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  1. North west regional discussion

    Well, well, well, to my surprise opened the curtain and there's sausage. I wouldn't call it a full Cumberland rather more of a chipolata
  2. North west regional discussion

    I've named it a sausage and a sausage it is, it's a technical term. What you're referring to above is something completely different.
  3. North west regional discussion

    Not a sausage here, a quick 30 second flurry this afternoon!
  4. North west regional discussion

    Sunny here now, we've just had the first proper snow shower, small flakes but definitely snow. It's been gradually moving from rain and hail to snow during the day. Just hope there's enough precipitation later on?
  5. North west regional discussion

    I'm finding the change over with the BBC very confusing, there's a substantial difference between the Met Office and MeteoGroup's interpretation of the forecasts and not just with the apps but with the TV weather segments as well. It's as if the presenter is displaying MeteoGroup's charts and forecasts but is actually referring to the MetO's forecast. Words and visual's don't seem to match up.
  6. Is that the latest GFS? You should be posting in the model output thread.
  7. My weather station is currently reporting 23 degrees at the moment, although I did bring it indoors a couple of days ago.
  8. Small flakes here although it seems to have intensified a little bit.
  9. Excitement building in the model output thread for early Feb. Let's hope they're not building up for another fall?
  10. That was nice whilst it lasted, recently a wintry mix then back to rain here now. Popped out to Knutsford an hour ago and it was coming down really nicely.
  11. MetO has just upgraded my location to heavy snow for the next few hours, surely not?
  12. The words 'clutching' and 'straws' do come to mind when hoping that February delivers with the current run of winters and being located in the north-west. I can't help but lean to towards the 'winter is over' statement for the majority of the region!
  13. The MetO do seem to be on a good run particularly of highlighting non events. I'm still clinging to the thought of the upcoming solar minimum in 2019-2020!
  14. Just looking like an increasingly wet, windy and unpleasant spell of weather. I don't think there was ever much for us in this for the south or west of the region? Hopefully those in the north or east might get something.
  15. About time they rename that thread accurately to the 'South East Model Forecast' thread and move it to the regional section.