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  1. Should be good around Priddy, it's always an overcoat colder up there
  2. Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    The White Rose, the story of brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl .
  3. Even though I class myself as an old git , compared to a lot on here , I certainly don't begrudge the youngsters some snow , after all I was around in the 60's 70's and 80's, and certainly had a lot of fun back then. Compared to nowadays it was pretty bl////dy good. It would probably cost me a day or so's wages, ( You can't build below 2 degrees ) but compared to the amount I lose due to the useless poxy rain it would be nothing at all.
  4. These computer models remind me of certain ladies on the streets, "Use your imagination ducky and I'll be whoever you want me to be. "
  5. Just had a look in the model thread, started to read through , and then lost the will to live, and gave up. I like a good snow fall as much as anyone else, but not to the point of obsession. Maybe if we had a good blizzard with sub zero temps for a couple or three weeks once in a while then , it might , keep people happy. Mind you , having to work , and stay out in it for 8 hours a day , soon determines whether you really like it or not.
  6. Cold and dry , or warm and dry , either will do me, a bit of snow would be nice to look at for a day or two. Just as long as this damn rain does one for a while, it's starting to get tedious, not to mention expensive.
  7. Same as around Wells , and Cheddar, both pretty low lying, and snow melts generally in 5 minutes flat, but come across to Frome, and Wiltshire , totally different story, higher u,p and further inland , away from the sea breezes of the Bristol Channel.
  8. The combination of a bitter East/N/E wind and frontal systems trying to move in have delivered on quite a few occasions , but as has been said already , n/w marginal events really only deliver on the Mendips, Quantocks Exmoor etc , about 900 ft a.s.l. I think back in 47, and 63 it was snowier here than in some other parts of the country.
  9. A 18 year old boy with his life in front of him , to an old Buzzard of 58 , in the flick of a computer touch pad , oh well
  10. I8 years old then , in the pub at 7pm, just started to snow, a strong E/NE wind, biting cold. Turned out at 0100, blowing a blizzard, drifting over the hedge rows.
  11. I can recall those as well Mushy, from about 1971 through to 78 I think. I also think the 80's in a way were better, not just for the cold and snow, but also in the absence of the great god computer, we had to wait for the country file farmers forecast on a Sunday lunchtime. I t was always great when the Michael Fish , et al used to forecast much colder weather for the week ahead. If it did'nt happen , then you would forget about it until the next week. We did'nt have the means, unlike now, of poring over every computer run . In the absence of centrally heated houses, you certainly knew all about it when the Beast did come a calling.
  12. Just looked at Toronto's weather , -4 and snow. If I was 30 years younger I'd be gone like a shot, , good summers, and seasonal spring, autumn , winters, What's not to like.?
  13. Couldn't agree more , I think most people get hacked off with the mind numbing ,drab mediocrity of our climate. Most people that I speak to agree that a bright , cold crisp , winters day is far better than the cr..p we are usually saddled with. Having spent about 25 years out of 41 working outside, I agree that winters back in the 70's and 80's were a lot colder than they are now.