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  1. Seem to remember that it was tried out in the late 60 s/ early 70s. It wasn't that popular, especially in Scotland, where it didn't get light until about 9am . The kids were going to school in the dark.
  2. In about another 4 hours or so this poxy Summer will be dead , and buried . Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  3. Coming up to Norfolk for a break for 4 days from the 6th , A bit of sunshine would be just the job Pete.
  4. Roll on September and Autumn, had my fill of this miserable apology for a Summer now,
  5. I noticed the sloes are starting to turn colour Pete, quite early really.
  6. Anyone who says that they actually like this poxy weather wants to try f******' working in it.
  7. Think you're right, this is my 62nd Summer, and to be honest I can't recall that many memorable ones. One thing the BBC weather is good at is t..rd polishing. They get plenty of practice.
  8. Must admit, work wise I find this weather particularly irritating. I endure it Autumn, Winter.,and Spring. Quite naively I generally hope for better in what could loosely be called Summer in this country.
  9. Watched the BBC Weather yesterday evening. After listening to 2 or 3 minutes of waffle, I thought to myself she could have condensed the whole thing into 3 words. "It's absolute sh.... te.
  10. Bit of a strange question, but does anyone suffer with sinus headaches when the air pressure drops?. I do , these last few days have played havoc with me.
  11. Speaking personally I quite like the onset of the darker evenings, by Sept I've had enough of waking up at 5.30 am, together with swapping one load of work for another when I get home. From October it's a case of get in, have dinner and put my feet up for the evening.
  12. 78/79

    Make us laugh

    Mary had a little lamb, she tied it to a pylon. 10 000 volts shot up it's ar...e and turned it's wool to nylon.
  13. Quite looking forward to September,/October you can have some really nice weather without the oppressive heat.
  14. Wouldn't have the energy or motivation these days Pete . There's more go in a bottle of lemonade .
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