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  1. Lets face it, you have a 75% chance of being right if you call an above average winter in the UK since the mid 1980s.. And TBH 1in4 cold might be generous! The world is warming, unless your called Donald.
  2. And so my towel is thrown into the ring, an amazing winter if only for the sheer persistence of low heights to the North west! Incredible duration stretching back to November!! Hopefully a nice summer to compensate for a truly rubbish winter!
  3. LOL at all the panicking!! Lets see what EC comes up with guys .. 🙂
  4. As i mentioned last night, things looking more and more interesting. 🙂
  5. Good, big freeze coming at end of Feb then..
  6. Feeling optimistic better charts are imminent this evening..
  7. Looks like the METO update earlier Nick- 'HP to the North/north east and the Atlantic moving in with snow to high ground and lower levels'.. As you say, we need to see some continuation of this in the morning..
  8. Oh come on Ian leave the christmas pudding out of it for goodness sake!
  9. Exeter still signposting an undercutting scenario i see. HP to the N/NE with Atlantic systems moving in with snow to high ground and perhaps low levels.. I'm hopeful things may look much rosier in the garden in the coming days wrt NWP.
  10. Im still hopeful for late Feb, but its scraps off the table if honest. By that time, unless we see something like last march, the sun will do a lot of damage to any snowcover. Mid Dec to Mid Jan always my optimum dates.
  11. Which pretty much means from where im sat these seasonal models may be OK macro scale, but when it comes to the micro scale (nitty gritty), they are meaningless.
  12. Yes its something we will have to keep an eye on K, i'm so disappointed though, even ENSO wasn't to bad this time around.Knowing our luck we will get a super EL NINO later this year..