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  1. 25mm so far today with no let up looking likely till early tomo morning, absolutely needed so great to see and hear. Hartland, North Devon
  2. well the snow wait finally over here in Hartland, North Devon, drove from Hartland to Woolsery along the a39 and it was pretty sketchy, must have been 2 inches covering the road, radio 2 just mentioned cars now stuck in snow between kilkhampton and abbotsham. super big flakes at times so settled without any problem after all the cold rain all day. Loved the Polzeath webcam, when i saw that i knew we would get some heavy snow soon. All but gone through now but i wasnt expecting such an amount to fall and settle, especially on the main route through north devon and cornwall. keep your heads
  3. Currently DP -3.1, air temp -0.2, hopefully bodes well for tomo, will be very interesting to see what we get here on the north devon coast, winds will be offshore which is always a bonus. Great local weather site is hartlandweather.co.uk gives you lots of info. Fingers crossed x
  4. also the amber warning i find a little perplexing.......i have been removed from it (and many others along the north coast) when places that are east of me (inland) are all in an amber warning, surely whatever snowfall they will get i will get 10 mins later, would have been better to put the amber warning right to the coast.....people live there too (ie bude).
  5. really coming down now here (near hartland n devon) doesnt look like stopping anytime soon.
  6. a few flurries now falling, still got a couple of inches from this morning intact, although temp is 0.4C. the system seems to be moving pretty quickly westwards, cant see how the snow is going to last here more than a couple of hours.
  7. yes just got that line of snow come though, given a dusting on all surfaces, temp down to -1.4 now, so ice could be a problem on the minor routes, this is the weather station in stoke, not far from me. http://hartlandweather.co.uk there are some photos on there of spekes mill waterfall in the last cold spell.
  8. just the net weather free radar, given up on rain today as it always seem to be broken. will get to you before me haha
  9. yes we had some moderate snow about 10:30-12 this morning, giving a light covering and a coupe of cms where the wind blew it into the hedges and banks. the echoes look quite bright on the radar, hopefully heading this way....not that im greedy!
  10. looking at the radar the folks in barnstaple should be seeing something white very soon, if not now. looking forward to tonight and tomo here in hartland, north devon.
  11. here's a couple of shots from yesterday evening, the waterfall is at spekes mill mouth, not often you get snow right to the water line here on the north devon coast, last time was 2010. i work on a farm so it has been pretty hard work for the last couple of days, the pipes have frozen so we have to fetch water in milk churns from the local river and ferry it back to fill up the troughs. also this morning at 5am we lost half of our lambing shed roof (approx 20ftx20ft piece), the strength of the easterly is not something we have experienced before (must have been gusting F9), westerly no probl
  12. couple of questions for anyone who wants to answer them; firstly whats with the 'hole' in the precipitation towards cornwall-now clearly seen on the radar, and secondly isnt this system set to move nw, seems to be heading due north? cheers.
  13. very fine flakes here in north devon near hartland, covered all surfaces. wind is strong and gusty leading to lots of blowing snow, could be some serious drifts later tonight, already banking up in some corners to a few cms
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