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  1. Two Ducks book a hotel room, One rings down to room service and asks for a packet of condoms, The voice on the telephone says "Shall I put them on your bill sir ?" The duck replies ""What do you think I am , ? some kind of pervert ? !!!
  2. Stuart Adamson , such a talented player R.I P . Tony Butler on Bass, if I could play fractionally as good as him I'd be happy.
  3. Met Leslie Crowther once very briefly in his roller whilst directing traffic. Very polite chap.
  4. 1 70's Favourite Band The Jam 2 60's '''''''''''''''''''' Small Faces 3 80's '''''''''''''''''''' Big Country
  5. Well worth watching Pete, he had a pretty rough time of it over the years.
  6. Depends how you define clever I suppose.
  7. Leaving, starting work, and finally getting some money in my pocket.