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  1. A trend towards something more unsettled this morning?Or a tale of 2 progressive ops? This evenings runs will reveal more, in the meantime, a dry week away from the NW beckons..
  2. Its funny how even small changes geographically can have big effects - north westerly usually rubbish here in recent years, need a WNW or easterly for my location.Unfortunately the warmer Irish sea now means uppers as a rule of thumb need to be -9/-10 here even at 200m! easterly no such issues.
  3. Hi SB , any thoughts on the Atlantic SSTS? And if they can negate the PDO?
  4. Yes, certainly SE europe has been the big winner in the last 30 years.. The thing with high pressure in Winter is an adjustment north of the prediction can mean bitterly cold for the UK. Anyway, probably drifting O/T now..
  5. Agreed, i got carried away with last years Glosea winter LRF, i wont make that mistake again..
  6. Last years was brill, and it ended up a rubbish winter. Obviously i would prefer it to show cold, but i don't give it much weight at this range anyway.
  7. The Autumn fishing season looks primed to kick off with some settled weather , can't wait to get my rod out and hit the bank friday morning EC might provide some warm-ish days and cooler nights ?
  8. The 18z is a thing of beauty for Autumn lovers with some dry at times warm days and also some cooler nights - Exeter suggesting fog across the south next weekend, i think it is an age thing but i for sure appreciate the colors of Autumn and the 8 o clock fishing days , always reminds me of the late great John Wilson and watching Go fishing in the 1980s.
  9. They keep banging on about unsettled weather and GFS/EC both showing high pressure in charge as we move through next week???
  10. Laler next week into the weekend looks lovely for Autumn lovers, dry and warm through the day and cooler at night. Can't beat a good Autumn anti-cyclone
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