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  1. Big fan of lamp post shots, we need to make it a regular thing here.
  2. Yep, great, I woke up this morning not expecting more than slight covering outside. It's been a long time since I've seen this in Northwich.
  3. Light snow here now, it's been a wintry mix for the last hour with large, wet flakes. Seems to be snow now if very light.
  4. They seem to be pinning everything on the ECM and discarding everything else?
  5. Well let's hope the weather delivers this week a bit better than Silva is managing at the moment.
  6. Yep they're over analysing Day 10 outputs which are chopping and changing on a regular basis as they hope for something truly outstanding weather wise. Seems like a pretty typical westerly dominated winter with a few colder/snowy interludes to me? The SSW not really manifesting itself yet has done for many in there.
  7. Yep we seem to be neatly sat between any of the bands of precipitation here in Northwich. Hope it will pick up later?
  8. Has to be close to the snowiest place in England? Surprised it doesn't snow all year round! Lovely town as well, I'd be very tempted to relocate!
  9. I know but we also know, straws and clutching, which I am. It's the hope that kills us!
  10. Officially getting excited now, I'm a few miles up the road and getting a similar forecast. Snow hat at the ready!
  11. Looks like a slight upgrade from the Meto for the west of the region this morning for Mon/Tues. At what point can we expect to see a significant upgrade? Tomorrow? I see disappointment all round in the MOD thread with the ECM not playing ball again. I've never viewed easterly's as delivering the goods for much of our region away from the eastern side anyway?
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