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  1. If id any hair id be pulling it out - nothing up here on North Coast - sooo envious of everyone else - but well done n keep er lit
  2. Starting to lay good here, again lovely big flakes keep er lit
  3. Sure if it was certain - we would have to argue about something else - it the Norn Iron way lol lol
  4. stained glass windowing rain again outside
  5. BOB if i get a covering ill be happy - u no that far from me so we both in the same boat
  6. DK - i was always to hell wi global warming - but im not not so sure
  7. Was dry n clear here - now back to drizzle rain - im just hoping thats the start of a front coming in - tho ground soaking now
  8. Or dropped a wee E or bit o speed lol lol
  9. Sir Neiller needs to come back - we can give u a Lordship if that what it takes lol lol
  10. I keep hoping im the doom gloom merchant - but the way the weather has played us the last few mths - i bet this is how i will be
  11. Hell no - id never try to fill those boots
  12. I just keep feeling like its the time u get handed the most beautiful biscuit in the world which is good nae brilliant n then to top it you get tap on the shoulder n get handed the best brewed cup o tae in the universe - u look at what u got n think its the best combo ever - n u go for a nice simple dunk, perfect angle perfect immersion time - BUT when u lift out the biscuit just just just before it hits your mouth it drops !!!!!!!!! ........... thats how this is gonna develop
  13. The more time goes by the more n more im realising that this is gonna go down like a wet fart
  14. Wee 4 leg baby needed out there to do her biz - i must say it wasnt as cold as it was earlier on - im just hoping that its not the start of a bad thing
  15. Fingers crossed for us all esp Rochey - i not be greedy (tho id love a plastering) just a decent bit ------ plz plz plz snow Gods lol lol
  16. It just all seems very patchy hit or miss atm - im doing a snow dance here now
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