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  1. Yes I find once we get past the equinox in September it does become increasingly difficult to get a proper warm spell. 2011 was an unusual exception though.
  2. You don't because unless you join them there are things like indoor sports/leisure facilities you know and being indoors doesn't mean a ban on ice cream neither. Funnily enough you can buy tubs at the supermarket not just from an ice cream van.
  3. Most would rather be inside on their tablets/phones regardless of the weather. Years ago we would be out come rain or shine, got muddy and still had a smile on our faces, makes you wonder why the current batch of little darlings can't deal with a bit of aggro?
  4. Frost HoIIow

    Cause Of The UK Heatwave?

    I wouldn't say it's been "very poor" for those who like summery temps. Everyone you talk to say it's been a long summer. It's been consistently very warm. Dull cooler days like today have been few and far between.
  5. Frost HoIIow

    Autumn 2018

    October can be an interesting month, very much a time of change when leaf colour is at it's peak, really love that and the crunchy feel of them under foot. As you say the month itself can be on the warmish side more especially in the south. But also it can be bitterly cold like 1992 & 1993 and I've had early snow cover in that month too, there's been very wet October's like 2000 as well. With October you never know what you could get.
  6. He doesn't post often in the Summer but when he does he over hypes things as usual. Tamara (if you can figure out all the jargon) is a more sensible poster as are a few others like singularity. They don't normally hype up records might be broken and other extreme outcomes like a Hollywood movie when the reality is we did not even break the July record never mind the all time one from 2003.
  7. Its the SWly winds that are the problem, a westerly or north westerly and it wouldn't feel as humid.
  8. Indeed. Good opportunity to air the house windows wide open.
  9. Frost HoIIow

    Cause Of The UK Heatwave?

    Summer, long days, strong sun and a dose of luck for heat lovers....simples.
  10. I don't get why they get so giddy either when they live miles away from the hottest temps. Crops are really suffering as are farmers who manage animals too. Surely food prices from UK grown produce will rise? Can't see how anyone in the right mind could be happy about that.
  11. Not entirely unusual though for the west to have the warmer conditions in late Spring and early Summer. Eastern areas are usually plagued with more cloud from the North Sea during that time. Roles reverse later in Summer just like what is happening now.
  12. Last winter/early spring of course, what a fantastic spell of weather that was, lost count of the amount of separate snow covers we had. And the two beast from the easts were like going back to the 80s. After a few rubbish winters at least we know we can get a proper one again. I thoroughly enjoyed the biting Siberian wind as I took a bracing walk in the drifting snow in March with a hot flask of coffee.
  13. It will definitely be a cooler room. Try having an east facing bedroom with the sun waking you up at 4:30am in June. When that happens blackout curtains are a must.