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  1. Hopefully that's it for the soggy conditions for a little while. Althought I don't understand why I am in a yellow warning for rain tomorrow when the same MET office forecast says that it is going to be dry all day...
  2. To be fair I did get hit by a fairly large falling branch whilst cycling to work this morning. Luckily it hit my rucksack instead of my face but still made quite a loud thwack. Otherwise, yes a bit breezy but positively pleasant sitting outside in the sun on my lunch break. Didn't even get woken up by the wind last night.
  3. Benign please. Average to mild temps, nothing particularly wet or stormy.
  4. Hate this time of year, the daylight is diminishing at an increasing rate until the autumn equinox so you can really notice it but on the other hand it is an age until the winter solstice and even longer until things start to pick up in the spring I cycle to work so not looking forward to the night riding season either, it's not fun.
  5. I wonder if United Utilities are struggling to catch the rain today...
  6. Loving this weather. So much sunshine. Makes up for the last few years of poor to average at best summers. Hoping it lasts and we don't get a washout August.
  7. ManiaMuse

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    For a drought in this country you really need at least 2 consecutive dry winters. That is what led to the drought conditions in 2012, it had been building up with dry conditions and dry winters since 2010 Of course as soon as they announced the hosepipe bans it started jaffa cakesing it down and we had the wettest summer in 100 years and second wettest year on record... March/April was pretty wet this year, especially in the SE which usually suffers the most from droughts. 2017 on average was slightly below average but not significantly so. Similar story in 2016. A bit variable with some peaks and troughs in rainfall but no particularly sustained periods of hot and dry weather and both summers were unexceptional. Fortunately our climate isn't like somewhere like California where they get locked into patterns of extreme weather (years of drought followed by exceptional persistent heavy rains and flooding).
  8. I'll happily take a prolonged spell of sunshine and dry weather any day, even if temperatures aren't particularly scorching. Just hoping we don't pay for it in July/August like we usually seem to do.
  9. Looks like tomorrow should be mostly dry. Will be nice to feel smug while the SE gets a drenching for a change.
  10. The ignore user feature works wonders I find (although it can make some threads suddenly appear really sparse and quiet). There are certain users who are rather prolific in reiterating their enjoyment of dull, damp and cool weather in every single thread and some of them come across as if you have a different opinion then you must be wrong. I don't understand it either though. We've had a run of pretty rubbish summers in most parts away from the very SE and perpetual Autumn weather is just dull and boring if nothing else I would just love for the UK to have 3 weeks' of pleasant, settled weather but that seems impossible on our annoying, wet island.
  11. Thoroughly miserable afternoon today. Hurray for a few more days of this 'average' weather at least... And no, it wasn't hot last week. Just pleasantly warm.
  12. The cloud cover is frustrating, especially as we probably only have 3-4 days of nice weather before it all goes downhill next week again. Cloud is breaking up now, hopefully the afternoon will be better.
  13. Agree, last summer started pretty well. Around Wimbledon it was positively hot I remember? Especially in the SE. But after that everything went downhill, July and August were just so cloudy and cool up here with plenty of rainfall to boot. We didn't get anything remotely like an Indian Summer either, we just went straight into Autumn in September which is probably why this winter seems to have dragged on for so long.
  14. Trees are finally magically sprouting leaves all at once. It's about time, this winter has been far too long. Desperately hoping for a decent and long-lasting UK summer for a change, the last few have been pretty meh.
  15. At least it's been relatively dry here but this constant chilly breeze and lack of sunshine is getting really annoying.