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  1. Well, in the real world most Brits open the window and put on a fan in heat, not install expensive aircon!
  2. Should be illegal to work on days so glorious! 😩
  3. March

    Winter 2018/19

    No it doesn’t. There’s no statistical basis for that just like there’s no basis for saying a warm spring means a cool summer (I’ve read this a million times on here!)
  4. It’s like saying “Why is Barbados getting all our summer weather year after year”.
  5. Given the global patterns I’d be highly surprised to see a colder than average summer. We’d be one of the only temperate locations to get one if so!
  6. 2015 was not a classic, yet it still had some crazy hot humid days that were more uncomfortable than anything summer 2018 had! I remember that summer well as I made a point of going out for a 4 mile walk every day of the summer and it was nice. June was a bit meh but the rest was fine.
  7. That’s the most awkwardly worded update I’ve ever seen haha.
  8. Coldies use the alternative calendar, which has winter from November 1st until May 1st, or slightly shorter if they’ve had good mental health over the previous 12 months. 😁
  9. I’ve had more than half a dozen frosts, always do being in the sticks near a river, but less than a few hours of lying snow which is pretty standard here these days.... Average high temps have been quite mild in general but I did record my lowest min since I got a weather station 3 years ago at -7.4C.
  10. I just think they’ve reached a limit with the data available to them from stations and balloons vs computing power. The computing power is available, but the quantity of readings required from the real world to reach the next level in understanding the atmosphere enough to generate knew models are impractical and expensive at the moment.
  11. How is there confusion? The forecasts cover 2 different time periods!
  12. My station in the garden is in the shade and away from buildings and is reading 30C! Even last year it only hit 30 about 5 times, mostly in June.
  13. I'm not sure that's how the weather works guys... There's no Azores high quota.