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  1. WOW, great chart for NI,wales and scotland .For those of us in NW Eng you can see the deadly effects of the Irish sea ..
  2. While i agree with the sentiment it is but one GFS op- of course we do not want to see this kind of run verify.Might look totally different next run
  3. Its awful mate. Flat as a pancake and copious amounts of rainfall, no thanks ..
  4. As always with a 10 day chart its a leap of faith but i wonder if EC is suggestive of something BA alluded to previously about the chance of a securo high towards Christmas. Taking an optimistic slant on that chart if the high can ridge far enough north then perhaps we could dig something more seasonal out of the bag just in time for santa visiting Closer to the here and now, euro models offering something wintry for elevated areas in the north through this week,perhaps..
  5. I note IDO's post count is rocketing so always a sign things are looking bleak Anyway, noticeable differences between GFS/UKMO this evening so with that in mind i would caution against the super zonal GFS op for now- GFS12Z @120 UKMO 120- GFS 144 UKMO 144 UKMO much better for the PM flow..
  6. Another day,another set of mind numbing +NAO garbage Thats off my chest now, feel better already The moan thread is a good for releasing frustrations..!!
  7. Its beginning to look that way. Sick and tired of our vile climate. Wish i could move to Canada ..
  8. No, in a word. Betting money would be on a +NAO winter and a cold spring. Its predictable and its rapidly destroying my interest in all things weather.
  9. The signs are really poor. Its the 7th of Dec and the models have already bored me into submission.
  10. EC has potential for those up North and with decent altitude... I would take a stab at anywhere over 300m in the north west will do quite well , And ends a little differently to previous op runs.. Jet digging south towards the Canaries..
  11. Good grief... PV on steriods!! GEFS were adament the zonal winds would be dropping off last time i checked them.
  12. Sorry should have said BBC raw, which i believe reflects Mogreps ... Either way, unsettled and mainly cool with higher ground in the north occasionally wintry. How much colder air can we get to dig south?
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