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About Me

I received an autism diagnosis in 2014 in Basildon hospital where later on I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a very painful condition that greatly impairs my mobility.  Fibromyalgia  is also known as chronic pain syndrome.   I love everything to do with the Scottish language, culture, history and country.  I have lived in Ashington in South East Northumberland, Barrhill in South East Ayrshire and Plaistow in East London.


Safe at the harbour where everything is easy.
Off to starboard, as daylight comes up fast.
It is where people are always filled with glee
when they receive a perfect weather forecast.

Now I am restless for the open water.
Red flags are flying from the coast guard mast.
I will be practising magic spells from Harry Potter
when feeling harassed when having a blast.

They told me to stay at the Henri's cafe
where I heard all the meteorological information.
I began to practise ballet at my soiree
when trying to find my true vocation through meditation.

I motored away and steered straight ahead
in my motor boat with my pet mountain goat.
I was joined with the Weasley twins, George and Fred
who learned how to cure a cough and a sore throat.

The weather forecaster predicated a squally storm
It will becoming with a very unsettled storm front.
This will be more fierce than norm said Norm
and it will mean an end to my long waited treasure hunt.

The white water will be running and the pressure is low.
Watching the storm front coming while listening to drumming.
There will be a fantastic thunder and lightning show
as I begin quietly humming when the waves are foaming.

There is a small craft warning on the radio
and I wondering if it means me.
I know that the storm has been named Antonio
and it is like a storm in a cup of tea.

I've been sailing alone on this ocean.
Man it really gets really lonesome
especially when I am creating a magical potion.
It is made with a rum flavoured plum.

I have been so many years alone at sea
If I got an animal friend, my life would be easy.
Every day we will have afternoon tea
where the choppy waters makes us feel queasy.

Most people hunger for the life I lead.
The morning started as overclouded and grey.
I make lava bread using seaweed and flaxseed
and make the the most perfect gourmet buffet.

I drifted away from the bay
where I want to escape from the fray.
I ran into more storms which was a bore
as I left the shore which was an eyesore.

There is a low pressure system
as I listen to the radio 4 station on FM.
There is a very strong Northeast breeze
where I smelled a whiff of Stilton cheese.

The barometer pressure is rapidly falling
which looks to be a storm that's appalling.
The rapidly falling barometer pressure
with the winds that feel much fresher.

The thickening clouds of cumulonimbus
while I'm online on my phone as I begin discuss
what will the strength of the possible gale.
What will it be on the Beaumont scale?

It looks there will be a force 9 blowing
as I look at the lighthouse where it's lights are glowing.
I look at my wind anemometer and it is reading force ten.
So I say a prayer for protection which ends with an Amen.

The winds are rapidly strengthening with 74 miles per hour storm
which much stronger than norm as I watch the white waves form.
Then it looks like the violent storm has now become a hurricane
which I cannot explain so I go below deck to drink champagne.

The winds have now strengthened to 179 miles per hour
as the waves flood my boat as it accelerates my brain power.
Looked on my phone's forecast to tell me it's reached category five
which makes me so scared as I try to stay alive.




I am a member of the h2g2 website.




I remember when in December I was gazing at the log fire









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