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  1. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Thermosphere Climate Index today: 3.40x1010 W Cold Max: 49.4x1010 W Hot (10/1957) Min: 2.05x1010 W Cold (02/2009)
  2. South Ockendon, as of 11:40 GMT 10° Mostly Cloudy Feels Like 7° H 10° / L 5° UV Index 0 of 10 Wind WNW 16 miles per hour Humidity 79% Dew Point 6° Pressure 1007.1 mb , Rising Visibility 10. miles
  3. Earlier in the morning, the sunshine was so bright that it looked liked I had light on. This did not last and it clouded over again. It is windy day with very light rain. The sun is coming out again filling the room with light. The temperature is 9° but feels more like 6° . The average wind speed is 16 miles per hour with gusts of 27 miles per hour.
  4. It is very sunny with a clear blue sky and it is very blustery in South Ockendon and the trees look like are waving their branches, making them look like they are dancing. There are gusts of 31 miles per hour and the average wind speed is 21 miles per hour. The temperature is 9° but feels more like 5°.
  5. Clear blue sky and blustery winds. 9° Sunny Feels Like 6° H 13° / L 8° UV Index 0 of 10 Wind W.S.W 21 miles per hour Wind gusts 31 miles per hour Humidity 70% Dew Point 4° Pressure 1005.4 mb Visibility 10 miles
  6. I woke unusually early this morning at 5:20 am and heard the combination of rain and the lovely sound of the dawn chorus which I have not for a long time. The temperature is 11°C but feels more like 9°C. When I lived in Scotland the early 90's the winters were very frosty and if they were not frosty there was hail (heavy showers) making everything look white. The frosts in Scotland were so severe that they made the washing look as though they had been heavily starched and as I was living with my parents and sister in a stone cottage, the inside of the windows were also covered in frost. I have never experienced a severe frost like that even when I moved to Northumberland in the mid 90's or during the last severely cold winters.
  7. 09:30 GMT 4°C Sunny Feels Like 2°C H 8° / L 6° UV Index 0 of 10 Wind SW 3 miles per hour Humidity 93% Dew Point 3°C Pressure 1021.3 mb Visibility 10 miles
  8. The sun has now appeared. It is very sunny now but still quite cold. This morning's light frost is the first frost of the meteorological winter.
  9. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Daily Sun: 04 Dec 2018 Spotless Days Current Stretch: 8 days 2018 total: 202 days (60%) The Radio Sun 10.7 cm flux: 68 sfu
  10. It is 8:15 am and it is lovely crisp morning with light frost. The sky is clear but there is a haze in the horizon of the sky. The temperature is 3° C but feels more like 1° C. I am still waiting for the sun to appear. There is frost on the roofs and the cars but very little on the lawns.
  11. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Solar wind sparks Polar auroras Polar auroras turned the Northern landscape green.