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  1. Seem to remember that it was tried out in the late 60 s/ early 70s. It wasn't that popular, especially in Scotland, where it didn't get light until about 9am . The kids were going to school in the dark.
  2. In about another 4 hours or so this poxy Summer will be dead , and buried . Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  3. Coming up to Norfolk for a break for 4 days from the 6th , A bit of sunshine would be just the job Pete.
  4. Roll on September and Autumn, had my fill of this miserable apology for a Summer now,
  5. I noticed the sloes are starting to turn colour Pete, quite early really.
  6. Anyone who says that they actually like this poxy weather wants to try f******' working in it.
  7. Think you're right, this is my 62nd Summer, and to be honest I can't recall that many memorable ones. One thing the BBC weather is good at is t..rd polishing. They get plenty of practice.
  8. Must admit, work wise I find this weather particularly irritating. I endure it Autumn, Winter.,and Spring. Quite naively I generally hope for better in what could loosely be called Summer in this country.
  9. Watched the BBC Weather yesterday evening. After listening to 2 or 3 minutes of waffle, I thought to myself she could have condensed the whole thing into 3 words. "It's absolute sh.... te.
  10. Bit of a strange question, but does anyone suffer with sinus headaches when the air pressure drops?. I do , these last few days have played havoc with me.
  11. Speaking personally I quite like the onset of the darker evenings, by Sept I've had enough of waking up at 5.30 am, together with swapping one load of work for another when I get home. From October it's a case of get in, have dinner and put my feet up for the evening.
  12. 78/79

    Make us laugh

    Mary had a little lamb, she tied it to a pylon. 10 000 volts shot up it's ar...e and turned it's wool to nylon.
  13. Quite looking forward to September,/October you can have some really nice weather without the oppressive heat.
  14. Wouldn't have the energy or motivation these days Pete . There's more go in a bottle of lemonade .
  15. Must admit it will be nice to have a bit of a cool down. It's been pretty unbearable working outside in the heat. On average I've shifted , mixed up for, and layed about a ton of stone per day . I've been knocking off at 2pm all this week.
  16. Someone said to me once "You're so lucky to work outside during the Summer in the nice weather" Sitting here in my van watching it p,, ss down incessantly I can now think of a suitable response. Two words ending with off.!!!!
  17. I think the reason Eavis has it in June is to give the ground a chance to recover afterwards. But I do agree with you, September would probably be a little more settled.
  18. Sum up month ahead forecast as start = cack middle ==ok end == cack . Weather in this poxy island is just 4 seasons of the same old sh..te with varying degrees of temperature. It's a bl..dy nightmare trying to plan work outside.
  19. After working outside for the best part of 38 years, the weather in this country is best described by one word,.. mediocre. I can count what could be described as good summers since 1976 the year I left school on the fingers of two hands. Maybe others will disagree, but you tend to remember crap years when they have cost you money.
  20. 78/79

    Make us laugh

    Came home from work yesterday, found a note on the fridge door saying " It's not working I've had enough , I've gone to my mothers." Well, I opened the door, the light came on, and my beer was cold, can't see what her problem is !!
  21. Always feel a certain level of disappointment when we get a poor summer, hopefully this one will pull something out of the bag. Autumn and Winter I expect crud .
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