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  1. How Will the world End?.

    The minute my first mother in law cracks a smile
  2. Always a bit of a problem doing face brickwork or laying natural stone when it's raining, , especially when the mortar runs all over the face of your work
  3. Another days work down the pan, although it's not such a problem these days without the commitments that I had when I was younger . Expect it in Autumn and Winter , bloody frustrating in the Summer.
  4. Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Latest film was Fury , not bad except for one unrealistic scene where a Sherman takes on a Tiger , and survives being hit by the Tigers' 88mm A/P round.at point blank range Seeing as though a Tigers gun would destroy any of our tanks at 2000 metres , it was far fetched to say the least. It did highlight however how we sent our lads to fight in under gunned and armoured Tanks in Normandy,and the price they paid in casualties.
  5. In Memoriam

    A couple of days late , remembering the 9842 British and German sailors killed at the battle of Jutland Wednesday 31st May 1916.
  6. Make us laugh

    Two Ducks book a hotel room, One rings down to room service and asks for a packet of condoms, The voice on the telephone says "Shall I put them on your bill sir ?" The duck replies ""What do you think I am , ? some kind of pervert ? !!!
  7. Stuart Adamson , such a talented player R.I P . Tony Butler on Bass, if I could play fractionally as good as him I'd be happy.
  8. Who are the nicest/rudest celebs you have met?

    Met Leslie Crowther once very briefly in his roller whilst directing traffic. Very polite chap.
  9. Your top decades of music in which you lived in.

    1 70's Favourite Band The Jam 2 60's '''''''''''''''''''' Small Faces 3 80's '''''''''''''''''''' Big Country