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  1. 78/79

    Medical issues

    Thankfully I don't suffer with Gout Mark, but I've found that taking Statins every day plays havoc with my joints.
  2. Mornings getting darker now, so sleeping longer. I do like the darker evenings though, get home from work light the woodburner , and settle in.
  3. I recall 76 very well ,especially being run around Bovington Camp as a boy soldier in the Junior Leaders Regiment.
  4. Just come back from Italy Mark, it's as hot here as it is there, I don't want it any hotter than this when I start back tomorrow.
  5. Always liked the Seekers Pete, together with Dusty.
  6. Just wish this low pressure over France would do one , this poxy rain is getting to be a pain in the neck
  7. No complaints from me, long may it continue.
  8. Long may this continue,makes you feel 100% better.
  9. As long as it stays reasonably dry I'll be happy , couldn't care less about temperatures really. Not holding my breath around here though.
  10. Ready for a bit of Spring warmth now, these relentless grey skies and rain are really starting to grate now.
  11. Nice to see some blue skies and sunshine, will be able to get some work done today.
  12. Light rain and overcast here in Frome this morning.
  13. Oh joy ,yet another day of poxy rain. If anyone moves to Somerset for the weather, they sure are going to be disappointed.