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  1. I wouldn't get too excited. I'm not a huge fan of northerlys given snow wise 99% of our region is usually too sheltered to benefit from them. There's too much land to our north. Great for severe penetrating frost's & clear sunny skies though. The only times northerlys have delivered is usually when imbedded troughs (rare) are involved & Polar lows (rarer still). Northerlys are better for the likes of northern facing areas like northern Scotland, north Wales, Norfolk & even Devon/Cornwall. Here in the east of our region I much prefer a good snowy easterly like Feb & March 2018.
  2. Was going to post the same thoughts. Until these charts get into the reliable then I'm not getting taken in by them. I might get jumped on for staying that but until we get into the weekend when we'll have a much better idea if it's definitely going to happen then that's all I'm saying.
  3. -6.1C was the low here. Could have been even lower but cloud scuppered it. Temp rose from about 4am.
  4. -5.2C here. Coldest night of this spell so far & of course the Winter since it's now December. No low cloud or breeze likely to scupper the temperature like it did Saturday morning so hopefully close to or at -7C by sunrise I would have thought. Manchester airport at -3C right now & -4C at Rostherne. Thought I heard the airport site was closed now but it's still showing it recording data here on NOAA's website: https://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/weather/current/EGCC.html
  5. -4.2C here already with another 7 hours of cooling left to go. Frost stayed all day in the shaded areas.
  6. Ah yes Oldham's obligatory snow signs with the big bold capitals "SNOW". The first one is opposite Texaco on Oldham Rd. The amount of times I passed that in all weather's on the way home from work in Manchester before I retired. Probably thousands of times.
  7. Yes short term looking like a mild week coming up (at least compared with what we've had this month) temps into double figures likely especially early this week. Then signs of it turning a bit colder again from around Friday. How cold for how long is the question. And in that sense it's probably best to keep feet on the ground & stick to the reliable time frame. I am however quietly confident of at least one notable cold spell this Winter. Stratospherically speaking & looking at unusual pressure patterns I think conditions are ripe for it. I don't think people should take too much notice of the LRF's though as they cannot even forecast this Autumn right which was supposed to have been milder than average. It certainly hasn't been. They also got last Winter's conditions wrong as well. That's not to say they should be completely discounted but merely should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  8. Live video of snow falling in the central Asian city of Bishkek. Saima Telecom Live LIVE.SAIMANET.KG Все что нужно Supposed to snow heavily for the next 12 hours. I do like how the falling snow flakes shine in the blue light. This can be a pretty interesting place in Winter. I've seen some right dumpings on this camera.
  9. Yes it's the "lag effect" which I've mentioned before. It takes a long time for the northern hemisphere to cool down. Rarely do we get a properly cold December. And even more exceptional if it's like 2010. Often there's just not enough cold air to tap into even though it's pretty much the darkest month of the year with the Winter Solstice. Same with Summer - June is rarely the hottest month of the year despite having the longer days/stronger sun. It's usually July or even August. Again it's the lag effect. March is rarely a proper Spring month either in my eyes. We can still get snow & bitter cold like 2013 & 2018. Because the same as mentioned above. Takes a while for Spring to be sprung.
  10. This camera near the city of Asahikawa in Japan might be worth a look at over the next day or two. Supposed to be a big dumping coming their way. The area is among the snowiest lowland parts of the world. 旭川 | ライブカメラ | STV WWW.STV.JP
  11. Problem with November/December 2010 was Winter practically ended on Boxing day. It was great while it lasted but there was nothing of note for the rest of Winter - January & February being completely forgettable. February especially being very mild. I think Winter 2009/10 was better overall. Had decent snow & cold in all 3 Winter months.
  12. Well I bought some new winter walking boots 2 days ago & then right after that boom the end of the month is now looking not as cold. If I didn't buy any we'd be staring down the barrel of another November 2010. Might chuck them out.
  13. Yes Michigan does well for snow. Especially the western & northern side as bitter NW winds flow over Lake Michigan & Lake Superior creating those insane lake effect snows. Like you say I suppose it's a bit like what we see in the UK when we get beasts from the east - very cold air generating convection over the North Sea.
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