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  1. I don't benefit from an UHI being in the sticks but it's quite dry here and I've read not to mollycoddle them too much, so it's just in a pot with a bit of bubble wrap around the pot and watered occasionally.
  2. Tbh I have a canary island date palm and a few other tenders that have done very well this winter. Weirdly since I began keeping records a few years ago this winter has had my lowest min and highest max! The palm has thought nothing of the odd -7C.
  3. I just like the light levels and new growth of March. If it can also be mild that’s great but despite my moaning at scraping the car, spring wouldn’t be spring without a few crisp frosty mornings! It’s the second coldest season after all.
  4. Bring on the Zonal. I detest defrosting my car every morning, even during this spell!
  5. If this were the case the Met Office wouldn’t need to use a different 30 year average every 10 years. ?
  6. X month is warm so x months will be cold is more useless than red sky at night. If it were accurate there’d be no global warming.
  7. Wow that’s pretty confident for them. I do think these are fairly good in general. Been following them for a few years and it’s only the winters it struggles with but so does everyone else it seems!
  8. It was still back loaded, it’s just the load wasn’t what was expected ?
  9. This spell has kind of been like Summer 2018 here as in there has been persistent warmth but my monthly record high hasn’t been threatened much.
  10. They’re giving their subjective opinion safe in the knowledge 90%+ of the country feels the same. Not everyone wants to be a miserable cold lover either!
  11. Well, in the real world most Brits open the window and put on a fan in heat, not install expensive aircon!
  12. No it doesn’t. There’s no statistical basis for that just like there’s no basis for saying a warm spring means a cool summer (I’ve read this a million times on here!)
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