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  1. Interesting. Also to note Alston could get a tad windy at that elevation so that can also scupper frosts.
  2. Thing is the coldest temps in the UK don't often occur on high ground, high ground gets more snow due to orographic lifting and a lower dew point so people often mistake high ground has the lowest air temps. The Altnaharra weather station in Scotland is only 81m above sea level yet recorded -27.2C, people are often surprised to hear how low down Altnaharra is as most people don't understand how frost hollows work, they think Altnaharra is high up in the mountains. For instance low lying places just outside of London have already recorded an air frost, I think Nick L said Chesham has recorded one. So being high up in the Pennines doesn't guarantee earlier frosts.
  3. Autumn thoughts

    Haha very true, hopefully November will buck the trend and end up below average - won't hold my breath though!
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    As Arnie would say "Nice night for a walk"
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Certainly windy here - blowing a gale but nothing I haven't seen before. Had worse in the past.
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    You would have been blown up to the North Pole.
  7. Had to put ours on last night after waking up at 4am sweating like a pig. No wonder when humidity was 85% indoors and 19C in the bedroom. Too warm for me to sleep comfortably.
  8. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    One positive I can think of is it can't be worse than Winter 13-14. In the 67 years of my life that was the most pathetic winter I can remember around here in Oldham, only 1 dusting of snow during an evening in February that was gone before morning. The following winter wasn't great but at least there was a measurable snow fall !
  9. Yeah that is one straw to clutch. Temps in Greece looks below average - a snowy Winter there again?
  10. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Looks dreadful to be honest, oh well at least I've not got high hopes for this winter. Better than dangling a carrot and then it doesn't happen.
  11. Where has all 4 seasons?

    I would love to experience a winter there, must be an absolute dream!!
  12. Where has all 4 seasons?

    Probably somewhere like Asahikawa, Japan. Average high in January -3.5C. Average high in August 26.3C. They get an insane amount of snow in Winter too, one of the snowiest cities on Earth.
  13. Well let's hope it will be better than the last 4 which have quite honestly been dire. Seems ages ago now since early 2013. Of course I would like a repeat of 09/10 which was pretty epic with decent snows from Dec into Feb. Just a fantastic Winter. Nov/Dec 2010 was good but it fizzled out after Boxing day leaving a mostly mild middle and 2nd half of Winter. Sort of like Winter having nothing left in the tank after a brutal early start.
  14. Overall I do like Autumn. I like the fact it's not far from Winter, the first frosts normally happen & proper gales. I dislike having to clear leaves from the guttering and other places, starting to happen now! Early to mid September most years are usually a bit boring. Sort of like Summer hanging on. We are now entering what I call the more interesting part of the year.
  15. Snowing in Yakutsk - Winter is coming :-)

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      I'm escaping January,going to summer ...

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      sounds like a right dump

    4. Jeremy Shockey

      Jeremy Shockey

      yes ....Winter Is Coming .............we had better have the Dragon Glass ready !