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    weather, engineering, watching The Dale, making early nineties style dance tracks
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  1. Yeah saw your post, then sat outside for a listen. Pretty much none stop.
  2. Had hail for the last hour. Now we have snow falling. Some massive flakes.
  3. Few flakes of snow blowing around here. Bit of action to the east
  4. The snow has started again, potentially the last from this easterly so hopefully it's a decent one. Can't complain, it has snowed virtually every day, just no accumulation. Better than wind and rain I guess
  5. Frame by frame it certainly looks to be filling in, good signs finally
  6. Been snowing a good hour or so now. Finally sticking. So sad to see it rapidly vanishes once it has passed the foothills. Strange how the intensity just vanishes, it isn't exactly tipping it down.
  7. When can we expect negative dew points in the region? Had snow at 11am but not much in the way of sleet etc since
  8. Wow from sleet to full on heavy snow in 2 minutes. Result. Enjoy folks
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