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  1. GFS continues to be an outliner with unrealistic outputs with cold uppers down to -15, absolutely impossible and nothing to expect since ECMWF continues to show mild westerlies and no sign of " east from the beast". GEM is something in between
  2. Good to know that the GFS12z is an extreme outliner, neither ECMWF or GEM shows anything close to GFS for the moment and the AO value is not negative enough to let the really cold air flow down to middle latitudes
  3. I might be wrong but a SSW can actually change the current situation in the atmosphere and strengthen the upper winds in the polar vortex so we get mild SW winds for a long time. I think that happened winter 2011/12 Still looks pretty mild in both GFS and ECM, anyway it's getting too late for any proper cold and the sun angle is high
  4. 850hpa uppers down to almost -20 on GFS 00Z run. It is defiently the best this winter
  5. Looks extremely horrible in all weather models last days, not even a single day with -10 in 850 hpa so no proper cold is on the way. The most weird thing is that the polar vortex is not even that strong this season and still we are stuck in mild air anyway
  6. GFS 06Z looks pretty good with HP influences over scandi around christmas and towards new year, frosts and dry weather for many parts of europé expect England, we have seen far worse than this
  7. Even if we have seen worse christmas weather (2006, 2013, 2015 etc) it's still pretty clear now that it will be a mild christmas this year and snow cover below average values, GFS keeps trolling us with cold charts but ECM is most of the time the only realistic model.
  8. Still looks pretty mild when we are entering the days before christmas on GFS, seems to be a new trend
  9. Model Output Discussions 12z 01/06/2017

    As always the high pressure finally moves up to northern europé in September instead of middle of july when we can get severe heat spells, i'm not complaining but i still don't understand why this pattern repeats itself for several years now
  10. Model Output Discussions 12z 01/06/2017

    Another downgrade on latest ECM 0Z compared to yesterday's 12Z which was way more anticyclone
  11. Model Output Discussions 12z 01/06/2017

    The ECM 12Z control run is worse than 00Z last night, the ensemble mean does normally not show if there are any significant changes in the coming runs so we have to hope that today's 12Z run is just a coincidence
  12. Model Output Discussions 12z 01/06/2017

    The azores high is stronger in the latest runs especially from ECM, right now it is the only thing that can save July from being a mediocre month
  13. Horrific and provocating charts from both GFS and ECM 0Z, winter is definently over for this season with charts like these. As long as the mid latitude blocking continues we can never get the cold and snow down to our latitudes. We have to get a extremely cold march like 2013 if you want snow cover for more than a few days
  14. I think it still looks fantastic next week for most parts of especially northern and central europé, UK not so good only chilly conditions. Right now GFS and ECM does not agree on wether the center of the high pressure over scandinavia will be, GFS is the better option beacuse on ECM it looks like it's too much to the east of Scandinavia. This might be the last chance for any longer period of cold and snow this winter, just hope charts like these continues to show coming days