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    studying for a degree in history, reading, gardening, computing, the weather, swimming ohhhh loads of things lol
  1. Thanks for those links Jackone, they bring back great memories of yesteryear- my kids 8 & 6 at the time thought it was wonderful LOL
  2. Yes you are quite right- I'm old and lose or gain years LOL
  3. Does anyone remember when we had blizzards in early January 1981 and many cars etc got caught out on the M4 etc, power cuts and food could not get to the shops. Would love to hear how other people were affected in different parts of the country, and what synoptics caused it to happen.
  4. Cheers Roo that is so interesting, here I go again lol must find out more- I will wear my eyes out with all this reading soon
  5. Roo wasn't it Southern England, and not Northern england with the Armada? or was there more than one attempt?
  6. DUH so you do LOL I am an idiot at times thanks for that
  7. Help please how do I start a thread/topic? thank you
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