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  1. It's another beautiful sunny day in South Ockendon with a temperature of 25 °C and a light easterly breeze. I hope that this sunny weather continues.
  2. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Sunspot number: 0 Spotless Days Current Stretch: 4 days 2018 total: 67 days (62%) The Radio Sun 10.7 cm flux: 71 sfu
  3. It's a wonderful sunny day with a clear sky and bright sunshine. It is cooler here than Central London with a top temperature of 19oC.
  4. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I have been looking at past sunspot count archive records on spaceweather.com, there is no annual number of sun spotless days for 2008. In their archive records for December 30 2009 they have 260 days of spotless days. In the new adjusted method that appears on the present page the number is 51 days. The archives records has 2010 with a massive 486 days which is lower than on the home page of 260 days. I wonder what would the current number of sun spotless days this year would be if we were still using the Wolf method.
  5. It is a lovely sunny day with a thin layer of cloud and a top temperature of 17 °C .
  6. It is a horrible dreich day in South Ockendon with low clouds and mist. The temperature is 9.7 °C and the apparent temperature is 9.2 °C . The humidity is 98% and the barometer pressure is steady at 1004.0 mb. It has been a quite a while since it was warm and sunny in Thurrock. I wonder if the promised warm and sunny weather will ever come to Essex.
  7. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    The sunspot count has not been this low for many years. I wonder if the sunspot count on spaceweather for the years 2009 and 2010 are using the old sunspot count method or the new method.
  8. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I could not get on the Spaceweather website as I got a message: Forbidden you don't have permission to access / on this server. I have never had any problems accessing the website before.
  9. It is a beautiful sunny morning in Ockendon. I hope this will be a start of a new trend of warmer and sunnier days.
  10. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Spaceweather has not updated the sunspot count today as it still has yesterdays sunspot count.
  11. There is a cloudy sky which is very slowly brightening up. It stopped raining earlier in the morning at 09:00 am and will be getting more rain in 12 hours time. Thurrock has had more than their fare share of rain and many of the fields are flooded with rain.
  12. This morning in South Ockendon started with promising weather of lovely bright sunshine but sadly it did not last more than 2 hours. The sky clouded over which led to heavy showers rain and cooler temperatures.
  13. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I wonder what will the final count of sun spotless days. I hope it will between 150 and 200.
  14. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    It won't be long before we reach the 2010 count of 51 sun spotless days.
  15. I am still waiting for the first signs of Spring. I am longer warmer and sunnier days with April showers.

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      not snow btw:rofl:

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      The wood pigeon in my garden had wood ....:rofl:

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Yesterday in South Ockendon it was a horrible dreich day. Today is a much better day today with partly cloudy skies and sunny spells.

      I am looking forward to scattered showers and sunshine, where there are  heavy showers of rain that only last for a few minutes, to be followed by bright sunshine. The daffodils have begun to flower in the local parks and I have seen my first buttercup growing on its own land near a pub as it has been years since I have seen a buttercup.