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  1. What sort of temperature would you expect in the coming days John? In the Westmidlands, we have hardly seen much sun over the past few days with subdued temperatures, we have seen consistnlty lower temperatures compared to the forecast. Not sure if we will get to 30C tomorrow. Would like to see some sun even if the temperature is low 20C
  2. Looks like it will be cloudier than average and might just be average or a little below. BBC's monthly outlook has flipped on its head, they now suggest that it will get cooler towards the end of June and beginning of July it will be cooler and wetter ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  3. Many times we have seen that the milder outlier wins out. So, apart from cold deluge, nothing else should be expected. Not great for the virus point of view either.
  4. Probably these have been the strongest gusts of wind here in Coventry during all this sh** season. Popped in hear to check if this was a named storm, but no mention of it? Has this just come about out of nowhere?
  5. Netweather.tv community forum transformed into Coronavirus.tv community forum. Probably Corono virus is more interesting than the current weather ?
  6. Trying its best to snow in Coventry (failing miserably ?), currently 2C, radar shows sleet everywhere except, altitude.
  7. Winter's paying a visit to Pakistan, really cold here especially at night. Winter wonderland? but very difficult situation for the elderly....not much to burn to keep warm. No snow where I am but several feet fell about 30 miles north east.
  8. This thread to moan and grown 'Winter 2019/20 | Moans, Ramps & Chat' will be the longest ever!
  9. Climate change equates to more winter rainfall, snow could be something of the past. After last year's disappointment I don't have any expectations from this winter either.
  10. Welcome back Mr.Murr!!! This can't give more than cold rain at the lower levels. No way near last year's BFTE.
  11. Could someone help please, I have a meeting tomorrow morning 10:30 near Mansfield. Would come off Junction 29 M1 and about 10 miles on the A roads. What's the situation on the roads please? Thanks
  12. Surprisingly nothing here in Coventry, I am right under the green/yellow blob for the past 30 minutes or so. Don't know whats going on.
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