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  1. Still snowing in Rochester, has been for the past three/four hours now, was not expecting this at all! Getting on for 4cm!!!!
  2. Slight covering here this morning but other than that very disappointing. Thank You, Next...
  3. Moderate snow in Rochester now, a covering on the cars and road almost covered too now in just ten minutes or so! Not bad!
  4. Anyone know why London & SE is listed as Amber on the warnings page but still yellow on the map??
  5. I really hope it doesn't turn to rain later on as METO are suggesting for my area. To see what could be up to 5cm build up to then start to get washed away before morning would be devastating ?
  6. We've got about 1cm so far and still snowing heavy - under the dark patch on the radar in Rochester!
  7. Turning to snow now in Rochester, really is fascinating to watch it transition
  8. So it's still mostly rain in Rochester but it's not even heavy, we can't even get the rain right ?
  9. Update from Rochester: It's still sleeting though a little sleetier than 5 minutes ago, but still only sleeting with the odd sleety flake mixed in with the sleetiness... and I kinda feel like I've made Sleety seem like a weird word now through overuse...
  10. Turning a little sleety here now in Rochester, but still mostly rain at the moment. Think the transition is beginning though! ?
  11. Oh blimey the netweather radar is turning less and less pink and more and more blue each update ? and it was all going so well...
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