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  1. Sweet spot would be east midlands and northeast east midlands, Leicester should get 5-8 cm tomorrow
  2. I think beebs have been pretty much spot on for the past few weeks, I don't want to get disappointed by following something which is not so much reliable
  3. This seems to be a more north, north east Midland and upward event, Coventry shows up as sleet for a few hours tomorrow and then back to normal
  4. Knocker, what's its trajectory please, couldn't sleep last night due to strong gusts of wind. I am sure it will spare central England this time.
  5. Initial forecast for winter 2017-18 as a 'front loaded' was spot on. December was quite exciting, can't see anything in near future now.
  6. That's what ECM has shown earlier, for sure it's 10 days away and chances of this to verify are almost none. This is again leading to the garden path only to disappoint few hours later. So I am observing caution.
  7. Last night chucked down here in Coventry with snow, especially around 12:00 to 1:30am, proper blizzards like. Surprisingly not much of it settled.
  8. Turning to sleet now in coventry, Beebs have also downgraded to more sleet later during the night.
  9. Would it pivot? Seems to be getting through quite quickly, at this rate might not get more than 30 min of snow here in Coventry?
  10. Couldn't resist signing in to warn everyone, please take this output with a lorry load of salt. Otherwise it gets quite depressing reading through some of the comments. Not criticizing on this post of course
  11. Hi there, my brother recently went through a nightmare after paying to a 3rd party agent found using comparison website. They got £1600 for 3 passengers and never sent him any reservation number. The case is with police now, guy who got the money operates from Thailand and has a business address in London. My brother got his money back only through his bank. I would never pay anyone like this. If this makes sense, please stay clear.
  12. "North westerly streamers" as we call them, don't deliver anything east/southeast. They run out steam by the time they get to Stafford
  13. Winter wonderland in central England @t144 according to GFS 18Z, long way away but a significant change from what was being proposed in 12Z. Sorry, don't know how to insert the url as an image
  14. It's not GFS, GEM, or ECM on board .......it's knocker on board, Cold and Snow got to to come now . I hope Sidney has his nuts in safe location and is ready to overwinter.