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  1. LOL Some things never change even in summer... Let's talk up all the negatives like temps being 3 or 4 degrees lower than anticipated at the weekend( still very warm but let's not dwell on that). and how it looks more unsettled at day 10. Does raise a chuckle.
  2. Looking at the 850s on EC we see quite a drop but pressure looks ok,I wonder if the time of year and attendant strong sun will help prevent the daytime temps being as low as they might look if using the 850s as a guide ...
  3. Indeed. Most likely winners will be a swathe of mainland Europe, potential baking Iberia,Benelux,as far East as Poland/ Baltics.
  4. EC is wonderful...esp later on.. But, lots could go wrong in that 120 -144 timeframe making the above irrelevant... Fingers crossed ukmo behaves this evening.
  5. Which is great to hear... EC will be the judge , just a tad concerned things could go wrong 120-144...( ala ukmo).
  6. Hoping EC doesn't follow ukmo this morning.. Looks ominous at 144..
  7. Excellent ECM 0z for those enjoying the seasonal weather at the moment Right out to day 10 the warm settled theme dominates our weather,perhaps the suggestion of something thundery from the south as we head towards the middle of the month ...? Either way, a cracking first half of June looks fairly certain now...
  8. EC looking good this morning for a protracted warm/dry spell 😊 Hope that doesn't jinx it at day 8!
  9. Thanks Blue... I'm getting 1996 deja vu ...ironically enough England hosted the Euros that June too..
  10. Feels like a projected winter cold spell going down the pan this morning. Hoping we see an improvement for the Euros this June lots of warm sun and a beer garden sounds fab. Let's get the rubbish out of the way now ..
  11. I think I'm calling time on winter ... Which means less time on here, so I want to wish all my fellow weather geeks on here the very best and hope everyone stays safe ... Hopefully we as a country can get on top of this horrid disease and we can all enjoy a hot summer before next winters big freeze 😜
  12. Feels like it mate. Tbf this was a very cold week up here, with snow on the ground for 6 or 7 days. As easterlies go it was far from the best encountered but the dew points associated with an easterly take away the marginality issue which plagues a north westerly for example. Of course a polar North westerly is best bet for our region but they are ridiculously rare nowadays...
  13. Indeed Nick. All things considered its been a better winter than many previous efforts in the last 20 years or so. Glosea got it badly wrong with its raging +NAO for Jan and Feb. I ponder if the seasonal models are worth the cyberspace they take up TBH,wasn't it last year Glosea went cold and we got the opposite?
  14. As the curtain draws on winter i've seen a lot worse,and much better My perception is not much snow, but not that much rain,and more frosts than the last few years. Yesterday above dovestones..
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