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  1. did everyone die ? 42 day drought .. Armagh recorded less than 1cm rainfall .. more has fallen in the last 24 hours .. and not a comment .
  2. It looks a little dead here considering .. the Arctic has never seen a week like the coming one . Looking at the ice N.of Greenland .. it is a shattered mess and it is among the thickest and oldest in the ocean . Current conditions there would look bad in July . Now comes a storm I have not seen the like of ... The three months since mid October have certainly sounded the death knell of the Arctic as we knew it . Interesting rule so far .. Stormy Arctic .. Sunny Ireland
  3. A little ironic that a record that Cryosphere Today gave us for so long should become so important as soon as they fail us . 3 Cheers for Wipneus and his world-wide fame
  4. Partly ????????????????????? LOL !
  5. some 30,000 votes have been removed from the petition in the Westminster and City of London area in the last couple of hours . Looks like the bankers were 'rigging the market'
  6. To be free of Westminster will be a blessing !
  7. petition for rerun passes 1.6 million ...
  8. thousands are signing the petition every minute
  9. Do I love the idea of a 10 m high fence less than a mile away .. No .. Local Diesel smugglers turning to people smuggling ? .. No .. I live just inside the UK .. all I can say is what a bunch of idiots you have let loose .. from the PM down . How stupid have you got to be to be elected in England ? Anyway it's done now . The mess could be so big the world economy goes into freefall . Boy will the brits be popular abroad !
  10. I live 1 mile north of the Irish border . The laundered diesel smugglers are already preparing to be people smugglers ...
  11. next weekend has 850 temp anomalies of 10'C over Ireland . winter holds on as the Arctic flows south ' Beaufort gyre driving our weather ? Sam ?
  12. interesting 850 temps over the next few days .. -6 to -8 . just what snow lovers were waiting for all winter . Looking forward to some warmth soon (please ).
  13. stunning light show last night .. watched on and off for 6 hours
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