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  1. Cold rain and wind. Why do people in the model threads obsess over this awful weather?
  2. Earliest sunset today, things can only get better now (Before anyone moans about my optimism, yes I know that evening light increases painfully slowly to start with and mornings still get darker for a few weeks, but still it's a milestone like the solstice).
  3. Hardly much of a storm, just a typical November day really. Although actually it is bin day and one of my bins did get blown over so must be a hurricane...
  4. Only another 8 minutes of evening daylight still to lose where I am. I make it around the 13th December when evenings start to get lighter (although incredibly slowly at first).
  5. I know, but it's the feeling that at least things aren't getting any worse and the longer days are coming (albeit slowly). And there are usually a few early signs of Spring by late February. Just like the uneasy feeling I get after the Summer solstice; I know there are plenty of long days left but I suddenly feel like I need to make the most of them because otherwise it will be the middle of winter before I know it.
  6. The countdown to the winter solstice has begun in my head though, 'only' 8 weeks away now. And evenings start to get lighter (very slowly at first) from about 7 weeks from now.
  7. Ah, the biannual clocks changing debate...my twopence worth is that I do not mind the clocks going back now, but I really wish they would be put back forward a few weeks earlier in March. I feel like we waste a lot of evening light then which would benefit the majority of the population. For example, when the clocks go forward again in March 2019, sunrise/sunset will be: Southampton - 05:46/18:34 London - 05:41/18:29 Manchester - 05:48/18:40 Edinburgh - 05:49/18:46 Aberdeen - 05:54/18:43 Do that many kids set off for school before 6am? (Admittedly 2019 is stupid because the last weekend of March is the 30th/31st, but still, sunrise is close to 7am in Aberdeen even in early March). Anyway, I really do hate this time of year and find it very depressing with the lack of light, especially when the inevitable zonal fest shows up by November and we get hit by a never ending conveyor of low pressure systems and the sun disappears for 4 months. My advice is to make the most of the sun when it does appear, get outside and make the most of it rather than being glued to a screen on here looking at computer models of weather which may or not actually occur.
  8. Welsh mountains doing their job and keeping Manchester relatively dry.
  9. ManiaMuse

    Least favourite weather events

    The endless monsoon and lack of sun during summer 2012 (right after they announced the hosepipe ban lol) or the relentless storms of winter 2013/2014. Can't make my mind up which was worse, they were both pretty disgusting.
  10. Hopefully that's it for the soggy conditions for a little while. Althought I don't understand why I am in a yellow warning for rain tomorrow when the same MET office forecast says that it is going to be dry all day...
  11. To be fair I did get hit by a fairly large falling branch whilst cycling to work this morning. Luckily it hit my rucksack instead of my face but still made quite a loud thwack. Otherwise, yes a bit breezy but positively pleasant sitting outside in the sun on my lunch break. Didn't even get woken up by the wind last night.
  12. Benign please. Average to mild temps, nothing particularly wet or stormy.
  13. Hate this time of year, the daylight is diminishing at an increasing rate until the autumn equinox so you can really notice it but on the other hand it is an age until the winter solstice and even longer until things start to pick up in the spring I cycle to work so not looking forward to the night riding season either, it's not fun.
  14. I wonder if United Utilities are struggling to catch the rain today...
  15. Loving this weather. So much sunshine. Makes up for the last few years of poor to average at best summers. Hoping it lasts and we don't get a washout August.