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  1. I think Eilat in Israel has one of the highest UV levels in the world at sea level. Usually 13 but I've seen an odd 14 sometimes in June. Sunburn within minutes I'd have thought. Similar in Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt. Eilat (Israel) weather WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Eilat 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV
  2. Well the extreme heat has arrived in California. Nearly a week of temps above 50C in Death Valley from tomorrow. Any of you heat lovers relish this? 😂🌡️🔥
  3. They need to stop checking Twitter and the news and calm down.
  4. Only had a few glimpses of sun here as it's been a mostly dull day but that hasn't stopped it reaching 24C and for the first time this summer it actually feels a bit muggy but it won't last as it's going to be much fresher tomorrow. Tuesday looking far better than today for sunshine.
  5. Cloud starting to break up a bit here and the sun peeking in and out, was always going to be a cloudier day up in our region despite what the London centric BBC say. But I'm hopeful with these cloud breaks we will see more in the way of sunny spells later. After all we have a lot of daylight to go at this time of year.
  6. Yes not a bad day today. Warm enough in the sun even if the actual temperature wasn't spectacular. Looking much warmer tomorrow but some questions remain about afternoon cloud cover which might put a lid on the temp a bit.
  7. I worked over there in 2002 and lived for 6 months (May until October) in Brawley, California and then Chicago from October 2002 until September 2003. The part of California I was in can get very hot. Almost every day the temp was above 40C in the summer and the odd day high 30s. It's a case of having air conditioning and leaving it on most of the day and night. Leaving windows open only cooks you and inside the home as you are just letting the heat in. So no windows open but curtains shut leaving the air con to do it's magic. Going out early in the morning and during the evening is essential
  8. Could be looking at some local heat records broken across the western States next week as an intense area of heat develops over the Great Basin. Death Valley likely to exceed 50C. Probably 53 or 54C with an upper air mass like this in the 30s!
  9. Looking at the ensembles there does seem to be a growing signal for it to turn more unsettled and cooler from mid month. How long this lasts is anyone's guess but I don't think we are looking at a noteworthy dry June. Just this first half.
  10. Yeah hopefully we get a lot of convection again like last summer. No point in very warm/hot weather if we don't get any storms out of it.
  11. Yes same here time to dust off the fan and plonk it in the bedroom. Already pretty warm up there at 25C, warmer than it is outside. So not really conductive to a good nights sleep. Prefer it about 18C in there and 20C in other rooms.
  12. Cloud finally burning away here now but too late to save the day after being mostly cloudy.
  13. It's interesting because when I worked in the US in the Chicago area the sun actually felt warm in mid Winter yet it was well below zero. The city is as far south as Barcelona so the UV still had a bit of a kick to it even in December and January. Yet the snow took ages to disappear, because of the extremely low dew points associated with the deep cold air. I noticed the nights didn't drag on like they do here in Northern England near the Winter solstice either.
  14. In Kiruna, Sweden the sun never sets at this time of year. It's light all the time but through most of December the sun is down all day so they don't see any daylight at all. You'd have to have your lights on all the time. I'd like to experience that for the strangeness of it. Sunrise and sunset times in Kiruna, June 2021 WWW.TIMEANDDATE.COM Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Kiruna – Sweden for June 2021. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones..
  15. A nice comfortably warm day. If it stays like this all summer and in the low 20s I'd be chuffed but no doubt we'll get a roasting hot plume move up from Spain and Africa before August is out and the usual sensationalist headline of "heat bomb" 😂 . The only good thing is we usually get a lot of instability with that air mass so not without interest. ⛈️
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