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  1. Not much to report here but happy for those to my west who got to see decent pyro... Meto app looks very uninspiring here for the next few days, hope it's not a dud.
  2. Not sure anything was expected prior to the early hours locally.. Tomorrow evening hopefully much better storm wise.
  3. All eyes on evening onwards... My sweet spot would be west of our region,Liverpool area ..
  4. A fascinating aspect of meteorology .. And one I am trying to learn about, Tues wed Thurs could hopefully produce some crackers..
  5. Will there be a separate thread for thunderstorms next week guys? I'm quite excited we could see some humdingers with the heat and slackening pressure.. Edit,I see there is one ongoing. UKMO looks brill this evening. A decent August,at last..
  6. Yes I agree , precip charts probably not to be taken too seriously beyond a couple of days. The SE does look very hot over the upcoming period though, mid 30s is a smidge too high for me personally. The humidity will also be quite high I would imagine.
  7. EC looks hot and increasingly humid as we head through the weekend ... Fingers crossed for some decent thunderstorms...
  8. Heat and humidity.. Pressure slackening... No pyro,no party... Looks to me like the south will be hot,then hopefully some instability dragged north from the French furnace.. Could be some amazing views looking across the channel.
  9. Is that a 44 I spy in France? That's a bit too much for me,and I wouldn't be on my own I suspect.
  10. Beautiful UKMO this morning... The uppers are very high across the South and it all looks quite slack by 144, potential pyrotechnics on offer?
  11. Some of the nonsense on this thread is tiresome. Some of the culprits moaning want to have tried living up here in June and July then they would have something to moan about.
  12. Sorry chaps, I didn't realize that was yesterday's ukmo,doh!!
  13. Beautiful UKMO this evening... Doesn't get much better for August..
  14. Beautiful ECM this evening chaps. . Looks warm to hot widely with HP in charge.
  15. Fabulous 00z runs if you are wanting summer weather .. Temps in the main warm to hot on EC,GFS is another outlier surprise surprise.. A decent first half of August looks a good shout..
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