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  1. Just drove from Hatfield 2c to Wembley 3c and it was rain all the way. Miserable really. Snow wouldn’t have settled anyway.
  2. Have never seen snow on porcini before and I’ve picked in Central Europe and UK. Delicious mushroom!
  3. It’s been hell, can’t breath properly, sweating like a trouper, gardening taking a back seat as too blinking hot out there and ad for the housework...well, minimal to say the least. Driving with air con or windows down sometimes is nice though. Roll on autumn
  4. I’m just a visitor as I have family in Bridport. Work place closed, children in the snow as we speak as it’s their first experience Great end to winter for them!
  5. Absolutely put them up again! Mine’s in the garden still with needles too...you’ve given me an idea have to find the lights that have been packed away though. Anyone here from Bridport? Grandson wondering when/if their weather will kick in.
  6. Sleighbelle

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    Me too!!! Unbelievable on every level!
  7. -5 here and the cat can’t take longer than 10mins outside
  8. His name is Dave King and he uses nature to forecast seasons ahead with great success. If he gets it wrong he always admits it and gives reasons why, usually his misinterpretation of what nature is showing him. He’s improved markedly over the years I can tell you and is as successful as many scientists so don’t poo poo his methods. A wise man would use both science and centuries of handed down experience. He may not be as eloquent as some but I always check his forecasts ahead. weatherwithouttechnology.co.uk
  9. In Hatfield and it's snowing...settling on cold parked cars.
  10. Merry Christmas to all! 11c and overcast this morning in west London, hoping for something wintry in the new year.
  11. Sleighbelle

    In Memoriam

    A wonderful Glaswegian personality who made the weather forecast a pleasure to view on tv. He was taken too soon. RIP Ian.
  12. Sleighbelle

    Winter Thoughts & Hopes 2016/17

    The last picture I can find on my iPad of any snowfall here in NW London was 3rd Feb 2015 and that was just about a cm and I think it quickly melted if I remember. Hoping for something better this winter which of course has not yet started officially.
  13. Yes I know, it's crazy, my family in a Moravian village have had to drill for their own well as the water supply they had is drying up. No washing machine, shower, cooking when you need it. Madness!
  14. Yes, I agree and will also add a mark...to my nails with varnish in the form of snowmen and snowflakes in anticipation of a stonking mid to late winter storm ha ha.
  15. The tide must turn eventually, this chaos cannot continue forever...no harm in having a punt.