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  1. Yes i too feel GFS looked very good.. lets hope its on the ball.
  2. GFS 00Z is interesting- shows a seasonal/cold christmas .. And the strat warming looks very nice too-(warmer air making into Greenland by the end..)
  3. Hope so mate!! I'm easily excitable so to see someone like MV getting excited is good news..
  4. Sounds interesting... MV getting quite excited!!
  5. Think you hit the nail on head with the small chance of cold before New year .. Too much energy across the Atlantic as it stands.. Ups quoted the wrong post, sorry.
  6. TBH i would take 6z for christmas .. HP ridging in and keeping us cold ..
  7. Thanks mate.. was in a meeting but just come out and wondered if the jet is showing signs of sinking south day 10...
  8. You must have a 6th sense C, i just posted about GEM the same time as you!
  9. Goodness me GEM is rather nice!! I would be happy of EC followed that ! Anything but GFS ..
  10. Im glad you commented on UKMO Nick, my first reaction was positive, not to say its correct of course!