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  1. did everyone die ? 42 day drought .. Armagh recorded less than 1cm rainfall .. more has fallen in the last 24 hours .. and not a comment .
  2. It looks a little dead here considering .. the Arctic has never seen a week like the coming one . Looking at the ice N.of Greenland .. it is a shattered mess and it is among the thickest and oldest in the ocean . Current conditions there would look bad in July . Now comes a storm I have not seen the like of ... The three months since mid October have certainly sounded the death knell of the Arctic as we knew it . Interesting rule so far .. Stormy Arctic .. Sunny Ireland
  3. A little ironic that a record that Cryosphere Today gave us for so long should become so important as soon as they fail us . 3 Cheers for Wipneus and his world-wide fame
  4. To be free of Westminster will be a blessing !
  5. Do I love the idea of a 10 m high fence less than a mile away .. No .. Local Diesel smugglers turning to people smuggling ? .. No .. I live just inside the UK .. all I can say is what a bunch of idiots you have let loose .. from the PM down . How stupid have you got to be to be elected in England ? Anyway it's done now . The mess could be so big the world economy goes into freefall . Boy will the brits be popular abroad !
  6. next weekend has 850 temp anomalies of 10'C over Ireland . winter holds on as the Arctic flows south ' Beaufort gyre driving our weather ? Sam ?
  7. interesting 850 temps over the next few days .. -6 to -8 . just what snow lovers were waiting for all winter . Looking forward to some warmth soon (please ).
  8. stunning light show last night .. watched on and off for 6 hours
  9. Oh ! What a beautiful morning . Coming back from Lack after the lightest of snowfalls . Frost before snow left the dusting drfting .. some drifts 2mm deep ! And all the trees and hedges were sparkling in the early dawn . Bird song like it was a glorious June morning . Even got to hear the Cranes/herons as the prepared to go off for the day fishing . Only sad observation .. Ivy killed on hundreds more trees on the journey .. gastly hacks into the soft flesh of countless Ash trees .. damage no ivy could ever have done ! . No feed for bees or birds . Home lost to Song thrush and half our moths .
  10. making and drinking Ayahuasca .. I belong to the Santo Daime church .. Christianity with a difference . Was actually heavenly !
  11. well folks .. back from Brazil .. 14 days hard work in 35'C heat and @ 1000 mosquito bites .. lost 2" from my waist and 8lbs ! Loved every minute . Seems I didn't miss winter (lol) . Still think the snow has yet to come .. in spring !
  12. lovely crunchy snow in sunshine .. meanwhile . in Rio at 3 pm today . 'feels like 43'C in heavy rain ' !! . Slight adjustment to make in a day . ... and looks like winter will be waiting fior my return Enjoy the weather you get !
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