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  1. Tom Lynch

    So...How Close do we actually get?

    Hi Miroslav Last question first, sorry, the team are not streaming. The tour is mainly photographic and so they will not necessarily be concentrating on storms, however they are photogenic and with the right backdrop can look insane. its fair to say we had an interesting journey to the border crossing and were surprised not to lose a window or two. Tom
  2. As we sat and watched the storm things got a little bit interesting with lots of things happening.
  3. We sat and watched the area of interest as it approached our location just north of Holly.
  4. Caught up with and followed a tornado warned storm through Holly, Colorado. Went through golf ball size hail which caused the lead car to get a cracked windscreen.
  5. Tom Lynch

    Stormchaser Chicken George 21 June, Wyoming

    Ended the day taking photos as the storms moved away to the east.
  6. Thanks Roger Will take a look.
  7. Tom Lynch

    Back home

    I love storm chasing but it is nice to get home. I met so many nice people whilst we were out on the plains. I saw and experienced so many fantastic things. During the chase I drove a mind boggling 10,700 miles which took me to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Mininesota and even ventured into Canada. Thank you to everyone for making my trip so enjoyable. Here are a few more photos from the trip. All ffrom our last chase day which took us over into Kansas chasing a tornadic storm.
  8. Good morning from Fort Morgan, Colorado. Today is our last chase day for this year. We have a great chance of a tornado but will have to work hard to get it. It is going to be a gruiling day wihout doubt. However 'no pain no gain' some stupid twit once said . We have to keep in mind that we have to be at Denver Aiport by mid day. That may dictate where we can go. However south or south and east is on the cards. The tornado potential is currently 5% for portions of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and the small area of the Texas Panhandle. Not sure where our target is yet. We will be streaming as well as internet coveage allows. George
  9. Tom Lynch

    Stormchaser Chicken George 21 June, Wyoming

    Watched the storms move away towards the east
  10. Tom Lynch

    Stormchaser Chicken George 21 June, Wyoming

    Through the mountains https://www.facebook.com/StormChaserChickenGeorge/videos/878325532368588/
  11. Tom Lynch

    Stormchaser Chicken George 21 June, Wyoming

    Ok well we started out in Cheyanne , Wyoming. We moved about 60 miles west to Laramie and had lunch. We then went and sat watching the storms developing over the Rockies. One storm the moved off the mountains above intensified over Laramie. We chased it east and it became a supercell. We watched storms moving towards the east as we made our way to our home for the night in Fort Morgan , Colorado.
  12. Tom Lynch

    Stormchaser Chicken George 21 June, Wyoming

    Todays briefing by Jody and Mike https://www.facebook.com/tom.lynch.9022/videos/pcb.1680871055293299/1989896554436794/?type=3&theater&ifg=1
  13. Tom Lynch

    Storm Chase - 19 June 2018

    Brilliant photos taken by Mark and by Mike - if that done want to make you go storm chasing , nothing will. Here is a video taken and compiled by Graham Moore
  14. Didnt think we would make Wyoming again but thats the weather for you folks. Cant say too much about target area for today because things can change at the flip of a coin. But would hope to take a trip slightly further north to Wheatland if only for the scenary. If the good lord provides internet coverage we hope to be streaming. Watch this space George
  15. Today was a travel day and a was pretty relaxed. A breather after the excitement of yesterday. Started off in Burlington Colorado and stopped for lunch at Oscars Br and Grill in Limon. A place that we have visted many times over the years. We then drove to Wyoming with the Rockies as a backdrop most of the way. At one point the rays through the small storm over the mountains was stunning. Hope to shaer a photo later. We stayed in the Super 8 Cheyanne, Wyoming , next door to a railway junction trains were going all night but to be fair I didnt hear them. George