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  1. Wind suddenly really picked up again after a lull for a few hours. Just had a really heavy downpour amidst the wind, seriously squally! Thought the wind wasn't meant to strengthen til about 6am (going by meto and bbc) so wondering if it's coming through early or is this just a taster?!
  2. No rain here yet but seriously windy! Dark skies so expecting a downpour sooner or later!
  3. I experienced the same at Normans bay. Truly incredible experience. Never in my life has anything come close to that. Was sitting at the pub waiting for food to come when the most intense blast of HOT wind ripped across us sending umbrellas and glasses flying. Food arrived just as the rain started...people running for cover as the wind tossed everything everywhere! Lightening and distant thunder. Driving home found debris and branches all over the road. You put it so much better than I could btw, fantastic! Once in a lifetime....
  4. After maxing out at 33 deg here today I've just felt a welcome cooler breeze! Still 24deg. Some huge flashes of lightening looking towards the coast but not sure it's going to make it here. Some deep rumbles as I type this...fingers crossed! What I don't understand is why no thundery breakdown Thurs/Fri?? Hot spells always used to end up going bang but doesn't seem to these days!
  5. Very heavy rain and lightening. Just heard the first rumble of thunder. Seems odd that BBC app had storm symbols for last 48 hours but not a mention of it on the tv forecast! Second rumble...
  6. Overcast but sooo muggy here! Looks like our chance of a thundery downpour this week has diminished.
  7. 21.3c right now after a grey sunless day. I love the heat but not the humidity and this heat is no good without the sun! The sky kept going really dark but not a drop of rain. A far cry from the heat of last summer sadly.
  8. 17.6c. Been raining here for past hour, wasn't forecast as far as I can see. Not even a flicker looking towards south coast....Will it, won't it?
  9. Cloudy and raining here but so humid. If my headache is anything to go by there's going to be one hell of a storm later!
  10. Well that was a noisy night! Heavy rain from around 2am-4am sounded sooo loud on the boat roof! Lots of lightening and several loud (but not overhead) thunder. Thought it was meant to brighten up today but very grey and cloudy. More rumbles later?
  11. You're slightly south west of me aren't you? Please let me know if anything reaches you. Husband now saying I'm obsessed lol, would thought he would have realised that long ago!
  12. Thanks again NS, beginning to think it's just us two in here from Norfolk! So frustrating not being able to view radar! Husband keeps telling me to go to bed but cant stop watching the sky!
  13. Can someone tell me how it's looking for Northern Norfolk broads please? Have very limited reception (stuck out on river on the boat) so can't see if it's heading this way!
  14. Thanks Norfolk Sheep, had a quick look through bbc and mo and they seem to have removed the thunder risk for here completely! Frustrating I can't view the models though! Think we will head back for the night as have developed a leak over the bed!! Will have a go at fixing that and head out again tomorrow.
  15. Help guys and girls....we're Out on the boat on the Norfolk Broads, should we be panicking re tomorrow night/Wednesday? The idea of lightening, water and boats is a bit scary!
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