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  1. I can give em their headlines for the next 6 months"! "Dementia Cure on the way" "Arctic blast to cripple Britain next week" "Statins increase risk of Alkzeimers" "Britain colder than Moscow this weekend" "Storm Henry to Bash the UK" "Coffee reduces Heart Attack Risk" "Heatwave Brtiain..UK Hotter than Greece" "Brexit fears unfounded, Wages rise as immigrant leave" "UK to face flood risk" "Biblical floods return in washout summer" (Pics from Wimbledon/Glastonbury) I'm giving up around June..!!
  2. Rare post from me although I've been on here for years in one guise or other, mainly lurking. This is a rare beast indeed. Comments stating won't be that cold maybe true at surface level for the majority of the time but temperatures really will plummet in any heavy precipitation and it will most likely by heavy hail and snow. When I first starting viewing weather models at the start of the internet era I thought every wave of coldish air coming in from the Atlantic was going to deliver! Then watched as the next frame showed the upper air getting quickly modified. Nevermind, there are more "blues" coming behind. Errgh gone green again. Basically its a piece of the PV. Coming from the Atlantic. I remember a visit in late April/Early May one year and it was horrible. Heavy hail and temperatures dipping to about 6 or 7c at noon during the precipitation. So if the intensity is there in Janruary,, forecasted 5/6c temps could well drop to freezing and a rapid snowblanket form at any level.
  3. But look where the 528 dam line is on the +48 chart. The old school cut-off.
  4. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I think Sunday looks like March '13. How did everyone do then?
  5. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Last time we had one of these sliders it was forecast at T24 Northern extent Manchester, ended up piviting virtually over my house leaving me totally dry and dumping as far up as North Yorkshire. I think most of Wales did well then? March 2013 I think
  6. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Alright everyone..moved to North Wales in the spring from Manchester. Used to post as Bartlet Low for years on the forum but somehow got locked out of the account couple years back. Anyway, first winter in Wales. Actually a lie as I used to live in Chepstow as a kid. Remember the huge drifts in '81. Just coming to terms with not having a clue about local weather / favourable wind directions etc .Had it nailed in Manchester. We've had a steady stream of heavy, squally showers today of hail, sleet and snow. Temporary minor accumulations only. Seems 20/30 miles East was under the streamer activity. Not expecting to see much on Sunday being on the coast but I'm high up so do have some hope!
  7. North West England Weather discussion 16/01/16 Onwards

    I was up at 5.45 this morning and it was hammering down with rain.. 20 mins later had turned to snow. Another often said or posted myth debunked, ground is too wet for the snow to stick. Ground was absolutely sodden last night. If the snow intensity is there, it will accumulate. We saw that last January also.
  8. North West England Weather discussion 16/01/16 Onwards

    Ok, I will stand corrected looking at the chart you posted.. The slow sinking then, brought about by the easterly feed introduced warmer air from the north/north east. ?? Ironic really. Still, Im sure you'll agree, best day of the winter for coldies.
  9. North West England Weather discussion 16/01/16 Onwards

    Alright everyone..used to post as Bartlet Low for years..not been posting much last few winters as obviously not been great for the region. Anyway seems I'm locked out so signed in via twitter. Chucking it down with snow all day at work..Hazel Grove, Stockport. Reasonable accumulations too. Good few inches in places..still snowing when i lef about 3.30..back home in Chorlton bit of a damp squib..some snow cover left but nothing like south side of Stockport with a bit of elevation. All in all though a good day for the region I reckon..shows what happens with an easterly feed rather than the usual gutting quickly turning to rain western onslaught which dumps stacks east of the Pennines.