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  1. Guess we will have to see .. ECM showing a colder northerly flow as we move towards the end of next week, i'd wager some ground frosts under clear skies, northern England northwards..
  2. Its still Sept Feb !! Lets see where we are in another 4 weeks time.
  3. Hi everyone, not posted much recently but hope all my NW friends are well, i was wondering if anyone knows if there are issues with WZ as GFS is consistently late in updating. UKMO looks very anticylonic this evening,hope we get a late summer burst of heat. :)
  4. Yes E C does push the jet back whence it came by day 10 . Will be interesting to see the next few runs.
  5. Very progressive UKMO this morning. Still another 5 or 6 days of lovely weather but momentum seems to be building for a more southerly tracking jet. Still, no complaints from me, after a beautiful may june july and 1st week of August, im kind of looking towards Autumn now.. hoping my strange obsession with a cold foggy November comes off to cap a brilliant year.
  6. UKMO looks absolutely baking hot this morning. That is a plume right there at 120-144 hours..
  7. EC op was one of, if not the coolest of the suite this morning. As was GFS 00z op run.
  8. So, its very warm to hot for most of this week , a cooler blip come weekend, and then there seems to be a growing signal for the heat to rebuild as we move through next week. The EC mean is primed by day 10 to re introduce a plume from Spain. You really have to tip your hat to Tamara who has been incredibly accurate in recent weeks.. Summer 2018 is surpassing all expectations/hopes. edit With so many brilliant contributors to this forum its hard to single out people but i forgot to mention stormchaser who has also been absolutely brilliant with his analysis and reasoning. Thanks to these guys and all the others who make this forum both educational and a thoroughly enjoyable reading.
  9. UKMO brings in uppers of 18 @850 into the SE during Friday. Suggestive of temps into the low 30s?
  10. Don't want to see this trough correct any further east now. UKMO looks OK at 144 away from NW Britain but its getting to close for comfort for the rest of us now.
  11. It will be wrong m8.. imho. Gfs overdoing the Atlantic ..whats new?
  12. Well its a very warm EC out to 168!! Next frame is crunch for those of us away from the shoe in hot SE of England ..
  13. It isn't a normal summer up here- its down right incredible!! Im kind of awaiting the EC with baited breath now- hopefully its similar to UKMET and we will have an idea what the progression would be,as Crewe says, the direction of travel of the trough to the SW will be key -its difficult to see how the SE can avoid some very hot weather next week, for those further north and west its finely poised..
  14. Great to Steve posting in the summer months !! UKMET looks fab to me, note the trough to the SW at 144, this hopefully will be the trigger for the heat to build thereafter. Although as others have alluded to, if it gets to far east the heat will 'leak' eastwards and central Europe will roast..
  15. Lovely EC det with temps well into the late 20s widely as we move through the weekend and right through next week it stays very warm for many. For London UK raw suggests sunday onwards- 28 31 30 29 31 29 29 I'd suggest thats very warm to hot ..