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    Weather and climate blogs, Science fiction, Science fantasy, fantasy, comic book genres in books, TV shows and films. British rural customs, traditions, crafts and weather lore. I have been SETI project member since May 2018.
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Diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 51 with Autism and in 2016 was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a very painful condition that greatly impairs my mobility.  Fibromyaligia  is also known as chronic pain syndrome.   I love everything to do with the Scottish language, culture, history and country.  I have lived in Ashington in South East Northumberland, Barrhill in South East Ayrshire and Plaistow in East London. I have joined the SETI project in May 2018.

Joe West hurt his big toe
that filled him with much woe.
He was trying to go with the flow
with his friends Flo and Mo.
It happened at the old château
where he fell over an antique plough.
It turned the rain into heavy snow
that tasted like wine from Bordeaux.

When there is news of a Scandinavian high pressure
spreading all the way to Finland, Iceland and Greenland.
The air will feel colder and fresher especially in Cheshire.
It will make people feel grand that they'll join the Yule band
about hearing about the news for an intense major stratospheric warming.
This will destroy the polar vortex and create intense Northern blocking
where the North Easterly winds will be forming causing snow storming.
This will have the jet stream blocked and the news will have the forums rocking.

It is forecasted that Ireland and the British Isles will be having a wetter and milder autumn and winter.
There will be a very strong Atlantic driven jet steam that will be bring 100+ mph south westerly gales.
People will soon be wondering if they will ever see snow, even from a British athlete sprinter.
This will be felt at ski resorts as faraway in the city of Versailles when they are having cocktails.
Forecasters say there will be extensive low pressure spreading from Scandinavia to Greenland.
There will be increasing intense high-pressure ridge building up from the Azores to France.
The weather will never be bland, the temperatures may be warm but not enough to get tanned.
There could be a chance that there could be snow Scotland in the villages and the manse.
The day and night-time temperatures will be between the late teens and early twenties.
There will be weeks and months of non-stop of continuous rain that will last both day and night.
People will be getting colds and influenza where there will be non stop sneezes and wheezes.
Nothing will seem all right, with the very unseasonable weather that will give all a fright.


I am a member of the h2g2 website.




I remember when in December I was gazing at the log fire









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