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  1. It feels cooler than yesterday due to the lack of sunshine. It is not dull and it is not sunny but it is a lot windier with 12 mile per hour winds and gusts of 25 miles per hour. The temperature is 8 °C and with the wind chill factor feels like 4 °C.
  2. Partly cloudy sky and it is very slowly brightening up The sky is partly filled with altostratus clouds The temperature recorded at 9 am is 8 °C The wind speed is 12 miles per hour with gusts of 25 miles per hour and is coming a W.S.W. direction. The visibility is medium. The humidity is at 80%. The UV index is at 1. The air pollution index is at 2.
  3. Katrine Basso

    Early Autumn sun on the north cliffs

    A very beautiful coastal scene. The sea looks so relaxing.
  4. Katrine Basso


    Beautiful autumn scene with the golden autumn leaves and the tranquil mountain lake scenery.
  5. Katrine Basso


    It is a very beautiful scene and it reminds me of the lochs in Scotland.
  6. Katrine Basso

    Sunrise this morning

    It is a very beautiful red sky.
  7. Some small increases of snow cover.
  8. Katrine Basso

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    When I was living at a boarding school during the winter of 1978 and 1979, I was told by a teacher that the snow was over 5ft deep.
  9. A lovely sunny afternoon with a clear blue sky. It has been like this since early morning. The temperature is 14°C with a light breeze.
  10. Sunny morning and afternoon with a clear blue sky. The temperature is 14°C. There are 7 miles per hour winds with gusts of 11 miles per hour which is coming from a W.S.W. direction. There is moderate visibility. The humidity is at 77%. The UV index is at 2. The air pollution is at 3.
  11. Here is the latest snow and ice chart.
  12. Katrine Basso

    Make us laugh

    Next year the otters of Otterburn are going to have their first Burns night.
  13. I's a very sunny afternoon. There is a clear blue sky and the temperature is 17 °C.
  14. I have put the heating on this sunny morning which still has a quite sharp chill in the air.
  15. Day time temperatures in Thurrock are forecasted to lower from Monday with the lowest day time temperature to be 11 ° C and the lowest night time temperature to be 5 °C.