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  1. June 2020 stats from here: 17 high-summer days (25,0 C or more) and 4 days over 30 C No signs that july will match up with this hot june we just had, looks more and more like an 2007& 2009 type of july
  2. The thing is that we don't know for how long that will hold on for, in our part of the world we can't risk getting trapped under lows in the beginning of high summer aka july beacuse there is a big risk for it to continue through the rest or most of summer
  3. Since it's climatologically impossible for a warm/hotter than average june this year we will have to make the best out of this "mini-heatwave" incoming 10 days from the east, probably only namby 27-28c as warmest this june.
  4. ECM 0Z half-long range is slightly colder than yesterdays 12Z and same low over scandi, also it's good mentioning which model you are reffering to
  5. It still shows the high pressure connecting to greenland and soon after northern winds from 4-5th of june and forward. It is already guaranteed now that we will experience colder than average conditions for the start of june
  6. Looks extremly cold from beginning of june for both GFS&ECMWF and forward, no change from this also cold may and wet conditions continuing
  7. I would not say 25-40% possibility for "well above 2m temperature" is that high really since it's still under 50% so it can go either ways. Also don't forget that we are now entering a la nina period so it's a bigger possibility for a cool wet summer
  8. You know people are desperate for warmth when 15-17c is considered good, it's below average t-max temperature in may for UK
  9. We still have an SSW coming, will hopefully have an effect later on in spring and give us many degrees below average
  10. This nights ECM again have the high pressure center further north and now almost into central Scandi at 192h, just gets better and better
  11. ECM 12Z even colder than this nights run and the high is further north, looking good
  12. Feels like you are really biased for milder solutions, always these mean charts to prove that it looks mild while in reality we are actually looking at one of the coldest periods for this winter season ( and early spring).
  13. ECM 0Z is fantastic with a high pressure building up over northern scandinavia, just 1,5 months too late so probably not below 0 degrees for whole days
  14. Snowless here also for whole january at latitude 59 with -3,5 c as average high
  15. Even if the center of this high pressure is getting northwards for each run we still have very high 850hpa temperatures, looks like it will be milder than average
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