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  1. i only work here but live in bexleyheath....trust me your better off in barnehurst
  2. im in blackfen lauren ...roads are absolutely fine as its nearly all gone..alan
  3. got about an inch in bexleyheath... which is pretty good going as it took ages to soak op the moisture on the ground ..never dropped below 0.1 so constantly dripping while it was settling...nearly gone now though
  4. what went wrong ...when i went to bed ground temp was -2 air temp was -3 ..get up rain has washed what looked like a good 1/2 a centimetre away
  5. Snow is a plus... ice days are great ... don't get me wrong I'd love to go sledging but I'm the kind of person who gets annoyed and upset if all the great weather gods get together and bless us with snow .... and I hear DRIP DRIP DRIP from the drainpipe after an hour... sorry
  6. So according to countryfile it's going to be a maxima of 3 by Friday... from an EASTERLY pffft
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