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  1. The ignore user feature works wonders I find (although it can make some threads suddenly appear really sparse and quiet). There are certain users who are rather prolific in reiterating their enjoyment of dull, damp and cool weather in every single thread and some of them come across as if you have a different opinion then you must be wrong. I don't understand it either though. We've had a run of pretty rubbish summers in most parts away from the very SE and perpetual Autumn weather is just dull and boring if nothing else I would just love for the UK to have 3 weeks' of pleasant, settled weather but that seems impossible on our annoying, wet island.
  2. Thoroughly miserable afternoon today. Hurray for a few more days of this 'average' weather at least... And no, it wasn't hot last week. Just pleasantly warm.
  3. The cloud cover is frustrating, especially as we probably only have 3-4 days of nice weather before it all goes downhill next week again. Cloud is breaking up now, hopefully the afternoon will be better.
  4. Agree, last summer started pretty well. Around Wimbledon it was positively hot I remember? Especially in the SE. But after that everything went downhill, July and August were just so cloudy and cool up here with plenty of rainfall to boot. We didn't get anything remotely like an Indian Summer either, we just went straight into Autumn in September which is probably why this winter seems to have dragged on for so long.
  5. Trees are finally magically sprouting leaves all at once. It's about time, this winter has been far too long. Desperately hoping for a decent and long-lasting UK summer for a change, the last few have been pretty meh.
  6. At least it's been relatively dry here but this constant chilly breeze and lack of sunshine is getting really annoying.
  7. Can't be worse than the last few summers away from the SE?
  8. They've just updated it with a tweet saying that it was posted early due to a scheduling error. Guess they were planning on posting it on Sunday, oops. But anyway, only a week to go.
  9. Absolutely agree. Especially compared to 14/15 and 15/16 where we had quite pleasantly warm early Autumns followed by mild (yet not so pleasant) winters. At least the rain was warm during the storms... This year I think we had much more sunshine in the early part of winter although more recently it has been more dull and grey and just seems like winter is dragging on forever.
  10. Just add him to your ignored user list. Myself, can't be doing wiith more cold. Want some Spring warmth now.
  11. I totally agree. The clocks changes aren't evenly balanced around the winter solstice. Extra daylight is much more useful in the evenings than in the mornings imo. Today sunrise/sunset is: Inverness: 6:46/18:08 Aberdeen: 6:38/18:00 Manchester: 6:35/18:03 London: 6:26/17:56 Southampton: 6:30/18:01 It's not like it's still pitch black in Northern Scotland at the moment and it's hardly the most densely populated part of the country
  12. So bored of winter now. Spring seems really delayed, trees barely budding and the daffodils in my garden still yet to flower compared to last year when I'm sure they were out by now.
  13. Off to Val Thorens for a week tomorrow. Looks like it will be bitterly cold but hopefully not too snowy to cause transfer day chaos or whiteout conditions.
  14. Gaining nearly 4 minutes a day now. Spring can't come soon enough, this winter has really dragged for me.
  15. Daffodil shoots beginnining to appear in my garden. Just hoping for some sustained, pleasant weather. Especially after the abomination that was last Sumner (away from the SE), the UK deserves a break really.