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  1. I'm starting to notice the difference, even on days where there is thick cloud around sunset. Still a long way to go though. Roll on Spring is all I say.
  2. #NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?

    Will the Irish and UK met office storm names get out of sync if they don't name Fionn for the UK?
  3. Hopefully a few sunny days and the ground will have a chance to dry up a bit. Hate it when everything is just perpetually damp. Roll on Spring I say (controversially), bored of winter now.
  4. Beetham Tower humming for the second day in a row.
  5. 7 minutes gained since the solstice, might need to do the sausages in the oven a bit before putting on the BBQ! Mornings near enough bottomed out now, will be gaining over a minute a day from the 31st.
  6. I saw some faint tinges of blue at 9am this morning and had my hopes up that the sun might make an appearance today but nah..... 2018 before we see the sun again?
  7. Happy solstice Things can only get better from here (apart from the mornings which still get worse for a while...)
  8. Yup, for cycling to work I would much rather 8-10c, perpetual gloom and drizzle but calm winds to 8-10c, heavy downpours and continuous, gusty winds.
  9. More settling snow at the moment than the whole of last weekend...
  10. God absolutely vile out there at the moment in town. Going to set off 15 minutes later going home because I can't be bothered to get drenched on my bike again and looks like I will be chasing it all the way if I go right now.
  11. Yup, absolutely disgusting out there at the moment. Looks like it should pass through fairly quickly though.
  12. Maybe Santa will buy you some blackout curtains for Christmas...
  13. Yep, it's all much of a muchness until the end of January/mid-Feb really. But it's still a nice feeling knowing that things are going in the right direction. We do get screwed over in the Northern hemisphere due to the precession of Earth's orbit. It takes longer for days to lengthen after the winter solstice and quicker for days to get shorter after the summer solstice than than for those people on the other side of the planet. In 11,500 years or so it will be the other way round though!
  14. Tomorrow is the darkest evening hurray. Doesn't change much for a while and the gains are painfully slow until late January but at least it is a start knowing that things aren't getting worse.
  15. Wales basically. Get rid of Wales and we'd be sorted.