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  1. What a disappointing day today, there was about 3-4 minutes of sunshine before 7 and that's it. Wonder when this dross will be over? I bet skies will be clear for moon watching tonight.
  2. As this is my regional thread, would like to share my thoughts on the model output discussion. There have been great analyses and very informative posts. However, I felt this year it wasn't at par by any means, it lacked that spark, probably people were too busy due to home working and kids being at home as well? I hope next winter we have all those posters back in, full gun blazing
  3. In my experience, it's as difficult to get snow here in the heart of the Midlands as on a coast
  4. Knowing that it will only be shower activity which will largely be hit and miss, I would rather prefer wall to wall sunshine to get on with my allotment
  5. First signs of pivoting, easterly wind has brought the snow back here in Coventry. It shall be an all day event!
  6. Absolutely amazing scenes last night, was out for a walk with my son near bablake fields when it started snowing by the time we got back home, everything was blanketed in snow
  7. Strange to see a 'dry' forecast for sunday, I thought there was snow predicted for the Midlands tomorrow? Has it been downgraded as usual
  8. Coventry this year has an active snow shield in place. Either the precepitation fizzles out or it changes to rain. Anyhow the best strategy is to expect the least, if it delivers then the excitement is much higher
  9. What sort of temperature would you expect in the coming days John? In the Westmidlands, we have hardly seen much sun over the past few days with subdued temperatures, we have seen consistnlty lower temperatures compared to the forecast. Not sure if we will get to 30C tomorrow. Would like to see some sun even if the temperature is low 20C
  10. Looks like it will be cloudier than average and might just be average or a little below. BBC's monthly outlook has flipped on its head, they now suggest that it will get cooler towards the end of June and beginning of July it will be cooler and wetter ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  11. Many times we have seen that the milder outlier wins out. So, apart from cold deluge, nothing else should be expected. Not great for the virus point of view either.
  12. Probably these have been the strongest gusts of wind here in Coventry during all this sh** season. Popped in hear to check if this was a named storm, but no mention of it? Has this just come about out of nowhere?
  13. Netweather.tv community forum transformed into Coronavirus.tv community forum. Probably Corono virus is more interesting than the current weather ?
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