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  1. I can recall Dec 81 being cold, as was the beginning of January 85 .
  2. Cold and dry,or mild and dry, I really don't mind , it's just the poxy rain that really gets me down.
  3. Some nice cold, bright, frosty days an nights would be great I must admit a bit of snow wouldn't go amiss, especially for the youngsters.
  4. September 23rd The End?.

    Someone gave me a leaflet whilst out shopping the other day, it said "The World Ends Tomorrow" when I read the back it said "for further information please send £50 and wait up to 2 weeks for delivery"
  5. Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Watched Victoria , and Abdul last night, very good ,well worth seeing.
  6. In Memoriam

    Pc 14846 Fiona Bone, and Pc 12601 Nicoa Hughes , murdered whilst attending a report of a burglary. 5 years ago today.
  7. Tend to agree with you , it's the sheer bland mediocrity of our climate that gets under my skin half of the time.
  8. Matt H tried to make the best of it with today's weather headline, trouble is , you can't polish a turd.
  9. June and first part of July not too bad here, since then absolutely gash. Roll on Autumn , at least I expect this sort of useless cr...p then
  10. Show us your pet

    Cheers Pete, poor little fellow done it whilst coming down the stairs, he should mend as long as he takes it steady.
  11. Show us your pet

    My little Jack Russel mate is feeling rather sorry for himself at the moment, as he had Cruciate Ligament surgery yesterday.
  12. How Will the world End?.

    The minute my first mother in law cracks a smile
  13. Always a bit of a problem doing face brickwork or laying natural stone when it's raining, , especially when the mortar runs all over the face of your work
  14. Another days work down the pan, although it's not such a problem these days without the commitments that I had when I was younger . Expect it in Autumn and Winter , bloody frustrating in the Summer.