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  1. Could someone help please, I have a meeting tomorrow morning 10:30 near Mansfield. Would come off Junction 29 M1 and about 10 miles on the A roads. What's the situation on the roads please? Thanks
  2. sawan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Surprisingly nothing here in Coventry, I am right under the green/yellow blob for the past 30 minutes or so. Don't know whats going on.
  3. sawan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Beebs were showing heavy snow showers until 11am this morning when checked last night. Now it's showing heavy showers all day today. Gone mad have they?
  4. sawan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    My weather app for the past 2 hours showing the snow starting in 15 minutes, reaches to 4 minutes and then go back to 15 minutes. Coventry snow umbrella in full swing
  5. ICON 18Z brings the colder air in even quicker compared to 12Z, hits right in the middle of the country, BOOM!
  6. sawan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    What a miserable day today, precipitation as snow would nowhere near come close to us in this part of the Midlands. Rain is coming from all directions
  7. All roads and surfaces white out again in Coventry, more than an inch fallen already
  8. Just had a lamp post gaze, it still coming down nicely! All roofs and ground covered, amazing stuff
  9. Please wait for this little snow event
  10. BBC forecast for Coventry was light snow starting at 8:00pm,which is not too bad, METO way of the mark, what about METO for you?
  11. For the past few days, have made comparisons between METO and BBC weather forecasts (short-term only), surprisingly BBC have been spot on for my region. Don't know about any of you guys?
  12. Good accumulation here in Coventry, nearly 8cm so far, started picking up again. Here is a pic from the front of the house
  13. Lost the intensity now in Coventry, this will fizzle out by 8 by the look of it, still it's a good event
  14. We saved until the end, this is called 'pasting' loving it. I hope friends in Leicester are getting snow as well