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  1. Where did he state that. He is saying what is been currently modelled. Just because he not telling you what you want to hear there is no need to throw the toys out of your Oran is there I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad
  2. That’s true but this forum is been ruined with statements like the one I’ve quoted. Some of you may not like me for what I’m saying BUT I’m only stating what all of the more experienced members are thinking. It’s a model thread and we having to sift through hundreds of statements like this just to get an idea of what the weather going to be like. I’m only stating THE TRUTSh. Enough is enough now. This thread has gone downhill big time recently
  3. Is that a good thing or do you have evidence to back up this statement. Sorry dude but this is exactly why this thread has gone downhill ever since the mods split it
  4. Looking at the models sadly they are treading slightly south for Thursday late precipitation but still 3 days away so time for it to go the other way too. Sweet spot currently West Midlands but got a feeling there will be some significant surprises this week due to the unstable air flow. The other problem is the uppers are not quiet low enough but may not be a problem due to the winds. Got a bad feeling but that’s only because over the past 12 months these systems have edged southwards as we get nearer the time im in the valley of wombwell so tend to get sleazy at best but we will see
  5. Well said dude. Posted yesterday about people keeping it model related but sadly people are spoiling this thread by been selfish. Have to skip most of the posts these days. Shame because up till recently the forum was great
  6. Why please explain as I understand these are quite accurate
  7. Sadly no matter how much you tell people to keep it related they never do it. Very much like my six year old lol hence my earlier post. This forum would be so much better if they did what you mods asked them to keep up the good work dude
  8. Don’t post in this forum but have been reading it for years to predict to my family when it will snow in advance. I don’t want to moan but feel I have to share this view has it has become almost unbearable in here recently. Im referring to so many people posting relating to in their own back yard. For someone who does not know how to read most modal charts this is most frustrating as it creates a very confusing picture to the novice. It seams to have got worse since the thread has been split and sadly the mods can’t keep on top of them. there has also been a very southern bi
  9. Hi I’m off to KETTA in Lapland with my family on the 12th of December. Does anyone have an idea looking at current modal predictions what the weather will be like as we are hearing currently there is no snow.
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