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  1. Very disturbed 00z runs. Wind/rain/hill snow up north next week.
  2. GFS/EC looking very disturbed over the coming 10 days, lots of rain and hill snow on the menu..
  3. Those kind of charts are becoming rarer and rarer in the winter months now. It cannot be denied anymore.
  4. Thats fair enough. Im just fed up with perpetual Autumn TBH.
  5. Been for a walk today and the ground locally is so saturated .. We really do need an extended dry spell, fingers crossed it comes during spring/summer. Personally i find March/April the most unappealing time of the year, kind of no mans land really,by May i look forward to warmer weather for walking and fishing, which extends to sept some years.Then all eyes Oct onwards for the upcoming winter. I will in all fairness sacrifice summer to get a decent winter next time round, but thats just my preference. One other thing i look for (and never seems to happen these days) is a cold anticyclone in November.
  6. There is a band of beefy showers heading towards the peaks..
  7. Dont whats worse, this joke of a winter or these laughable weather warnings for wet concrete.
  8. Meto app has heavy snow locally from 8am until dinner time. LOL. I know people say ignore, and above is a example of why , but it begs the question, why have these apps. Its beyond parody.
  9. There is always a different reason for every new failure though Chris. The reality is we live in a different climate than 30 to 40 years ago, people can deny it as much as they like but looking out to wet concrete virtually every winter tells the story perfectly.
  10. All the action in NI and Scotland. Im sure westerlies /north westerlies used to deliver IMBY. They simply do not anymore.
  11. Meto app is a right old card, its got heavy snow all morning now locally They really need to do away with it ,its garbage, and very very misleading for people out there who use it for work etc. Might as well read the Daily mail, infact don't get me started on the Daily fail.
  12. I fully expect masses of Greeny blocking come April/may.
  13. Agreed. So are the metoffice, unless these warnings cover wet concrete.
  14. Meto now have sleet overnight at 300m.. Basically we got tomorrow or its a dud.
  15. Well thats a major u turn !!. What happened to heavy snow showers!!
  16. Yes there was a warning put out for today by metoffice. Not sure why unless they were referring to wet concrete.
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