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  1. Been raining steadily here for the last hour or so, we even have puddles!!
  2. Certainly a fresher feel today. I would be more than happy if it stayed this way. Much nicer than searing heat and humidity. 22c and now clouded over. Some darker clouds but not much hope of any rain. Can guarantee it will breakdown wkend 28th as we're off to the boat in Norfolk!
  3. My car registered 31c here today. It has felt like the most unbearable day so far as it felt so airless (and I'm a heat lover and sunworshipper!) Nice and cool now 18.4c Could really do with a few nights of steady rain now. Everything is looking so yellow and parched. I lived in spain for a few years and the landscape is starting to look very similar!
  4. One flash of lightening and a couple of distant rumbles here half an hour ago but skies cleared now and still not a drop of rain!! Have a feeling we're largely going to miss out on showers here in east sussex...hope I'm wrong.
  5. Not a glimmer of sunlight here! Wall to wall cloud and 18c
  6. 21c and finally a lovely breeze!
  7. 23c here now and not a breath of air! When's it going to rain!!?? I have just been out watering everything around the open windows in a bid to cool the air coming in!
  8. Had a few flashes and cracks of thunder combined with half an hour of very welcome torrential rain. Didn't do much to lessen the humidity though! 21.3c now and cloudy. An uncomfortable night for sleeping ahead I think.
  9. Much more comfortable today. Cloudy this morning. Strong breeze 22c. Seems like we have a couple of days reprieve before the heat builds again into the weekend and beyond!
  10. Breakdown being pushed back again. Is anyone else longing for rain? I know the fields and gardens are! Quite a brisk wind here today making it feel a little fresher and the nights are quite cool. Dreading the humidity rising!
  11. It's felt more like autumn than summer here this weekend....even had to have the heating on tonight!
  12. Cool, cloudy and breezy here today....meh!
  13. Yep, same for me, thought it was done for the day but rumbles to the south of me coming closer!
  14. Teeming down here, big tropical blobs! A few flashes and rumbles.