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    Aberdeen F.C .Working GSD,Malinois,Dutch herders.Country life,walking,chicken keeper.SNP,YES voter.
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  1. Rain over here in kennethmont also,looks like we’ll have cold uppers in place all week,can we get some snow,fingers crossed
  2. Any houses for sale??,the missus want to retire abroad,somewhere hot,sure you get lovely summers there too,I just won’t mention the winters??
  3. It’s been snowing (light & heavy) all morning in the shire.Weather looks cold enough for the snow to hang around till Monday and maybe a bit further,hopefully
  4. I’m just the other side of the Sui in kennethmont,like more snow had pretty decent amount of days of snow here as well.Its amazing how the snowy conditions change once across the railway line at insch,wee bit of altitude makes all the difference when the snows marginal
  5. Cracking morning here in Aberdeenshire,4-5 inches of lovely powdery snow,-6 with short snow showers rolling through,keep it coming beasty fae the easty
  6. It’s about time the cold and snow started coming from a more favourable direction for us in the north east.Things look to be turning cooler later in the month,fingers crossed for now
  7. What part of the shire? I’m driving Ellon to my house in kennethmont,the further inland the more snow there is on the ground,very slushy tbh and according to my missus it’s pretty wet slushy at home also.Its going to be a nightmare when it freezes over tonight,tomorrow looking cold as well
  8. Hahaha nothing better than wakening up to a covering on snow,we have a wee bit here as well.Chuffed you didn’t have to wait to long to get some snow fall,long may it continue
  9. Hi there,I know the area,your around 15 miles east of me,I live in a wee village called Kennethmont,It's a fantastic part of Aberdeenshire,everything you need round about,your 15 minute drive to the small town of Huntly and 1 hour drive to Aberdeen or you can get the train.If you need a hand with anything give me a shout
  10. Welcome to a beautiful area more snow,I'm 35 miles NNW of Aberdeen,it's been nae muckle much sna over the past 5 years since I moved out the city to the shire,fingers crossed this is the one that finally delivers the goods.Delighted to see the nights getting shorter,days a tad cooler,roll on winter
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