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  1. As well as the human cost, it'll probably cost more in financial terms to fix! Someone else left picking up the pieces, local authorities etc not least potentially costly lawsuits. All for what?
  2. Because the clueless are in charge? Clueless because they've ignored public opinion, expert opinion in various fields or those in positions of authority including more recently three top judges - who have stated recent changes in fees within the judiciary are making justice inaccessible to the less well off. And are potentially setting a dangerous precedents. Then there's the district judge currently suing the MoJ. For whistle blowing? Not much on the mainstream, but no surprises there either. http://www.theguardian.com/law/2016/jan/23/whistleblower-judge-austerity-policies-have-made-courts-dangerous http://www.theguardian.com/law/2016/jan/26/top-uk-judges-denounce-dangerous-increase-in-court-fees
  3. Meanwhile this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3411856/Mother-writes-letter-David-Cameron-hanged-facing-eviction-home-Bedroom-Tax-16-year-old-son-killed-himself.html Not much on mainstream news. Bedroom tax? Buried amongst all the other guff.
  4. Corporation tax debate continues. Be good if for example small or medium sized businesses had the same 'leverage.' Probably why quite a few have gone to the wall over the past few years and decades. Businesses that often used to employ local people who helped support the local economy.
  5. Apart from any beverages and food most of your experience is free at source unless your DIY skills stretch that bit further, obviously discounting outright theft! Be good to think there's more to life than having material things to fill any void. In other words where perhaps nature plays a bigger part.
  6. Ongoing debate regarding the cost of public transport continues. When for example it costs more to catch a train across the country then to fly to another one, sometimes thousands of miles away, it may have a tendency to raise more than just a few eyebrows.
  7. The tv analogy makes some sense. Thing is then you need others to buy the top of the range mega priced ones. The ones often out of the price range for the vast majority or at least up until new technology takes over. And prices drop accordingly. By which time there'll more newer sets that cost a small fortune?
  8. Acceptable or otherwise, I guess all that cash has to be given to someone else eventually. Or spent. From the local off licence store right up to a mega yacht factory or equivalent. Even they gain somehow.There are others who've given thousands even millions away for whatever reason and who may not necessarily be in the top sixty two, so it is all I think relative. As for the haves and have nots. Without trying to be awkward or too philosophical, that can happen much lower down the scale so again it is all relative. You don't have to have a million to have more than someone who has not. It's when the spending chain slowly grinds to a halt we need to possibly worry even if you've got fifty quid to your name.
  9. What's he got to do with things? Seriously. It's a tv programme.
  10. Shouldn't you be in the Bahamas or maybe Siberia? With that cash you could go anywhere you like when you like. You could even buy several dozen snow making machines point and squirt towards the three acre patio?
  11. There are some who've fell out of school with hardly any grades and became perfectly acceptable if not in many cases even successful human beings. In their own right. Some rich some poorer and so what. For fear of going off topic, this control malarkey and be it from whatever religious background, even i believe men mentioned is complete hogwash. That's my opinion and I stand by it
  12. The day this planet is over populated by absolutely perfect citizens, from all creeds, colour and backgrounds, religions, no matter what preferred sexual orientation, male or female or inbetween..whatever financial status or position they may or indeed may not have or are possibly striving for, it'll never happen. We're all still human.
  13. Funny that, traveller community you say? Read an article not that long ago whereby a schoolgirl achieved great grades at school. From the aforementioned community. Wish I could dig it out. Stereotyping et al really does little in backing up ones argument. As for those perhaps not from the same background who still fail at school?
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