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  1. Interesting differences. Up in NW England where I live it's been a bit drier than normal with a distinct lack of gales which normally buffet us from time to time. If we can't get snow then I do like a good Atlantic storm but even this has been lacking too.
  2. Currently in Mont-de-Marsan in France. Been a stunning day here temps in the 20s people out enjoying their food and drink. Driving to Spain tomorrow.
  3. Indeed. Always rated Ian as a top forecaster. About time some on here took note of his ability. He was adamant this Winter was going to be a fail for cold & he was spot on. It's been bloody poor!
  4. Hope we get some decent thunderstorms this year, last year was almost completely devoid of it! Used to get some decent ones but they are becoming rarer, a bit like snow really.
  5. Well it's been a poor Winter and looking further ahead there doesn't seem to be much to look forward to if cold and snow is your thing. This hasn't been the worst Winter I've experienced, I would say Winter 2013-14 wins that honour when I almost had a snowless Winter, just one pathetic dusting one evening in the February was all I got which was gone by mid morning the next day. March coming up may well be cold & snowy, you never know but I'd be very surprised if it beats last year or March 2013.
  6. I didn't mention any specific dates. Only that it snowed more in the past which it did. So it wasn't an odd post.
  7. Not odd at all. I don't care about Europe's Winter weather. 2010 was 9 years ago. It was a fantastic year in the UK both early and late in that year but it's now a long time ago in my opinion. A part from probably Feb 2012, early 2013 and last Feb/March mild has dominated. It has been utterly crap. As cold lover's we've been fed scraps.
  8. Great pics. Think Blackpool got buried too - There's a video of it on YouTube. We just don't get snow like we used to. Never seems as heavy as it was in the past. Rain on the other hand seems to have no problem giving us a soaking. 😬
  9. They are a big landmass with no big body of water to the north so there's no moderation in northerly winds from the Arctic. Hence the regular bitter Winters over there. It's nothing new though. It's the same for the likes of Russia/Central Asia & China. No water to the north to stunt any cold north wind.
  10. Well it's inevitably going to get a bit warmer the further we go into Spring. That is a given. I wouldn't mind a very cold March though with easterly winds dominating and a proper beast or two like last year. A chilly old school April with still frost's and a day or two of snow cover like 2012. May can do whatever it wants. Overall I find Spring interesting as anything can happen. Although last year we didn't really have a Spring - we just seemed to jump straight from Winter into Summer like another poster above noted. It certainly wasn't the usual slow burner into Summer. A bit continental really.
  11. Got down to -8.4C in the end this morning. Pretty decent end to the cold spell. Looks like Manc airport registered -6C. Now the rain is quickly washing the snow away 😭
  12. Bang on -7.0C here. Coldest night of the Winter. How low will it go?
  13. Already -4.6C here. Low this morning was -5.3C so good chance of beating that if skies remain clear.
  14. Light dusting on surfaces where snow had melted. Big question is will it be cold enough this afternoon if the showers make it.
  15. True, I've noticed it myself around here over the years - there's usually a noticeable difference in snow depth around 50m higher between places and a significant difference at 100m. But of course sometimes it depends on where bands of snow come together. Parts of south Manchester at only 30m had about 15cm of snow today but I only had about 5cm yet I'm over 60m higher because I wasn't under the heavier bands.