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  1. 15-19 degrees celsius is not pretty nice if you ask me in the beginning of july, and i live in southern scandinavia
  2. 0Z from tonight looks really cold/chilly with 850hpa temperatures just below 0 degrees from both GFS/ECM, people are in denial here thinking we will have more than 2-4 days this month with above average temperatures.
  3. Much warmer as in 15-18 degrees celsius (average temperatures) or 20-25 like a mini heatwave? Can't see the last thing
  4. Still looks pretty chilly or as best average temperatures in middle and long range. I don't get why everybody is talking about high pressure building up over UK/South scandinavia since it only gives us northerly winds with 0 degrees in 850hpa.
  5. Here it will be wintry for sure with nighttime lows around -8 to 10 Celsius, just 3 days ago we had +13,7 and that is a new record for february. In UK/western europé just slightly below average
  6. As last years cold air is now starting to drag down from the north and wintry conditions establishes for most of spring, something in the atmosphere is triggering this effect
  7. If its going to be this mild as it shows last days then i don't want any late cold in the end of february/beginning of march. It will be just slippery forever if changing all the time
  8. The problem is that many people are in denial here about what's normally average weather in march and seems to expect it to save the winter every year which is not the case. Statistics shows that the coldest period is between 15 Jan- 15 Feb so something should/must happen now if we want real winter to arrive for a longer period
  9. Here it differs 2,5 degrees average high temperature between July and august and i did not mention about february but march. You are grasping at straws here
  10. What's your point? It's just a record while i talk about most hottest days for an average year and it's not august. And march is neither normally the coldest winter month even if last winters has been different
  11. Well yes most people would and that is correct, the sun angle is getting lower fast for each day during august and any "real" warmth is unlikely. Most don't even want snow and cold in march since it's too late and out of season. Accept it
  12. Does it really matter where the lobes end after a split of the vortex? I mean a split is always a split it must have some effect even if minor
  13. Most people don't even want winter to continue at that time, sun is too strong so it melts even when cloudy on asphalt
  14. Looked much better yesterday both GFS/ECM, should not be hard to get below zero degrees for at least 2-3 weeks
  15. 2,2 above average temperature is nothing, we had 6-8 degrees above average both december 2006 and 2013
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