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  1. Paul H

    Tour 2 2019

    Yep, sure. Think we've only ever met for about 30 seconds on changeover day a couple of times
  2. Paul H

    Tour 2 2019

    Hi all. I'll be driving for Tour 2 this year, so look forward to seeing you all there! Plenty of you I've not met before I think! I'll be arriving at BW, Irving on 12th
  3. OK, no probs, thanks Paul - I'll keep an eye on what everyone's doing on the day then. I guess if you're chasing nearby you might not get out until mid-afternoon anyway, so might be able to get back to the hotel before you leave - we'll see
  4. Hmm, not sure how I'd get there as I'll be dropping off a hire car at DFW at 3 ish...
  5. Yeah, i aim to be back at the rental place at DFW by 3pm tuesday at latest so should be fine?
  6. Hi Paul. I will be at the same hotel: BW Irving next to Walmart . I will be out and about during the Sun and Mon but should be able to meet at some point.
  7. Looking forward to it now! I'm heading out on the 6th so I can spend 2 days exploring Dallas/Ft Worth area, before meeting the team at the rental place on arrival day Nervously looking at models here, and events this week too. No tornadoes on my last tour in 2016, so everything is crossed!
  8. Hi all. Any update on this at all?
  9. Day 10 (7th June). Lightning from a nicely-structured storm near McClave, CO:
  10. Technically Day 3 (early hours 31st May). Tower lightning, Amarillo, TX:
  11. Day 2 (30th may). Supercell at dusk nr Channing, TX:
  12. It's a bit quiet in hrere Looks like Tour 2 are doing well, to say the least! I've had a quick look at the models for the weekend onwards for Tour 3, but I'm no expert. High CAPE and LIs still around into early next week, especially Texas, but welcome more expert opinions Also, anyone else on flight BA1504 from Heathrow on Saturday morning?
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