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  1. The AAM were positive through most of may on the chart you just posted and it still didn't give us warmth and high pressure dominated weather, just a greenland high so it can go both ways.
  2. While the long term forecast still looks really grim for any real summer like heat the northern hemisphere's temperature seems to temporary recover and more warmer than average areas pop up.
  3. So far the spring forecast from accuweather have been very accurate and they summarized it as "cold lingering" which we have seen with cold shots from time to time with clear repetition. Still may is open for a change but a repeat of 2013 or 2018 seems a long shot right now.
  4. No need to take the 00Z runs seriously, in 9 out of 10 cases they always go bananas on the mild side. And there is still a trend that the last week of february will go colder than average again.
  5. Nothing to complain about with the GFS 0Z for once, hovering around or even below -10 850 temps for 2 weeks straight 😲
  6. Around +2 in 850 hpa uppers in south scandinavia next thursday, seems like nothing can reverse the upcoming mild period in next week now.
  7. Getting 80's winters vibes from the GFS 12Z run, unusual cold uppers over scandi while rest of western europe is quite mild. Average starting to look pretty good now
  8. Getting quite worried with GFS being so keen on a change to much milder conditions from 12-14th january but clearly it is still an outlier
  9. I mean for really wintry wise conditions, not about what you need for snowfall.
  10. GFS 12Z looks extremely good synoptically but still a little meh over the 850hpa temps, need to get down below magical -12
  11. -20 as 850hpa temperature in most of scandinavia is not even normal, that's around -10 degrees colder than average so 9-10 is normal for early jan here.
  12. Not only that but artic area is currently below average and has continued to get colder last weeks
  13. GFS12Z was clearly a very mild outlier in long range, getting more possible for colder than average conditions around christmas time.
  14. Still the pv will be weaker than average so for how long time is the question.
  15. Yes it's true beacause we usually have a mild to strong PV but right now it's getting weaker and will probably stay that way for some 3-4 weeks so that's why i think it looks weird, the PV fires up the lows on the atlantic not the opposite
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