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  1. Epic hail storm complete with some impressive flashes and bangs about 45 mins ago, all went quiet until 5 mins ago, seems round 2 has started!
  2. Winds really picking up now. Some quite impressive gusts. I fear for our fence! Still not a spot of rain and very mild 18deg.
  3. Looks to be some storms heading our way (NNE) out of the channel going by the radar....wonder if they'll make it this far?
  4. Had an hours snooze at midday today and woke up in October! 12deg, very blustery and sideways heavy rain. Garden and fields looking better for it though. Things look like improving and warming up for next weekend, but some chillier nights too.
  5. 'Meh' That is all I can say about this weekend! Looking to be a tad breezy tomorrow. I'm longing for those warm sunny days now!
  6. It actually feels like autumn today! Very brisk wind with some stronger gusts and more or less consistent rain. Seems really odd having to put jeans and jumpers on after weeks and weeks of shorts and strappy tops. Even had to wear wellies to walk the dogs!
  7. I'm hearing rumbles to the south...wasn't expecting that!! Met office have storm signs over me from 11 til 5pm tomorrow too!
  8. Still rumbling around and the occasional flash too. Have had some pretty heavy rain for the last half hour too. (That's the garden flatterned then!) Much needed though as there doesn't look to be much substantial rain in the next week or so (bar Thursday) I've almost forgotten what grass should feel like as all the grass round here is of the crunchy yellow variety!
  9. Very humid today, headache built steadily til storm about 7pm, then rain on/off since. Sky went a very strange colour half an hour ago and headache back...just starting to hear rumbles of thunder again..... Unfortunately no where near as spectacular as it could have been!
  10. Heavy rain and thunder here on the Norfolk Broads (How Hill)
  11. Thundering here now, lights flickering. Sky very dark but no rain as yet. It has suddenly got very windy and is starting to feel fresher. Come on rain....
  12. 20.5c now at 11.45pm but a very pleasant breeze coming through the windows. Have to admit I'm not looking forward to the rest of the week, no fun at all when you have to work outside! Bikini it is then!!
  13. Been raining steadily here for the last hour or so, we even have puddles!!
  14. Certainly a fresher feel today. I would be more than happy if it stayed this way. Much nicer than searing heat and humidity. 22c and now clouded over. Some darker clouds but not much hope of any rain. Can guarantee it will breakdown wkend 28th as we're off to the boat in Norfolk!
  15. My car registered 31c here today. It has felt like the most unbearable day so far as it felt so airless (and I'm a heat lover and sunworshipper!) Nice and cool now 18.4c Could really do with a few nights of steady rain now. Everything is looking so yellow and parched. I lived in spain for a few years and the landscape is starting to look very similar!