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  1. #NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?

    Didn't they name storm Brian a few weeks ago with ex-Irma/Lee? At least they have done enough 'research' to not name it Caroline...
  2. Apparently so + dust from forest fires in Spain/Portugal.
  3. Lol the same, lo behold some of the humidity moaners went to somewhere that was actually humid like Singapore/KL/Bangkok etc.! Cut my massively ovegrown lawn and got two lots of washing dry outside today, can't complain myself.
  4. Manchester rain shadow mostly been doing its thing today other than some heavy showers an hour or so ago. Amazing how it can be so wet in Wales and Cumbria and yet we get off lightly here.
  5. I think this thread should be renamed the 'Do you like it hot or cold?' thread.
  6. Hate: - The dank, increasingly dark evenings. Cycling to/from work in the dark isn't fun. Wet leaves are also a nightmare for cycling. - Sweeping up all the leaves from my neighbour's tree. - The horrible feeling that Spring is 6 months away. - Halloween Like: - Bonfire Night
  7. So where is this double hurricane then?
  8. Well that's a downgrade from the triple threat they were forecasting yesterday. I think we'll be alright...
  9. Didn't the Daily Mail already hedge their bets a few weeks ago on 17 storms this winter?
  10. Top quality moaning about the models here...
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Katia is already sitting off the coast of Mexico.
  12. #NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?

    Inspiration for Brian and Dylan? Problem with releasing the names in advance is that the papers gets itchy feet trying to be ahead of the other papers in naming a storm and then everything gets into a muddle when either it's not as bad as forecast and the media seems to be crying wolf or when a depression doesn't meet the windspeed threshold to be a named storm but still causes a lot of disruption like that rainstorm over Greater Manchester last year which wasn't named as Barbara. And then we end up with a situation where people are saying 'wait, didn't we already have storm Barbara/Doris two months ago?' etc. They should only announce the storm names one by one when the MET actually decides it's going to be a named storm (and then release the whole list of storm names after the season is over for the weather anoraks).
  13. I'm sure cold/snow/ice isn't pleasant for a lot of people in many professions to work in either. And cold is just as uncomfortable to sleep in if your house is poorly insulated or you can't afford the heating bill. Two sides to every argument...
  14. God it's so grim and dark this morning. Hoping that the MET office forecast that says there will be sunshine later today actually comes true but they have been hopeless for forecasting cloud cover this summer.