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  1. Loved waking up to a storm at 5am, hearing the rain coming down and counting the seconds from flash to bang! Expected it to feel a little cooler today but nope, humidity high and 28.7C at the moment. A lovely freshening wind just starting to pick up now.
  2. Well that was odd....sitting outside in a very still, humid 21C and I heard a rushing noise, as it got closer I realised it was wind, and a chilly wind at that! Temp dropped to 17C and after about 10 minutes it was silent and still again! Keep searching the sky for lightening but none yet...
  3. Well my rain shield seems to be working sadly, barely a dampening in the last two days. Very jealous of all you guys having proper downpours! I had to do a 250 mile round trip yesterday and it was raining pretty much everywhere but here!! Very frustrating!!
  4. Rain finally!! No where near enough but i'm just so happy to see some of the wet stuff. I have a headache, usually an indicator of a storm in the near future but could just be wishful thinking! It's felt really humid here at 20C and grey skies.
  5. Wow! Proper torrential rain and real horror movie type thunder!
  6. A bit different in temps compared to last night! Only 10.4C here! Jealous of you guys who have rain....I want some please!!
  7. 17.6C here right now! Maxed out 26.1C today, absolutely beautiful day with a gentle warm breeze this afternoon and just a little patchy cloud occasionally. Disappointed not to have a storm though as desperately need some rain now for the fields and gardens.
  8. A touch of frost here early this morning. Walked the dog at 10am, 8c when I left and 10c an hour later when I got back, chilly in the shade but the suns strength was noticeable out of the shadows.
  9. Finally a proper t/storm! Frequent lightening and almost constant thunder. (Oh and v.v heavy rain and hail) Just wish it was dark!
  10. Several rumbles (including one big one!) and torrential rain and hail on/off all day (more on than off!) Looks like today is the last of the rain for several days to come with temps improving along the way. Stay safe everyone.
  11. Frequent distant rumbles of thunder coming up from the channel, sounds like it's getting closer, yay! Pitter pattering with rain too.
  12. What a difference a day makes! Beautiful out there after the relentless rain and flooding of yesterday. Not a breath of wind and lovely blue skies. 9c but feels warmer.
  13. Snowy sleet stuff here for about 15mins, does that bode well for our chances later? Was only rain forecast. Temp dropping rapidly now 2.7C
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