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  1. Thanks Nick, really appreciate your response. Good to know there's hope yet! Temp 0.6 now so am guessing anything that falls without intensity will soon melt but nice to see it falling. Can I ask what are your thoughts on a potential N'Easterly or Easterly later in Feb?
  2. Is there anymore for East Sussex or is it focussed more North of the home counties? Still snowing lightly but starting to melt a little 😕
  3. Wow! Snowing heavily here...was not expecting that!! Proper big fluffy flakes too! Met Office has snow over here til 1am. Temp 0.0.
  4. Met Office have heavy snow over me until 11am, I'm not seeing it any where on radar or charts! Pah!
  5. Please can someone tell me what areas the pivot is likely to be good for?
  6. Just went out for a walk ( don't have a dog and the cat didn't fancy it!) lovely squeaky snow! Didn't measure but must be A couple of inches. Temp -0.2. Tried to get some pics of the covered lane but snow flakes Just created lots of white streaks! Will be gutted if it rains and ruins it!
  7. Chucking it down in Mayfield, everything white! Just looked at meto app, it now shows rain at 5 and 6am......Noooooo!
  8. So is it a bust for East Sussex? I'm getting sooo confused, have been checking the models maniacally and meto app etc, radar been showing pink over us since about 6pm but nothing here til light snizzle about 9pm...Some people saying radar looks awesome, some saying decaying- looks awful So, is it game over??
  9. Still a fair bit of snow laying around, my lane is like an ice rink! Temps dropping rapidly now. Everything crossed for tomorrow night, really hope it's not a snow to rain event!
  10. Re Thursday.. met office and beeb both showing the snow turning back to rain in the early hours....what are the chances? Would really like any coverage to hang around for Friday!
  11. Still moderate snow, decent size flakes In Mayfield, all white but can't see the lane. It's going to be seriously icy in the morning!
  12. A wet slushy mess on the bin, sleet snowy stuff falling fast. Can't believe how fast the temperature is dropping now. (Mayfield, E.Sx)
  13. Snowing in Tunbridge wells and at home in Mayfield!! 4deg in t.wells!!
  14. Can confirm it's snowing, wet sloppy flakes more snow than sleet!