full moon, freezing cold only thing missing is the howling of a wolf. As usual enjoying your posts. For some the Snow Machine is in full flow across many parts of the country. As iand61 said big front crossing the region according to the BBC Saturday. We will see.
  10. So close to a Shower half a hour ago. That close one Flake blew into the garden. I ran out collected it and have put it on Display in the Freezer. So near yet so far. But am enjoying your Tales of The Beast From The East
  11. Good Morning Snowing at a steady pace.Light covering on Grass,Cars,Roads. Radar spot on. Honestly i was not Lamp Post watching at 2-30 this morning,reminds me of when i was a kid. Frost on the windows then,on the insides and icicles a meter long hanging from the metal gutters. Snow avalanches from the roof if a front door was slammed to hard. Update as the morning goes on,twenty minutes or so. Nice to see many must feel snow starved,a nice change. May The Beast From The East continue.
  12. Happy New Year Everyone.A New Year begins, can you believe it. Looks like it is raining, a North, North Easterly blowing perhaps.A pretty cold direction. Temperature in Blackpool about 6 degrees expected to drop a touch as the rain moves through. It could have been so different. I wonder what it is doing where you are. Ah well, off to the model thread.Have a nice day as they say. I am gone.
  13. Hi.Although only a member for a short time I have just exited the model thread for a rest. Feeling in need of some medication.A lie down in a darkened room perhaps. Hanging on to the knowledgeable ones words and the weather models swings. Very impressed with many of the members in there, no need to mention any names but must work tirelessly for many hours trying to work things out. Unable to move, taking in things, gaining a little understanding of things and the emotions in there as things move in all directions. I am a coldie of that there is no doubt. For a while I thought we were about to enter the Ice Age.Cobra meetings being held and the country grinding to a halt River Thames freezing, Lakes and Canals freezing just as they did in 1963, a Year I remember well.Icicles hanging from gutters 2 feet long and growing each day. And if you shut your front door you were lucky if you did not get speared or a landslide of snow landed on your head. Ice skating on lakes as the ice was feet deep.Drilled each day to check. Remembering a few times in Blackpool building an igloo.one day. One Sunday 2 pm snow started falling and did not stop for twelve hours,nothing much moved.Feet deep. People began to talk to each other a community bond such as happens at these times Now I do not know whether I need a barbeque or a sledge in the next month or so but who does. Maybe I should ask the Daily Express they are full of hot air.And have been for years. In the last week i have needed many emotions ranging from as the cold threatened, then a wall to release a little pressure Now relaxing in here for a while. Winter has only started a short time ago, how are we going to cope till the end. How do you feel, here in the North West.what will we be saying at Winters end. Well how long I will be able to resist going back into the Model Thread is hard to say, perhaps an hour or so. I do not want to mention the warming theme emerging and hope things turn round sharpish. Which they probably will within a couple of hours hopefully. Whatever you wish for I hope you receive so long as it is snow, off now for some liquid refreshment. Have a great time tonight BlowingSand.
  14. Hi 3 Small accidents come to mind.And as it is a Bank Holiday relevant i feel. Today is the day that many DIY ers are busy and A&E departments up and down the land may get a little busier than usual. As this is a weather forum one related.Not putting as a injury but funny as i look back.Working on a roof in spring where anything can happen with the weather.Black sky appeared,sad when you see that on a roof.Tremendous big white flake snowstorm arrived.10-15 Minutes.Looked like the abominable snowman,stranded.Slid,damage to 20 foot of guttering.Used as braking system.Now bringing pain to the post. 1-Putting my stepladders on plastic sheeting on a slight slope. Banana skin effect-within a second landed on the floor.No time to react.Only a little bruising . 2-Putting my ladders on a uneven surface. Then up the ladders i went,you guessed it they turned,i went flying,luckily landed on a flat roof half way down.Chap below was watching TV having his dinner.The noise caused him to jump and throw it all over the place.Only a little bruising. 3-Putting ladders on metal gutters to clean them out. Off i went on a slide.Well the ladders did,i was clinging to the gutters 20 feet up. Rescued by partner.Damage to pride and increased heartbeat to put it mildly. 4-Working on a house by the front door of a house. Postman arrived,said hey could i just post a letter,sure so jumped onto a wall separating two houses.Only 2 feet high. Postman left i jumped off,landed on uneven ground,metatarsal snapped,six weeks in plaster. 5-A group of us after finishing a job decided to have a chat. Who has had the worst accident.The beer flowed and tales were told. Safety guard removed on grinder one said,and has a nice scar about 6 inches long on his face. Another went through the roof,straight through the attic,landed on the bedroom floor,cuts and bruises. Best one was falling off a roof,straight through the roof of a chicken house. Cuts and bruises,covered in feathers and a hell of a telling off by the worried chickens. But by this time i have wondered if the beer had begun to talk. Not telling you what i did for a living Have a nice Bank Holiday Monday everyone and be careful out there. Blowing Sand.
  15. Hi Radar still looks interesting Hull to Newcastle.Is this heading our way. The North Wests way.Tend to look for the red areas. Just wondering. Dry,windy,cloudy.Looking possibly showery.
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