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  1. You thinking the increased amplification from the potential MJO solutions could assist us here Chio?
  2. Holyhead in Wales likely to be the sweet spot but obviously puts you right in the middle of natures fury so perhaps you should watch from behind the curtains in Derby
  3. I think it's worth emphasising that both GFS and NMM have downgraded snow risk for tonight. Euro4 awaited.
  4. One to watch. Not only for Jamaica/Cuba but also once it clears Cuba. ECM has this turning towards and smashing into the eastern seaboard as a sub 940mb LP. GFDL/GFS take it out to sea fortunately but forecasters shall be watching this very closely indeed. NHC are saying: THE INTENSITY FORECAST BECOMES MUCH MORE COMPLEX AFTER THE CYCLONE EMERGES NORTH OF CUBA. WHILE ALL OF THE DYNAMICAL GUIDANCE SHOW STRONG SHEAR OVER SANDY...THEY ALL ALSO SHOW A SIGNIFICANT FALL IN THE CENTRAL PRESSURE AND AN INCREASE IN THE SIZE OF THE WIND FIELD. THIS APPEARS TO BE DUE TO BARCLINIC ENERGY FROM INTERACTI
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