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  1. Precipitation really picking up over London..... Seen this numerous times before and I'm sure it's to do with London's heat island effect.
  2. Who nicked all the snow, Who nicked all the snow, Jayfromcardiff did, Jayfromcardiff did
  3. Amazing that it's rain, although Wareham is only just above sea level, if it was 50m higher probably still be snow.
  4. Some of the most historically largest UK snowfalls have occurred in the South West, it really is the jackpot zone when the conditions are right.
  5. There's only about 10 members in my East Anglia and North London thread, lol. Nothing today in East Hertfordshire, but can't complain as had 4 different decent snowfalls this winter so far.
  6. Close to 3 inches of snow now, although it is very wet snow type so won't be around for long
  7. Snowing quite heavily in Buntingford, East Hertfordshire. About 4cm so far, although it is very wet snow so don't think it will last long
  8. I would say St Albans to Stevenage area were in the jackpot zone for snow totals. We have about 10 cm's in Buntingford about 10 miles East of you.
  9. There was a photo I found between Buntingford and Cottered in the 1963 winter (I think), where the snowdrifts were as high as the telephone posts (15 feet plus).
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