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  1. Phew! Ec looks tremendous!! With high pressure firmly in control.
  2. Yes a bit of a step back tonight, that trough/low to the NE is a realy fly in the ointment it seems, although GFS/GEM look much more appealing than UKMET. Over to ECM.
  3. Hope so mate, its been really poor here since mid week , its been windy and cool and today is just a drizzle fest, more like Autumn really. ukmet 144 has me a little concerned , will nervously await EC now.
  4. northwestsnow

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Horrendous 3 or 4 days of wind and now drizzle here. Precisely why i hate any winds from the west! Even tomorrow and tues now look cloud fest after looking promising a few days ago, westerlies in summer or winter suck.
  5. Its certainly putting more emphasis on the Atlantic than either GEM or GFS. I think it would be OK after 144 but i agre its nowhere near as nice as i was thinking it would be.
  6. Excellent GEFS - the dry signal is very strong. Add to that a cracking Exeter update and alls good. Yes there will be coolder days, possibly more so in the NW Britain, but overall, when you consider its the UK, no Spain, the outook looks great.
  7. Yes Karl, the EC mean remains remains dry warm and sunny , good times! I wonder if there is a weak signal for scandy heights longer term..
  8. Yes i noticed your post from a week or so ago calling a more settled pattern towards the end of June, good call SB.:)
  9. But you have again singled out the least summery charts? The 00z runs are generally fine sunny dry and warm. As per EC temp deviation plots which are above average for much of the UK away from the NW for 8 out of the 10 days.
  10. Well 18z turns into a memorable run with some sizzling heat longer term. Wish i hadn't seen it now as 00z won't be as good as that. Still, alls well, great for me, as i finish for 2 weeks next friday and it will be fishing and football, really happy this is looking so settled,can't beat the great British oudoors when the weather is nice.
  11. 18z turning into a cracker as the high never really leaves our locale and warmer uppers are slowly being dragged towards the UK ..
  12. Ironically although Exeter have been talking about NW Britain facing unsettled conditions i have a feeling looking at the output this evening that 'west is best' might begin to be the catch phrase as we through next weekend, there is a danger of those being further away from the high, ie eastern areas , catching some unwelcome north sea clag, not sure if its meaningful at this stage..
  13. We can add GEM now to the list of models keeping the UK very dry and increasingly warmer as we head through next weekend..
  14. EC has a go with an angry Atlantic low at 168 but i suspect the ridge might hang on keeping the UK dry.. And again at 216, could do with the Atlantic calming down a tad, the EC 12z has really fired it up this evening!