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  1. So after the notably wet 7 months from from August 2019 to February 2020, could we finally be in for a sustained period of dry weather and a decent summer that is more than just a couple of brief heatwaves followed by grey skies and rain? Sorry I've probably just cursed it for daring to believe...
  2. April showers out of nowhere today, forecast said dry all day. At least things dry up quickly after the rain compared to the middle of winter now that the sun is stronger.
  3. This is the point where you learn that mudguards are your best friend if you want to cycle commute regularly in the UK's awful weather...
  4. Well the pharma companies know that it is going to be a lucrative prize for whoever can get the first vaccine approved for the market.
  5. There was a very nasty cough which went around my workplace before Christmas and over New year. A significant proportion of people at my workplace and to get it. The demographic of my work is very heavily skewed to young people in their twenties and a lot of then caught it. My immune system is normally pretty good but I ended up with a persistent cough which took several weeks to fully shake off. I might have had a mild fever for a day or so but it definitely wasn't flu and seemed different to the usual colds and sniffles that go around in winter as well.
  6. One of the most sensible things posted in this thread. If you are glued to 'BREAKING - X MORE CASES IN COUNTRY Y' type news reports as will inevitably be re-posted in thread or on Twitter etc like then you are undoubtedly not doing your mental health any favours. It also becomes very circular - you feel worried about the situation so you feel compelled to read more news stories about it which makes you even more worried and so you have to consume even more news about it etc... As serious as it is, if you are worried about it I suggest taking a break from the news for a while. Go for a walk or a bike ride or pass some time doing one of you hobbies or something. Put restrictions on yourself on how long or what time of day you update yourself with the news. To a certain extent what is going to happen is going to happen and there isn't that much that individuals can do about it (within reason obviously, if you feel ill and are coughing then it is probably a good idea to avoid intentionally spreading it around if you can).
  7. I wouldn't imagine that starving, conscripted North Korean soldiers are particularly fit and healthy...
  8. It's quite nice to see the sun a bit today and it does feel stronger now when it is out. However the constant wind is driving me insane. Looks like we are about to have a 4th weekend in a row of horrible weather as well.
  9. I always wonder what those people actually do when it does snow.
  10. Daffodil heads just starting to emerge in my garden. Wish this wind and rain would bugger off though.
  11. I really want a drought this year. It's just been so wet for the last 6 months, please can we just have some dry weather?
  12. I've always wondered what the Netweather snow freaks actually do when it snows... What I hate most of all about winter is the darkness. Really in the UK it is unbearably dark from mid October to mid March, that is nearly half the year! Then Summer inevitably flies by with disappointing whether and we are back into darkness yet again.
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