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  1. Hahaha nothing better than wakening up to a covering on snow,we have a wee bit here as well.Chuffed you didn’t have to wait to long to get some snow fall,long may it continue
  2. Hi there,I know the area,your around 15 miles east of me,I live in a wee village called Kennethmont,It's a fantastic part of Aberdeenshire,everything you need round about,your 15 minute drive to the small town of Huntly and 1 hour drive to Aberdeen or you can get the train.If you need a hand with anything give me a shout
  3. Welcome to a beautiful area more snow,I'm 35 miles NNW of Aberdeen,it's been nae muckle much sna over the past 5 years since I moved out the city to the shire,fingers crossed this is the one that finally delivers the goods.Delighted to see the nights getting shorter,days a tad cooler,roll on winter
  4. Cracking morning here in Aberdeenshire,-6 earlier.Nice clear skies,no wind and a lovely warm sun on my back as I exercise the dogs (no mud around either,bliss). There's a fair bit of chatter on the MOD thread for the possibility of cold as we head through March.Anyone any thoughts on this for us in bonnie Scotland.
  5. Model Output Discussions 18z 31/01/2016

    Being an Aberdonian I can tell you it's been quite a few years since we've seen big snow fall.Yes the city has had minus temps and some small amounts of snow but nothing to get excited about.I've moved 35 mile to the north west of the city with good elivation so see much more snow when it's around.This year we've had around 20 odd days of snow on the ground and -7 the coldest temp,I'm really looking forward to seeing a proper winter with 2-3 week cold spells with double didget minus temps.
  6. The morning started (5.30am) clear and frosty,snow showers started around 6.30am,not a breath of wind,-3.Looking forward to see what the next 4-5 days has in store,one thing is certain it won't be mild and wet.
  7. Hi @Ravelin all the hills round my part of Aberdeenshire are white,The tap 'o' the noth and the hills behind Leith hall have a covering.I had a mixture or sleet and rain all morning,I'd reckon the snow line starts around 700ft,my house sits at around 650ft .
  8. Same here this morning,-1 nice blue sky,no wind and I exercised the dogs without them being clarted in mud,perfect start to the week.Things looking a bit cooler as we head through the week too!
  9. Hi lads & lassies,new the forum.I'm a winter weather but,it's been another frustrating winter for the 3rd year on the bounce.Ever since we moved from Aberdeen out here to wee place in Aberdeenshire called Kennethmont the winters have been rotten.I'm not writing this one off quite yet,things look not bad this coming week.I'll be keeping my fingers crossed anyway❄️