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  1. cold...cold..cold. What a lovely start to the day
  2. Think EC will side with UKMO - which wouldn't be a bad thing .:)
  3. Very happy with this 00z runs- obv GFS is ideal but ukmo although not as good (high ridging in closer) still looks ok at 144, we have some sniff of Atlantic undercutting. Cant see an easy way back for the Atlantic on either model- hopefully ukmo would go onto show a cold high in the extended.
  4. The text for NW England is a big upgrade this morning!! 'showers with increasing risk of snow to lower levels later ' First lampost twitching of the season?
  5. Sounds too good to be true- therefore probably is. Think cold and frosty start of Dec looks good- hoping not see any High to our north being pushed SE towards Europe with the jet going over the top- if i were to put my money that's where i'd probably out it if i'm being honest.(Although i think it would be a very slow process and involve a good frosty sepll initially.)
  6. Yes its beginning to look unlikely there will be sufficient retrogression to drag down the really cold uppers but it will be interesting to see how cold it will be overnight under a high with stagnant cold air- short days early Dec could get really well below zero in frost hollows etc
  7. Yes if thats an easterly then it shows how quickly the continent can get very cold!!
  8. Would assume thats a very cold trough sweeping in on the eastern flank of the High..
  9. By 168/192 the EC mean has the UK under a stagnant looking high- i would speculate some places could see some harsh frosts to usher in December-
  10. Looks like there is undercutting in the Atlantic to me and some ridging towards Scandy- i wonder if a scandy high is out of the question?
  11. Mate no offence but you have moved to Morecambe - it literally snows there once every 50 years- you will need uppers of -12 to get sleet.. Anyway, joking aside i'm happy the models are still promoting northern blocking and no flat zonal jet that have dogged recent winters,pick of the bunch has to be GFS, but in the interests of consistency i don't think it will be correct. Stick with EC/UKMO - will be interested to see ukmo 168 this evening.
  12. Yes ...im not even sure irt will be frosty here and im 30miles from the coast( at least).
  13. Yes MS even if we dont get a reversal theres nothing there to suggest a rampant vortex just yet...hopefully we can make hay while the goings good. While i love snow im also hoping we get a cold high later next week..:)
  14. Yes seen it ...now showing a snowy fri night for higher parts of oldham..no issues with dew points..if we get some irish sea action i feel even moderate high ground (100m) may see some snow
  15. Yes its a brilliant time of year for a cold high- sun will be setting really early so plenty of time for severe frosts to develop...:) 6z coming out now..hopefully another cold run ..