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  1. Wind blew a few fence panels out last night and some branches strewn across the lane. And it turned into another horrid day with heavy persistent rain, thankfully tomorrow looking better.
  2. Frost HoIIow

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    I'm not really a fan of Northerlies as being near the centre of the UK they usually mean cold and sun(unless there's embedded troughs) meanwhile places like Braemar and Tomintoul get a tonking.
  3. Frost HoIIow

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Not a great update from Exeter, it might be wrong but if not there's Jack we can do about it. I won't lie awake worrying about rain and mild temps.
  4. As a result I'm often sat around in my shorts and t-shirt and gasping for air. She rules the roost
  5. I like it around 19-20C in the living room but around 17C for the bedroom, however the missus likes it about 30C in every room
  6. Agree mate, crazy how we had that dumping of snow in March with the much longer days yet here we are near December and all we get is cold rain. Just need the continent to get cold then it's game on.
  7. If only all the rain that has fallen overnight and into today was snow. Not a fan of this cold rain malarkey.
  8. Frost HoIIow

    Weather in Poland

    But a "moderately" continental climate ups the odds of having cold weather compared to a maritime climate like the UK. In fact I'd say from about Berlin eastwards is in a good position most Winter's for at least some interesting weather if cold is your thing.
  9. I could be wrong but I think the SSW earlier this year was only predicted something like 3 weeks beforehand.
  10. Yes north westerlys are crap. Usually only a few hours of slushy snow. Give me a beast from the east any day.
  11. Places like Altnaharra, Braemar, Loch Glascarnoch, Tulloch Bridge or even Benson has been known to be the coldest place. Get the snow on the ground and clear calm conditions is a recipe for very low temps.
  12. It's obviously not ideal as Gtr Manchester is still a bit of a way North (similar to Hamburg) but could be worse. I think Shetland is about as far North as Helsinki but there's a damn sight more people in both Oslo & Helsinki. So the lack of daylight will affect far less people in the more remote parts of the UK. I think with the mass rollout of LED streetlights and on cars things are a lot brighter at night and first thing.
  13. Well we should be able to cope with the longer daylight then.
  14. What about the thousands or millions of kids who live in Oslo, Stockholm & Helsinki? They just get on with it and seem fine. Why can't British kids cope with a bit of aggro?
  15. Light snow here too not long ago but not settling. But it's October and can say it snowed!