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  1. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Sick of it now. Would love some warm sun.. or any sun to be honest.
  2. O gawd i thought i would never say this but im a bit fed up of the cold now!! I dont mind late season cold but end of March into April is pushing it even for me, would love to feel the warm sun on my back now. Was supposed to be going canaries in 3 weeks but the missus says no, thats a real body blow.
  3. Yes agree with all that Daniel. Tis a shame i cant post in the mod thread, i really dont mind anyone getting snow, i actually do visit regionals where snow is forecast to wish my best
  4. Cheers knocker. Must admit im ready for some spring warmth now, sick of having to clear the deep snow off my driveway !!
  5. Im still not allowed to post in the MOD thread months later, thats surely got to be worth a moan C'mon guys , lets not argue over who was right and who was wrong, im wrong 99% of the time
  6. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Another fabulous event here, to add to the one a few weeks ago.*still big drifts locally. December was reasonable, january was a bit meh but late Feb and now march have delivered so its been a decent winter up here, id rate it at 8/10 now. Really hope we get a decent summer, clocks go froward saturday so it wont be going dark until after 7pm- I feel justified in my hoping for an easterly, of course they are not always snowy but i guess my locale go lucky this couple of times, i'd love these synoptics in late December but beggars cant be choosers as they say.
  7. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Dont think there will be a thaw until tomorrow here. Temps still below freezing and expected to drop below freezing after 5pm. Never want a north westerly again..no marginality in a proper easterly even in mid march..
  8. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Erm... Still horizontal blizzards here!
  9. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Many roads closed up here.. Goodness me only an easterly can produce these kind of results imby. Any other wind direction doesnt even come close ..
  10. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    The drifts here are 2 foot deep. Absolutely unbelievable scenes .. Now, got to get to work.
  11. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    LOL. I think we actually have more than last time It must have pelted down overnight the drifts are amazing..
  12. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    virtually every single shower has dodged me since about 6pm..
  13. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Greater manchester stuck inbetween 2 streamers. Good luck those to my south and north it looks good for a few hours for you guys..