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  1. I wonder when the fireworks are going end. Fireworks have been set off long before Guy Fawkes and are still being let off which is greatly upsetting and frightening my pet cat Simba.  I hope that it will end so.  The fireworks that are being let off are so loud and are upsetting me as well as I don't like loud noises. As my late mam would have said "they have more money than sense."

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    2. Surrey


      Fireworks on and off here we are only a little village where I am and it is quite nice because people watch other peoples fireworks... 

      Some do set them of at silly times though, the other night some kids down the park were letting them off at 10pm... 


      I do a display each yeah for friends family and the locals all watch it.. I do my displays with everyone including my neighbors in mind and do them around 7pm lasting 20-30mins. They all watch the fireworks so I think people don't really mind ... I always set off a warning shot to which gives anyone with animals 10 minutes if they need to go to a more sound proof part of the house 

    3. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      These fireworks sound as though they are being set off randomly.  I remember when I going to a social club either last year or the year before where youths were throwing lit fireworks at each other and randomly on the street; it was scary.

      The firework display that you put for your friends, family and the locals to watch. It was very kind and considerate for you to give a warning shot before the firework display.  I live in a council maisonette which badly sound proof and has no double glazing.  What I do not like is when fireworks are being set days before Guy Fawkes and are still being days after the event, especially when it is done randomly right up to 11pm at night or later on.

    4. Surrey


      I agree, you set a time not to late, do your fireworks and finish. 

      I'm learning how to become a firer so I can do professional displays, the more I learn, the more I see why so many people get hurt with fireworks!

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