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  1. Potential for Mr. P. Dangler to show his face?
  2. The Dec 2010 low temps were ridiculous, -10 at 4pm only 3 miles outside a major urban city centre. I built my daughter a sledge out of a bread crate but then had to pull her round for an hour as it just wasn't cutting through the snow. I built up a sweat at -10!
  3. It looks like it's stallling due to the ENE winds rather than a proper pivot which sends the preciptional spiralling round pivot point. Happened a few years back, possibly Feb or March 2014 not sure, pivot point South Manchester, remained largely dry sent snow up to Yorkshire and back where it came from North Wales. I asked on the mod thread the other day about this pivot point senario because in my experience if you are right on the pivot point. you actually get virtually nothing. The reply was at the pivot point you get the most (snow) If it stalls over you yep. But not pivot, I could be well wrong that's why I asked. Anyone?
  4. Do you remember the ruler straight westerly streamer of Dec 2009? Or was it 2010. Pretty sure 2009. Straight off the Irish. No more than 10/15 miles North to South. Inches and Inches off that in South Manchester. Really localised. Another great event was the Jan2010 Northerly trough which delivered big time for a lot of the region as a whole. I still reckon winters of 2009 and 2010 will become added to the mythological one's of '47 '63 '79 '81 etc. Feb 1996 another one that gave a decent covering in Chorlton/South Manc although nowhere near as much as previously mentioned events. Having moved to North Wales I'm still getting my bearings on local conditions. Weird seeing a streamer set up and no idea where it's gonna hit. When you've lived somewhere for years you instinctively know where is in the firing line, or more importantly where is not! I'm still thinking "We are gonna cop this off the Irish" but I'm well out! Learning curve for me again.
  5. OK maybe South East looking good to be fair. As that's a phone screen shot when is that for?
  6. Forgive me for massively over simplifying things, but some of these winter "events" are near enough repeater events to an extent. After living in Manchester for nearly 30 years I knew as well many of you that this current event would correct well, well south. If Northern extent modelled Stoke or Liverpool/Hull then there's no chance. As you will know. Gone well south of most models predictions today though. Further to that if you got a cold Westerly or West North West direction even lowland South Manchester can cop it big time. It's rare but I see Chorlton did well on Tues night, good to see the pics of a decent cover. I reckon a lot of toys will be out of the prams tonight midlands/ some parts of south east when they get nowt. Very poorly modelled really this "event" at short range, the weather don't give a damm about the models and just carries on. Human input will be needed for some time I reckon. For most parts of the North West these systems pushing up from the South West are a waste of time. Lose energy/ don't track far enough north / fizzle out or pivot. I did find that sometimes on a NE though the showers made it over Pennines and we're quite intense as to give hope for next couple days in North West. Good luck guys. It's definitely colder your way than here!
  7. Has been backbuilding since 9am. Gone very light now, think it's running out of steam. But still, can't grumble
  8. In the balance then for me..but as I said it's still chucking it down now so good luck to others for tomorrow
  9. It's game on here now! So if it doesn't reach this far north tomorrow at least we've had some. Good luck for others further South.
  10. Hi..what's the northern extent on each, Mid Wales?
  11. Mini streamer in the North showing as sleet on radar but all snow.
  12. Got a bit of a covering, last heavy shower somehow missed us
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