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  1. 78/79

    In Memoriam

    Police Constable Andrew Harper ,R.I.P .
  2. Will probably take a day or two off work ,the roads around here are a bloody nightmare when Eavis holds his knees up.
  3. If this crapfest is supposed to be Summer , then they can poke it.
  4. I know what you mean Pete, at 19 years of age as well . He said that they were sick to the stomach for a week after. When you think about it, that series was ground breaking in it's clarity, it was only 27 years after the war finished .. I think sometimes that remembrance etc has a more pointed meaning for people of our age group, when you consider that it was our Fathers , and Grandfathers that fought it.
  5. I remember watching this series when it was first shown in 1972 , the programme detailing the Holocaust was a real shock to the system at the time. One of the chaps that I used to work with had the job of driving a Bulldozer in Belsen covering up the bodies aged 19 in 1945.
  6. You're right to an extent, life can be a very cruel animal, 20 years ago, I had to deal with the tragic results of such illness on more than one occasion, the worst part of one such incident after dealing with the deceased ,was breaking the news to her parents. Believe me, it affects everyone. Who knows, maybe dealing with such incidents contributed towards my episode years later,one things for sure,you never forget it.
  7. Symptoms of anxiety /depression can creep up on anyone straight out of the blue. I had a dose of it 3 years ago , they said that the combination of the loss of my first wife, plus parents soon afterwards, combined with a near fatal heart attack ,all contributed , pressure at work was the final bit of icing on that cake.
  8. 78/79

    Make us laugh

    Presumably these would include the ones in Billy Scroates mothers cutlery drawer as well. Where do they get these cretins from .
  9. 78/79

    In Memoriam

    Very significant raid, not for the material damage caused, but certainly for the psychological aspect. I t made the Japanese realise that they were vulnerable.
  10. Read Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger, good book on WW1 from the German perspective.
  11. Watched the "Kings Speech" the other night, seen it once before, but a brilliant film all the same.
  12. 78/79


    I think music had more significance in our younger days because there wasn't the other distractions such as the Internet, social media, computer games etc. Living out in the sticks,the only place to meet up by the age of 16 or so was the pub. As long as you behaved yourself ,you were tolerated, and the landlord turned a blind eye. If you were stupid then you were out on your ear . I honestly think that some of us were propelled into the adult world much quicker than youngsters are these days,simply because we didn't have the options that many have nowadays.
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