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  1. 78/79

    In Memoriam

    Pc Stephen Harper, R.I.P brother your shift is done. I cannot adequately put into words my absolute contempt for the scum responsible for his death. By rights these animals should never see the light of day again, but I'll not be holding my breath. Another resounding triumph for British justice.
  2. Always feel cheated when summer fails to deliver. During the other 3 seasons I kind of expect crap weather, and accept it more, but this time of year I generally hope for better, unrealistically or not especially from a work perspective.
  3. On one level it's been good to get some work done without the risk of having it ruined by rain, but on another it's been physically draining; the heat just saps your strength.
  4. Seeing as how I'm going back to work next week, I'll have some of that Pete.
  5. If I was to put into print what I really thought of this winter , the post would probably be deleted on account of the obscene content. It's cost me a bl...dy fortune.?
  6. It depends on what it is you do, sometimes you might be lucky and get some inside work , but if like me you do masonry work then it is a struggle when you get relentless rain. In most winters you get the odd dry week here and there , but this winter has been particularly wet. Combine that with a wet summer , and it can be difficult to put money back to cover yourself for winter weather. Most people in the Building Trade are self employed , so everything has to come out of that money , Tax , insurance Holidays ,sickness etc. To be honest I'm not surprised the youngsters don't want to know these days.
  7. For anyone who works outdoors ,the weather since the end of September has been abysmal. When it affects a person's ability to earn a living, it seriously begins to grate.
  8. I seem to recall that as well, although we had our differences of opinion, I found him to be quite a reasonable sort of bloke really.
  9. Get this poxy winter out of the way, then hopefully a half decent Spring and Summer Knowing our crud climate though, I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Not many youngsters work outdoors these days in comparison to say 40 or so years ago, consequently they haven't become hardened to the cold. Believe me , there's a big difference between clowning around in the snow for a few hours , and spending 8 hours a day,40 a week in freezing temperatures with the wind behind it. . Thankfully, I don't have to do it anymore, but I can recall being so bl....dy cold back in the 70s/80s that I did'nt know what to do with myself .
  11. Been a pleasure to be out and about today, blue skies, sunshine , and a sharp frost to start, 100% improvement on the Atlantic driven s....te that we've had to endure since October. A winter of this would do me just fine.
  12. A week or so of High Pressure, and dry weather will do me just fine, if it's cold I can work and put on an extra layer, if it's chucking it down I can do diddly squat.
  13. I've been around for 60 winters, and within all of those , there have been about half a dozen or so that could described as being cold and snowy.. That must tell people something. The early/mid 70's were very snow less, in Somerset.
  14. Fair point, the weather do as it sees fit, I think that if you have had first hand experience of extreme conditions , then ,as in a lot of other things in life, you know what it is that you are letting yourself in for. My lads for example are in their 30's but with the exception of 2010 , (which lasted for just under a month )have never experienced snow and cold lasting for weeks on end. The other thing is back in 62/3 78/9 most homes were still using coal fires, albeit in just the living room as a rule, these days , most rely on central heating, no power = no heat .
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