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  1. Well Ian Ferguson has just posted this on Twitter - apologies if it is in the wrong thread:
  2. Just driven through a heavy snow shower on the road between Stow on the Wold and Toddington. Even a bit of snow on the fence posts in Bishops Cleeve ?
  3. Yes he did - spoke about SSW and the split of the vortex. He then went on to suggest a very cold end to January and for the month of February to be the same.
  4. Sorry should have qualified that - he was talking about the South West UK
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but on Points West just now Ian Ferguson called a mild and wet December - always appreciate his forecasts.
  6. Nice half hour of thunder and lightning here just north of Cheltenham
  7. Hi Paul - yes I was but not now! That seems to have solved the issue. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi, Yes -this is still happening for me - I have tried clearing my cookies and signing out and then back in. Driving me nuts!
  9. Lovely storm came over here earlier - looked like a strike over at Timbercombe Hill as well,.Hailstones and rolling thunder
  10. Fantastic memories! I grew up in Swansea and remember this period of snow very well. The icey conditions were a wonder to behold and even the main roads were car free for a long time. I was working in a local hospital at the time and had to rely on the army to get me to work. I seem to remember a low night time temp of -11c being recorded at one stage.
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