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  1. There will be no seasonable weather
    for those in the UK and Ireland.
    Just raining falling down from the aether
    making everything looking grey and bland.

    It does not like it's going to be very festive
    with wet and windy weather into the weekend.
    There is nothing that will be suggestive
    that the mild fest will be coming to an end.

    There will heavy rain for Southern Britain
    and gusty winds that will bring devastation.
    There will  be accidents on the roads and tracks
    as fallen debris will be causing chaos throughout the nation.

    This will be caused an onslaught of low pressure
    weather fronts that will be coming from the Atlantic ocean.
    It will start from Southern Britain and work up towards Cheshire
    this will cause a great deal of anxiety and commotion.

    The oncoming storm will bring heavy prolonged rainfall
    and that there will be strong winds in places.
    It does not seem like winter but more like what you expect in the Fall
    and it will even affect the football and the horse races.

    1. lassie23


      we did say that it was going to be a green christmas

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