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  1. As long as it stays reasonably dry I'll be happy , couldn't care less about temperatures really. Not holding my breath around here though.
  2. Ready for a bit of Spring warmth now, these relentless grey skies and rain are really starting to grate now.
  3. Nice to see some blue skies and sunshine, will be able to get some work done today.
  4. Light rain and overcast here in Frome this morning.
  5. Oh joy ,yet another day of poxy rain. If anyone moves to Somerset for the weather, they sure are going to be disappointed.
  6. I'm still pretty gobsmacked at how easily the block , and cold air was pushed away to be honest.
  7. Jean Claude Juncker, and Angela Merkel have sent it over to punish us for our impertinence
  8. Flakes seem to be getting bigger , and coming down harder now. My old stamping grounds of Shipham, and Cheddar look like they're going to get a pasting.
  9. The Blizzard of Feb 78 in the S.W is often referred to,I can recall it well, but even with that , I 'm pretty sure that it was as a result of a front coming off of the Atlantic , and colliding with a cold Easterly. That started on a Saturday evening , and dumped a huge amount of Snow, but even that was pretty much gone by the Tuesday, as it warmed up.
  10. Picked heap up off of the verges the other day. Enough to supplement the log store .Ash limbs lying around all over the place around here..Just need to keep your eyes open
  11. Reminds me of some of these blokes you see walking around in shorts and flip flops in March. They see a bit of sunshine and think it' summer. and look at a few daffodils and think Winters over.
  12. Funnily enough I had pretty much the same response. I just mentioned being prepared on a car journey. I said "Find out the hard way then"
  13. Been trying to convince my wife about the potential severity of next week.