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  1. An interview with photographer and method actor John Finney
  2. Last day was a leisurely drive from Regina to Brooks Alberta . We passed many of the salt lakes that Canada has. One town had heaps of salt and we drove through a haboob consisting of salt.
  3. We chased west of Saskatoon and saw a beautiful classic supercell which tried hard to tornado but just didn't have all the necessary ingredients. The storm went outflow dominant and started to move north east. We went east to Saskatoon and filled our tanks under a tornado warning. We busted our guts to get south to a storm near Rigina which was capable of producing a tornado , but before we could reach it, the storms had started to line out. We stopped short of Regina to get some lighting shots as the CGs were pinging out. We attracted every mosquito within a ten mile radius or that's what i
  4. Currently back in Alberta and we chased north of Calgary yesterday the storms struggled once they left the mountains. Had stormage through the night but to be honest I think Cumbria had better. Today there is a good tornado potential east of our location Camrose , Alberta. The mozzies here are brutal and in their millions. They are not just out in the fields they are in the towns and the diners too. They appear to be resistant to bug spray. Today may be our last chase today because after todays chase it might be that we are a day away from Calgary. Some of the distances driven were not fo
  5. You are correct there Quentin i.e. a long way back. Never the less here is the update for Sunday 21 July - got up in Sergis , South Dakota. Travelled down through the Black Hills of South Dakota, raced towards through Wyoming into Colorado but our target storm fell apart. So we sat watching storms trying to develop but to no avail. So we ate in Cheyenne and set off for a 70 mile trip to Wheatlands, Wyoming and bed. Early start tomorrow Montana bound. Then making our way to wards the border as storms are hopefully forecast for Canada. watch this space.
  6. Yesterday didn't pan out as expected. Currently in Marshall , Minnesota under a large storm. Leading edge was impressive.
  7. Started today in Spearfish, SD, had dinner in Sturgis SD , took a trip to Mount Rushmore and then took a 370 mile trek to Sioux Falls SD across the Great Missouri River. Great storm potential for tomorrow. .
  8. Yes that's Devils Tower. Here are some videos from yesterday . Video of Richard Betts and Graham Moore trying to repair our windscreen wipers. Which they did in pretty bad conditions. Richard is the one in the fancy womens coat.
  9. Update from the USA. We chased a lovely supercell in Montana and Wyoming, we ended up in Spearfish, South Dakota. Today we visited Devils Tower and watched as a supercell passed over it. We then moved and chased a bigger supercell which took us to Upton , Wyoming. Ended the day in Spearfish, South Dakota. Insert other media.url
  10. Ok day 1/2 Started in Calgary . Chased a storm about 20 miles north of Calgary beautiful backdrop with the snow topped Canadian Rockies. Things are going to quiet in Canada so did a 4.5 hour jaunt over the border in Montana, Interesting crossing into the USA from Canada. They had a sense of humour. I am glad we crossed over night we could have been there hours. Stayed overnight in a place called Conrad, Montana. Not sure where target area is but looks ok for SE Montana. Stay tuned for updates Storm Chaser Chicken George
  11. They were at Fort Davis and so I expect the team are on one of these storms
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