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  1. Sorry but it was odd, because you was referring to snow that was 23yrs back... I mentioned something that was only 8yrs ago really!! But in reality we had more green winter's than white... in the 25/30yrs before 2007!! We've had more white since then... so yes I stand by odd remark
  2. What about 2010!!... Europe just had some incredible amounts, odd remark really
  3. Says 5c here but doesn't feel like It?? ... Says light snow on radar but it ain't.... but what snow we had Tuesday, still about 50%ish here... so still cold
  4. Good late evening, fellow cold n snow hunters... some Xcellent posts, AGAIN!! I've one unrelated question, why doesn't it show... whose on forum at the bottom of the page any more?? Sorry for being off topic
  5. Sorry I disagree BIG time... so what's happening in EUROPE or the STATES eastern side nearly every yr... is GW/CC... sorry no chance, I'll lose my balloon knot before any of that lol
  6. . Your last comment, just the same as that PROFESSOR... who in the early 2000s said ' would there be SNOW in western Europe '... this really ticks me off, patterns and cycles yes... GW/CC NO
  7. Cancer, horrible word... it takes no prisoners!! Our thoughts should be with her family, RIP
  8. I watched weather on North West about an hour ago... couldn't believe what she said?? She said the fog that had lingered most of the day had gone and it wouldn't be as cold either... wrong on both still quite foggy and mild it ain't, it's been cold for some time around here... and yes with a couple milder days, just surprised by her forecast really Anyway let's next wk, delivers... we need a good cold snowy winter, to be 50% near 1947 would me
  9. Xcellent post Roger , I'm a great believer in patterns and I'm sure we will get a winter that's up there with best.... 2010, 1978/79 and I think 1996 being the other I have my memory
  10. Thanks for the posting , it's good they're not thinking of doing it again
  11. Not got a clue, why that's there... especially from the 23rd Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all on this XCELLENT forum I hope we have a COLD n SNOWY ONE... And to all the mild rampers, trollers and those who are just disrespectful... I hope you all have a IAN BROWN WTF moment.... and you all have a COLD n SNOWY new year too
  12. If it's true they are thinking of stopping daylight saving, AGAIN?? Does no one remember the early 70s when they did it... and it didn't work!! So WHY should it now, just a thought Ps I was about 6 or 7 at the time, so that would be 72/73... they did it stop accidents at school time ( starting time/finishing time ) it actually created more accidents, if those who remember, remember it
  13. It cracks me up here, sometimes... people writing things off!! Some of the best winter's, didn't start till boxing day or even January or even later!! So to be crying before it's even started ( I'm well aware, nothing may not happen at all?? ) is ridiculous... around the area i live, we've had more decent winters here since 2007... than the previous 25 plus years( nowt to do with GW/CC )... of course im disappointed when cold n snow dont appear, even fleetingly?? But even in recent weeks it's been COLDER than temp it states, mist n fog have appeared which seems an age, since we've had any... with things in place to give us a fighting chance of summat decent, chill peeps and let things unfold... we've got 3months to give us that chance, let's just wait and see
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