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  1. Bloody windy today. Mostly dry though at least. Sun came out just as it was setting of course...
  2. Daffodils are out at my parents' house in Nottingham. My daffodils in Manchester emerged quite a while ago but haven't flowered yet. Snowdrops are out though. Trees and things are showing signs of growth and budding if you look for them.
  3. Next week I will be leaving work before the sun sets (just) A bit of dark blue in the sky when I am cycling home now as well. It gets better quite rapidly from here on.
  4. Gained over an hour in the evenings here now 🙂
  5. I know what you are saying and would agree. The clocks just really go forward the last weekend of February or first weekend of March. Would be much more balanced. I would be cycling to/from work in proper daylight both ways by then rather than having to wait until the end of March. Also wastes a lot of potential daylight hours during those weeks in March when it it is already dawn by 5am for the majority of the population who work during the daytime.
  6. Felt noticeably lighter this evening, things do start to pick up quickly through the end of January and February. The frustrating thing though with the way the clocks go forward/backwards is that by the end of this week on the 30th/31st we will be at the equivalent sunset time (16:48/16:50) to the first evening after the clocks went back on 25 October (16:49) . Yet because we have to wait for the last weekend of March for the clocks to go back forward we don't get parity with the last evening before the clocks back (17:51) until 3/4 March (17:50/17:52). If they moved the clocks forward at
  7. Gained nearly half an hour here since the darkest day, mostly in the evenings. Gaining nearly 2 1/2 minutes per day now which continues to accelerate through January and February. Does start to become more and more noticeable especially on clear days like today.
  8. Sun finally sets the right side of 4pm here today. While it is only 11 minutes later than the darkest evening it is actually the equivalent of 23 November and the change does start to gradually accelerate now. Mornings have turned as well now. It is still a drag and it really makes a difference to how dark it feels if it is cloudy or not through January and February. But from next week we will be gaining 2+ minutes of light per day and the change does start to become more noticeable by the end of January. Still a few months before I can take the lights off my bike for cycling to
  9. Sky was clear tonight for a change so went for a walk and managed to catch them after dusk. Separated by only a fingernail's width or so. Jupiter is easier to spot but Saturn is fairly easy to see with the naked eye just above Jupiter as long as you are away from bright lights. Could still see them clearly until 5:45 although they start to get quite low in the sky around then. Best viewing straight after sunset. Tomorrow looks like it will be rainy and cloudy so probably the closest I will get to see them in my lifetime. In a way though they were probably more impressive this summer
  10. Turning the corner in terms of sunset time here today 🙂 Takes ages until it starts to become noticeable and the mornings continue to get darker until the end of December but it's a start.
  11. Only 6 more minutes to lose in the evenings now and two more weeks until the darkest evening. It is still going to feel dark for ages but I have to give myself milestones to look forward to.
  12. It's about time the South and Southeast got it worse than us. A rainy day here but nothing particularly out of the ordinary.
  13. NEST has been bringing the heating on more often over the last couple of weeks. It is relatively well trained so knows my schedule so brings the heating on just before I get up for a bit before I go to work and then is usually pre-heating just as I get back home from work. Personally I have never understood 'I don't switch on my heating until November/until it is in the single digits' crowd.. It is not just the cold in Autumn/Winter, it is also the damp air from our rubbish weather so why purposely live in uncomfortable conditions if you have the option of switching on heating? On th
  14. So after the notably wet 7 months from from August 2019 to February 2020, could we finally be in for a sustained period of dry weather and a decent summer that is more than just a couple of brief heatwaves followed by grey skies and rain? Sorry I've probably just cursed it for daring to believe...
  15. April showers out of nowhere today, forecast said dry all day. At least things dry up quickly after the rain compared to the middle of winter now that the sun is stronger.
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