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  1. Absolutely loving hearing the rain lashing against the windows! So happy it's finally raining properly as so desperately needed here. Some really big gusts amongst the dull roar of the wind. Love being cosy inside with the woodburner lit. (Might not be quite so happy in the morning if our fence or shed take a battering though!)
  2. So where is the forecast rain that we desperately need?! Had a 10 minute light shower this morning and nothing since 😥
  3. Wow, it's getting wild out there now! Looking at GFS and aperge it seems the worst is yet to come, roughly 3am to 6am. Very blustery for a few days after tomorrow too. Stay safe all.
  4. What a beautiful day! Sunny from early. Not a breath of wind. It's really lifted my mood.
  5. Is anyone else feeling a bit lost without snow to chase? For the last week I've had about a million tabs open checking models and radar....feel a bit empty now lol Roll on the next chase!
  6. Jeez it's cold tonight....currently -3.4C but with the biting wind it feels the coldest of this spell. Just lit the woodburner, best place to be on nights like this. Just wish it would snow now with the ground temps lowered perfectly!
  7. Snowing again, sensible flakes this time! Would love to be under this for a few hours (wishful thinking)
  8. Still snowing lightly here, small-moderate flakes. What I don't understand is how I've been under gaps on the radar on/off all day yet the snow hasn't stopped! Is the lighter ppn not picked up on the radar? Longing for a hefty dark pink/red blob to situate itself over here! I'm exhausted from running to dive behind the curtains with a torch (no street lights here) Husband thinks I'm bonkers, have to agree with him really lol
  9. Thank you. Fingers crossed for a cm or 2 tonight. Re Wednesday, you've really given me hope that it's maybe not over for us!
  10. Hi WB, do you think there's more to come for us? Looking at the radar but not convinced it will reach us?
  11. Looks like it's dying out on the radar. Is that it for us (kent/e.sussex?)
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