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  1. Howdy Mandrake. Yes, I'm still here, thanks for your reply. Being ex-USAF, I wanted an old GMQ-20 "Windbird" for my man cave. I never did find one in working order; which turned out to be a good thing since I've since learned that repair parts are practically impossible to find! Also, following my original post, I've determined that the newer multi-function systems are considerably more useful. (Duh!) I bought an Acu-Rite 5-in-1 but I've since determined that my money is best spent elsewhere so now I'm considering a Davis Vantage-Vue. However, during my brief stint with Acurite,
  2. Howdy Guys, It's been about 2-1/2 years since my post and I'm still looking for a good system. I DID purchase an AcuRite 5-in-1 but I've been thoroughly disgusted with it! Its wireless range was advertised to be 300ft and even though my sensor and base unit (display) are less than 100ft apart, signal disconnect between the two is a regular occurrence; regardless of how new the batteries are! I've replaced the sensor twice and the display once with no apparent improvement in performance! And while AcuRite's customer service tries to be helpful, I've come to the conclusion that AcuRite
  3. Thanks, Reef, I'll look into your suggestions. Rab
  4. Hi guys, new member here so please be gentle. I'm looking for a wind instrument much like the old USAF "windbirds". (Technically, they were nomenclatured GMQ-20s, see attached pic, and they were on every airfield before digital sensors replaced them in the 1990s.) I know that the Davis Vantage line is everybody's go-to system nowadays (and Davis IS a good line!) but I'm not looking for an all-in-one station with a lot of features that I don't need. I just want wind speed and direction. One requirement is that since it will be mounted atop a 40ft tower, I need something that doesn’t r
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