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  1. Chucking it down here, been rumbling in the distance off the coast for an hour. Impressive lightning. Come closer damn you!
  2. First time posting in here so "Hi" to all! Would like to say a huge thanks to @knocker and @Frosty. in particular, for keeping this thread going when the majority have abandoned ship during these quiet times. Your analysis and expert opinion is most appreciated! Just wondering if anyone has any idea why the models have got it so wrong this winter in showing the holy grail so often (albeit usually at D10!) In my humble opinion the GFS has been really off on one! Ok, the output correctly showed the lingering highs but the frequent eye candy never materialised so after being an avid model watcher for many years, I have lost faith to some extent and wondered if there is a reason for the models performance this winter?
  3. Have snow symbols for my area for early hours of Thursday on met office! Nothing showing up on GFS! What are the chances???
  4. Please could someone point me in the right direction for finding dew point for my location? Have been using NW but can't zoom. Thanks
  5. Hmm, will it reach us intact though? Bbc just had it as rain on the forecast map but met office have it as snow on the app! Everything crossed!
  6. I think our snow shield must be up! Heavy rain, not a flake in sight and 4.5deg!
  7. Not a whiff of anything here in East Sussex! Longing for autumn proper. Would love to have proper seasons back. 17.5 c and clear sky. Any rain/ storms seem to be going wide!
  8. Absolutely torrential here! Lightning every few seconds and thunder shaking the house. makes a change to have something worthwhile reporting from my patch in the south east lol!
  9. Marie, I'm in mayfield nr Tunbridge Wells. Moderate snow now and wind picking up.
  10. Light snow here!! Didn't think it would get this far. ( although blob on radar gave me hope lol) Not expecting more than a few flakes though!
  11. Please could someone tell me how to get dew point for a certain location? My nearest weather station is 15 miles away so that's no good! (Wunderground) Temp here 1.4 and dropping rapidly.