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  1. Hi.Another record goes as others have said- 210 mm that is over 8 inches of rain i believe-good heavens in 24 hours. Just checked out Cumbria. A mountain pass in the Lake District has broken the UK record for June rainfall. Figures release by the Met Office today (June 29) show 210mm of rainfall was recorded in just 24 hours between 10am Sunday (June 28) until 10am today (June 29). 'Record' rainfall for June on Cumbrian mountain pass - LancsLive WWW.LANCS.LIVE The amount is double the June national average and also the highest 24hr r
  2. Good morning. Monday morning on the Lancashire coastline. Wet and windy.I was going to go for an early morning walk on the shoreline but have abandoned that idea. Going back into hibernation for a day or so till this fearsome weather clears. Well i hope it only takes a day or so can you imagine this kind of weather lasting longer. I have heard or read somewhere that in the far distant future around July the 4th another spell of much warmer weather is to arrive. Just in time for the pubs etc to open again,what a delight that will be.To be able to have a nice cool g
  3. Perhaps i am watching the weather radar a little too much.Turned animation on lighter colours indicating lighter rain seems to be moving East across the Pennines but the heavier rain seems to be stuck not wanting to move across to the East.Of course i may need to go and lie in a darkened room for a while which is not difficult as it is a dismal dark evening.But a raging wind blowing yet the heavier rain bearing clouds seem to want to stay put.Is there a wise one who can explain this or am i seeing things.
  4. Good morning. Heavy sleet. Looking at the Lampost light you can see the flakes. Close,just a little colder and it would have been very interesting. I wonder what places with a little elevation are seeing such as the Lakes,Pennine areas. 4-48AM Reporting from the coast. Over and out.
  5. Dry the moon is out the sky is a few clouds and blue sky.Fylde protection shield is up. As it was yesterday. Just popped off down to the Shoreline earlier about 7 am as i thought that i heard a weather forecast yesterday saying the winds were going to calm down today. No,still blowing hard, flooded parts,pebbles and rubble thrown everywhere by the storms.Had to make a few diversions. Enjoying the photos and posts being made. Bye for now,over and out,take care out there.
  6. Very windy here. Not the best at putting links on but i will give it a go. You can see this Blackpool webcam showing the shower clouds in the Irish Sea. Over 9 metre tide at 1230 so waves could be interesting. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/blackpool/blackpool.html
  7. Watching the weather radar showing some showers heading out of Ireland and waiing for the showers to arrive. Only for the showers to vanish near the Isle Of Man then appear magically again just near Preston . There are dark forces at work this is clear. A super shield in the Irish Sea that something has control of. You can have one hell of a wind today on the Fylde Coast but showers are kept for those chosen ones. You are not worthy. What do we do to become worthy of a snow shower or two. Is this to much to ask.Watching these vanishing showers is unbearable
  8. Good morning from a wild and windy Blackpool. Well what will today bring after yesterday. I see on the weather radar showers have turned wintry.Hail,Sleet,Snow and perhaps a few lightning strikes although they seem to be over Ireland at the moment.Ooops not quite correct i see Scotland seems to be joining in the lightning show now. A really high tide here just before midday over 9 metres with possibly some giant waves. The stage is set perhaps for some more surprises.
  9. Just been trying to find the latest on this developing worrying situation. Just putting this link down with live updates. Whaley Bridge evacuated as 'danger to life' warning issued over fears dam could burst - live updates The town is being evacuated after the Environment Agency issued a severe flood warning on Thursday lunchtime. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/reservoir-sealed-police-people-told-16681771
  10. Just North of Blackpool Cleveleys- Rossall area. 2 lightning flashes and thunder.Plenty of rumbles around the area in the last half hour. Raining,update if things deteriorate.
  11. Hearing rumbles just north of Blackpool. 4 in the last five minutes.Moving closer. Something is stirring. Looking at the radar it looks promising. Now heavy rain has just started. 32 degrees
  12. Good morning.Just north of Blackpool near the coast Impossible to sleep with the wind from hell blowing outside 76 KMH Gust at 4am probably more,it sounded like it.Peaks of 107 KMH. All hell is being let loose,well it sounds like it anyway. The storm has been building all night .I hope it calms down soon.Must be damage round and about. Back to shelter,take care out there. Over and out.
  13. Latest from the coast just North of Blackpool,Cleveleys, Bispham area. Snow Shower stopped ten minutes ago.But another shower lurking just off the coast about to move in. With some nice colours showing intensity. Showers in the Irish Sea all the way to the North East of the Isle Of Man .Pot luck i suppose if you are in the target area? Sure to make their way inland. Sky darkening now,taking shelter,a enjoyable morning so far. Over and out.
  14. Looks like Preston is about to feel the force of this shower.Which has lasted quite a while now.Sky still dark near the coast.I cannot see a clearing appearing yet.Slow moving,are other shower clouds in the Irish Sea joining together.I am surprised how much snow you have all had.Some great photos.Still snowing near the coast,can you believe this news.A rare event
  15. Morning Just North of Blackpool, Bispham area sky darkened last 10 minutes.Shower as on Radar.Light at the moment Mixture of hail,sleet snow.Settling on road.
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