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  1. Frost HoIIow

    Winter 2018/19

    Aye and it might be Baltic in the Baltics, who would have thunk it?
  2. A blowy old day out there with Callum making his presence felt. I suppose we cannot expect the crazy warmth from the other day to carry on.
  3. Strong stuff is gin, so much so I black out and next thing I know I wake up in bed and don't even remember getting in or strippin off.
  4. Are those e-bikes any good? Thinking if getting one. Supposed to be good for going up hills.
  5. We seemed to be on the periphery here. Some dull periods mixed with sun.
  6. Benson down south recorded -0.6C. We have such an incredible variance of temperatures on a relatively small island.
  7. Got down to -0.3C here this morning, first air frost of the Autumn.
  8. Frost HoIIow

    Least favourite weather events

    Winter 13-14 was just horrendous. The most snow free Winter I can remember around here. Only had 1 dusting of snow one evening in the February which was gone by late morning the next day. A real let down considering how great the previous Winter was.
  9. Yakutsk in Siberia seeing a nice decrease in temps as we go into 0ctober - struggling to get above freezing towards the end of the run. Then it should dip much further as we go even more into the new month.
  10. Frost HoIIow

    Least favourite weather events

    Yep I think it was showing a big dump up here too but in the end it kept getting pushed south. Still at least the rest of the Winter and March made up for it.
  11. Wish I still had my rain gauge, been an absolute deluge here the last couple of days.
  12. Rain getting beefy?
  13. Frost HoIIow

    Autumn 2018

    Wow is it normal to get snow this early?
  14. Absolutely chucking it down. Great weather for ducks.
  15. Frost HoIIow

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    In terms of thunderstorms - very disappointing! One of the worst Summers ever for that in my opinion.