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  1. Its a lovely sunny afternoon, a blue sky with wisps of white clouds streaking the sky. The only minor irritation to these beautiful afternoon is a noisy low-flying helicopter.
  2. I woke up this morning at 6 am and the sky looked the same at 9 pm where there was variable cloud cover with a beautiful white moon which never looked any bigger than normal even at 6:30 pm. It was very strange seeing a full moon at 6 am as it is the first time I have seen the full moon that early before daybreak.
  3. South Ockendon, as of 15:08 GMT Temperature is 12°C Partly Cloudy Feels Like 9°C UV Index 0 of 10 Humidity 63% Wind direction SW Wind speed 13 miles per hour Wind gust 22 miles per hour Dew point 5°C UV Index 1 Pressure 1,020.3 mb Visibility 10 miles
  4. What impact would it have on the British climate if the Britain was positioned near Iceland or Scandinavia?

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      apparently, the second winter in a solar minimum cycle is usually very mild, wonder if this is the one we are experiencing now, third one is usually a whopper lol

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Thank you Lassie for your explanation of the solar minimum cycle and it cheers me up knowing that we could be having a fantastically cold winter.

      Here is the answer I got from the Met Office chief meteorologist regarding to my question, "What impact would it have on the British climate if the Britain was positioned near Iceland or Scandinavia?"

      This is obviously a very hypothetical question. Put simply our climate would be more like that of Iceland and Scandinavia, mainly colder due to being at a higher latitude that we currently are. Rainfall amounts across parts of Iceland are similar to parts of the UK (for example Reykjavic and Manchester receive similar in annual amounts; 800-900mm). Both the UK and Iceland also see a number of Atlantic windstorms per year. Climate conditions across Scandinavia are much more variable with some parts at a similar latitude to the UK and some more northern areas in the Arctic circle. Due to the orography (mountains) western parts of Norway are much wetter than the UK and other more sheltered parts of Scandinavia with weather systems normally arriving from the west. Therefore, there are many answers to the question depending on exactly where Britain was re-positioned! 

  5. Thank you Reefseeker for you kind understanding and kind wishes. Yes it has been a glorious sunny day in South Ockendon and tomorrow looks like it is going to be the same. I hope that your CFS flare-ups are becoming less frequent. I have never been to VidCon (as I would find the journey going there stressful and I do not like crowds. I hope that the three-day VidCon event will go well and that the Southwestern train service will be running its regular service without any hiccups. The only time I have been to a convention was a Star Wars one and that was was either in early 2000. I have also been to Star Trek TNG exhibition in the mid 90's.
  6. At 8 am there was frost and frog. It was difficult to see through the fog how much frost there was. It was lovely to look at and it was quite a surprise. It has been quite a long time sing the last time when frost and frog appeared at the same time. The sky is clear and there is a (near) half moon. I have not been on much as I have not been at all well with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
  7. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    AURORAS VS. THE MOON: Some photographers rue the Moon. Its glare can overwhelm the delicate beauty of the night sky. That's not what happened, though, this week in Ylläs, Finland:
  8. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    http://www.solarham.net/ The Sun Today : Updated February 9, 2019 12:29 GMT The Solar Terrestrial Data Sun spot number: 0 Solar Flare Index: 71
  9. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Spaceweather.com and Solarham.net are still showing yesterday's sun spot count. Here is an update from http://sidc.oma.be/silso/home 04 February : 0 05 February : 0 06 February : 0 07 February : 0 08 February : 0
  10. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    SPEAKING OF PINK AURORAS: Last night, Feb. 6th, a minor crack opened in Earth's magnetic field. Solar wind poured in to fuel an outburst of green and pink auroras. Oliver Wright of Lights over Lapland was guiding a group of tourists through Abisko National Park in Sweden when he photographed the display:
  11. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    PURPLE AURORA SURPRISE: On Feb. 4th, Earth was exiting a stream of solar wind. Geomagnetic activity was subsiding, and strong auroras were not expected. Tour guide Marianne Bergli of Kvaløya, Norway, decided to go outside anyway. And this happened:
  12. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    PURPLE AURORAS OVER FAIRBANKS: February is off to a good start, according to photographer Marketa Murray of Fairbanks, Alaska. "It's looking good!" she says. The month was only a few hours old on Feb. 1st when she photographed this spray of green and purple auroras:
  13. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    http://www.solarham.net/ Solar terrestrial data 3rd February 12:43 GMT Sun spot number: 0 Solar Flare Index: 71 Solar wind: 581.4 Spotless days 17 days
  14. Thurrock did not have a cold night due to cloud as when I woke up, there was no sign of frost. It seems Thurrock has it own micro climate making it very difficult to forecast and the Met Office nearest weather station for this area is in Dartford in Kent. There is also the river Thames between Thurrock and Dartford. Dartford is also slightly more hillier than Thurrock.
  15. South Ockendon, as of 12:08 GMT Temperature 3°C Partly Cloudy Feels Like 1°C UV Index 0 of 10 Humidity 68% Wind direction W.S.W Wind speed 7 miles per hour Wind gust 10 miles per hour Dew point -2°C UV Index 1 Pressure 996.3 mb ↑ Visibility 10 miles