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  1. Met office app is showing snow all day tommorow for my location ?
  2. Another huge gigantic let down as per , don’t know why we bother.
  3. Snowfall for areas over 100M from tommorow according to itv regional weather just then.
  4. I would say anyone over 100M is going to do quite well out of this but we will see.
  5. I'm getting this forecast for Bury on the same app, you should be the same or even better in dale ?
  6. Indeed, forecast for last night was 2-5 cm, we got zero. Met office have now said 10cm for Sunday. I'll take that as we will get 1/2cm at best.
  7. Won't believe any of the warnings / forecasts until I see it falling from the sky and settling on the ground after last nights spectacular fail.
  8. Met office very confident for heavy snow Saturday and Sunday in my area! Where has this come from??
  9. So after all the hype about tonight , absolutely bugger all. Wouldn't be surprised to see sat and Sunday go the same way .
  10. wow, people throwing toys out of the pram already and the snow isn't even forecast to get here until 10pm at the earliest, embarrassing.
  11. yes, nothing substantial tonight, saying rain but who knows, been watching the forecast closely due to an hours round trip there and back Monday to Friday !
  12. work in wythenshawe and only forecasts Ive seen for here is rain (bbc weather)
  13. Complete novice at reading these charts and you are local to me, do you think bury and Rochdale are going to get a decent amount?
  14. As it stands, netweather the only ones forecasting snow for my location (Bury, lancs) met office and bbc both saying no, sigh
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