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  1. Sorry to hear about your cat passing away like that lassie. I’m a cat lover too and it’s horrible when they pass on. I rehomed a cat after mine died a few years back. Each one is quite different in character so it wasn’t like a ‘replacement’ more another journey with another puss. Hope you find the heart to enjoy life with another cat one day, if that is your wish of course
  2. Absolute hell for me this weather is. Fat chance of much sleep and may have to sit in the doorstep although no breeze to speak of. Just stepped out of the shower for the second or is it third time today. 36c is unbearable even after acclimatising. Someone is letting off fireworks now Roll on autumn!!!
  3. Currently in Czech Republic 600m asl with 6” snow yesterday but temps rising and snow diminishing. Positively balmy for here! -3.4 this morning but 1c now.
  4. No you’re not alone! I’m gagging for a decent autumn and winter. Of course the sun has been lovely but the ground is dry as a bone. Desperate to get my boots n waterproof coat on!
  5. I’ve had the heating on overnight for a couple of days. Looking forward to a beautiful crisp autumn and hopefully some atmospheric fogs before winter proper sets in. Not a fan of storms though.
  6. I hear this morning that many works of art were saved from this devastating fire. Thank God for that and there being no deaths too! ??
  7. Beautiful flakes falling in Wembley but settling on parked cars so far, not the ground.
  8. Lol...no not sick BD don’t worry. I think we all have a bit of that in us during proper wintery spells...it’s the excitement...and you’re so right in saying it brings out that helpful, caring side. Plus, we all know it won’t last forever so we just make the most of it on our little island. Carpe diem!
  9. Lol, it is quite a rip off in many ways but it also focuses our minds (hopefully) on our fellow man, peace and love and goodwill. Why not endorse all that with some beautiful lights and decorations. I'm not one for the full on American style house lit up to the max thing but I do have a lovely little blue spruce on the doorstep with white lights and a few Scandi decs, some lanterns accumulated over the years around the house, some with little seasonal scenes inside, some with candles. Front window will have a twiggy spray with white lights. Oh, mustn't forget the door wreath which is still in the making. Most important of all, cat will need space to sit in the window so I can't use up all of the windowsill even if I wanted to. I have to decorate my daughter's tree too which this year is multicolour lights with red, green, gold decs. Mum's inglenook bough is the last job to be done next week. Used to be real green foliage with expensive baubles, etc. This year it will be a combination of artificial and real with the lovely embellishments and white lights. She loves it and at 94 she deserves something beautiful to catch her eye. Snowy Christmas and/or new year would be the icing on the cake!
  10. Just drove from Hatfield 2c to Wembley 3c and it was rain all the way. Miserable really. Snow wouldn’t have settled anyway.
  11. Have never seen snow on porcini before and I’ve picked in Central Europe and UK. Delicious mushroom!
  12. It’s been hell, can’t breath properly, sweating like a trouper, gardening taking a back seat as too blinking hot out there and ad for the housework...well, minimal to say the least. Driving with air con or windows down sometimes is nice though. Roll on autumn ????
  13. I’m just a visitor as I have family in Bridport. Work place closed, children in the snow as we speak as it’s their first experience Great end to winter for them!
  14. Absolutely put them up again! Mine’s in the garden still with needles too...you’ve given me an idea ? have to find the lights that have been packed away though. Anyone here from Bridport? Grandson wondering when/if their weather will kick in.
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