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  1. Late February? Can't remember it feeling as warm as it did this afternoon in late February. March it has like in 2012.
  2. 3 times this month we've got down to 1C including this morning. So no air frost yet.
  3. Hi Ollie. There's a lot of talk on here about Siberian high pressure & whilst it is important as it builds up intense cold over that area, but the most important thing is a Scandinavian high pressure to funnel that Russian cold west to the UK. In the Northern hemisphere winds move around a high pressure system in a clockwise direction. So this means when a high pressure system is parked over Scandinavia we in the UK get easterly winds & that very cold air from Eastern Europe & Russia gets shunted to our shores. January 1987 is probably the most infamous example. More recent examples include late February 2018 And mid March 2018
  4. 2013/2014 was probably the least snowiest Winter ever here, never known one as rubbish. We only managed a cm covering one evening in the February...basically a dusting. It was all but gone by 11am the next day.
  5. Always find most of September a bit "boring" weatherwise. Whilst it's meteorological Autumn it still feels a bit like Summer. But most years after the Equinox it does start to feel more like Autumn. Especially given we lose roughly an hour's daylight from now until then. A few days after the nights become longer than the day's. That's when I notice the sun getting noticeably weaker too. I don't tan from the end of September until about early April. For me a UV of 4 upwards causes me sunburn.
  6. I see your point. I've noticed the Azores seems to ridge into Europe more often & scuppering our Winters. Certainly a change in weather patterns. It's even there right now.
  7. I see your point but past severe Winters also relied on the transport network for bringing in supplies...not everyone had an allotment or their own food supply. There was still shops back in 62/63....which funnily enough needed transportation to get in the supplies. In regards to the power network we don't really know how it will cope. Not enough to panic about it. If things get bad in regards to supplies like food why not call in the army?
  8. Gotta admit the LRF's so far are absolutely rubbish for us in western Europe. But they've been wrong before. No doubt Greece & Turkey will get pummeled with snow. They often do being on the eastern side of a Euro high.
  9. Those types of conditions are pretty rare in this country though - they was in the 70s too, we had a run of mild Winters up until later in that decade. The person I was replying to said things stop working in this country with 2" of snow. It doesn't matter if it's level snow or drifted snow 2" inches of either should not cause issues or panic. If we can't cope with that then it's like a 3rd world country.
  10. Down south perhaps or more likely just an excuse to get days off. We had well over a foot of level snow in Jan 2010 but apart from 24 hours of disruption road networks were ploughed and everything more or less back to normal after that. I can understand if it snowed heavy every single day giving further accumulations but when does that happen? It didn't even in 62/63. If people stayed at home for days despite roads being cleared then nothing would get done.
  11. I don't think it would be as catastrophic as people think. Most importantly peoples homes are warmer now than in the past. I lived through 62/63 when we only had one fire in the house (living room), no central heating at all & no indoor toilet....we had to break the ice in the toilet bowl. Most elderly people these days have central heating so can stay warm throughout their home. I guess the downside is going out to get shopping if they don't have family to fetch it for them. That's where the problems start if they have mobility/blood pressure/heart issues & most people over 75 do.
  12. Well next week things are set to turn much cooler across parts of Russia & into the far north of China too. Nothing exciting yet for them but the descent into Autumn becoming more entrenched over there. Temps struggling to get out of single figures by day with morning air frosts. Won't be long until Mohe in China will be like this. Maybe even heavy snow in October.
  13. Yes whilst November/December 2010 was amazing in it's own right the following January & February were a complete contrast with February being especially mild - basically that Winter burst out the blocks quick but went out with a whimper whilst as you say the previous Winter had decent snow & cold during all 3 Winter months. The only Winter since then that has come close was 2013 with snow cover in Jan, Feb & March (Although the latter not meteorologically Winter). And that was the unusual thing about that year with March actually having a colder CET than all of the preceding Winter months.
  14. No air frost here, got down to 1.3C this morning so a ground frost achieved.
  15. The Winter ended up pretty decent here after a somewhat disappointing start although we had some snow cover in December. Between the 2nd & 11th February 2012 I recorded 7 ice days here with a decent fall of snow on the 4th. Holbeach recorded a minimum of -15.6C during that spell. I think for England it was a better spell of cold than anything we saw between 1997-2008. The far west of the UK & Ireland missed out completely on any proper cold though.
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