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  1. Couldn't have happened at a worse time either!
  2. @yamkin have you had any reply/response to your BBC/Meteo post yet? The beeb are going to be a laughing stock if they keep this up! Am hoping it will push them back to the met
  3. Eek!! Just been catching up looking through the output...18z is insane! Is anyone else starting to get the willies? I've been craving proper snow/cold but starting to think it's a case of "be careful what you wish for" Just can't believe the upgrades keep coming!
  4. That's my village....in east sussex 😂
  5. Blimey...Didn't think it would be worth checking the radar for a few days yet! Perhaps I'll take a peek!!
  6. Great post as always, thanks Steve. But what about sussex (east sussex in particular just to be IMBY ish! ) Hope you're enjoying warmer climes....back just in time for the real fun and games to start here!
  7. I have to admit I'm getting a little edgy about this upcoming easterly...sods law my boss is away for a fortnight from Wednesday which means I have sole charge of 4 horses a 5 mile drive away through hilly narrow lanes (and no 4x4!) Can't even bunk down at work as have own animals to look after too. Would love to be able to enjoy any snow we get but instead fear I will be walking 10 miles twice a day. Bloody typical!!
  8. It's completely useless now. I have uninstalled it and gone back to the Met Office app.
  9. What a beautiful day after a very frosty start. Perfect! Can actually feel the warmth in the sun. It's days like today that make me long for summer...Although I wouldn't grumble at ice days and a foot of powder snow!
  10. I don't understand! What are they seeing that we're not?? Glosea/mogreps must be far superior that they can disregard what the other models are showing. Can only think that they are playing catch up as you said and will downgrade massively in the next day or two
  11. Have to agree with you on that. Game over
  12. Huge great splodgy snowflakes in amongst the rain
  13. How soon can we realistically expect the models to get a handle on the SSW and it's effects?
  14. I feel your pain! Today I actually hated my job...freezing rain driving into me and me and the horses plastered in mud. Grim!