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  1. I think they are too far west most of the time and even closer to the influence of the Irish sea. They get first prize for rain though lol
  2. Quickly melting now with the rain, still a covering on the grass, shed and roof but it won't last.
  3. Starting to settle here flakes are huge too, really didn't expect this at 93m asl.
  4. Not far from me that here in Failsworth, can confirm it's snowing but wet.
  5. Snowing here, ground is very wet though. Will have to be heavy for a while for it to settle.
  6. I should hope it is in Buxton lol if not the rest of us should give up.
  7. Looks good for you folk on high ground, if the roads aren't too bad I might visit my brother in the morning who lives in Denshaw at 250m, should be a covering there.
  8. Just patches of snow left around here now in shaded areas, had a drive to Oldham town centre and noticed once you get roughly above 150m the snow is covering most of the pavements and gardens.
  9. Maybe after all these years she has been masquerading as Ian Brown
  10. Still have patchy snow cover on some surfaces around here mostly from yesterdays snow but compared to the midlands etc it's not been amazing but good things come to those who wait.
  11. Definitely looks like it's slowly dieing out on the radar.
  12. Well the Meto didn't forecast this - the local forecast for Failsworth on their website says dull with only a 10% chance of precipitation for right now lol just shows that snow can crop up not forecasted. But I recall it happening a few times between 2009 and 2013.
  13. Precipitation on the radar seems to be filling in and expanding a bit, this was not predicted? interesting non the less.
  14. Snowing here and it's trying to settle on places where yesterday's snow had melted
  15. Like others have said I bet people have lost money in our region for taking time off or cancelling plans, to go from heavy snow symbols all day to just overcast ones in relatively short space of time is the biggest turnaround I have seen.