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blizzard of 2016

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  1. Apart from any beverages and food most of your experience is free at source unless your DIY skills stretch that bit further, obviously discounting outright theft! Be good to think there's more to life than having material things to fill any void. In other words where perhaps nature plays a bigger part.
  2. Shouldn't you be in the Bahamas or maybe Siberia? With that cash you could go anywhere you like when you like. You could even buy several dozen snow making machines point and squirt towards the three acre patio?
  3. As for the scrap behind the bike shed analogy. CCTV soon saw to that. Big brother 1 rest of society nil. But it is all for our own good? Bit like metal detectors I suppose. In schools. And security guards even in some cases cops, on patrol. Stubbing out any naughtiness or unruliness. Just cos ofsted are round next week and we need them stars?
  4. Harking back to the days when you could actually play conkers without necessarily writing to the health and safety exec for a start! I'd imagine teachers rifling through lunch boxes was a very rare event in those days too, anyone caught with a Lion bar nowadays or heaven forbid a full on no holds barred full fat Yorkie bar, can sometimes expect the third degree and have them confiscated on the spot. That's if you can still get them.
  5. Now that millions have been spent on new super-computers etc, over the decades, some good news remains. Weather will do what it wants when it wants although some light relief remains. I knew this sleety snowy mix was incoming tonight, well in advance, but couldn't be bothered to say so. Oh well. Maybe next time. LOL. Do not believe the hype is my motto.
  6. Current wintry mix and snow in the NW didn't really register on forecasts until back end of last Wednesday and Thursday? Just proves anything beyond 48-64 hours, given the complexities and evolving situation, is hardly worth stressing over. We know that any snowfall is a pain to forecast at the best of times, a few miles can make all the difference so patience really is a virtue. As for next week. Heads or tails?
  7. Hardly any wind to speak of so should any snow set in could hang around for several hours. Amazing how forecasts changed literally within a day or so from mainly bright cold and frosty to wet and potentially snowy. Good news remains as any moderate to heavier falls will be decent enough for building the odd snowman as opposed to the more powdery variety expected later this season. And when more frigid temperatures move in from the east.
  8. Collect and record rain amounts, maybe a little bit harder sunshine amounts too when applicable. Graph with lots of extra big smilies
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