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  1. We should all know by now, the capricious nature of storms is what makes them equally attractive, yet frustrating. Predicting storms 24 h out let alone this far out is nigh on impossible
  2. Temperature dropped a whacking 6 degrees after that cloudburst!
  3. Had a lot of convection today which came to nothing. Then in the last half hour an innocent looking shower has evolved into a massive downpour here. First decent rainfall in ages
  4. Torrential rain shower just developed from nothing
  5. Band of hevy rain has passed through here and the sun is now out with a fair amount of warmth. Towers shooting up everywhere!
  6. Looked promising stormwise for a while in my neck of the woods, but now it's just a mess of disorganised patchy showers.
  7. Meanwhile in France..a severe thunderstorm alert was issued for the Toulouse area earlier
  8. The heavier showers are staying west of me or else dying before they get here!Never mind, I'm off to Barcelon next week where my chances are a lot higher!
  9. Heavy showers developing in a line roughly stretching from Brighton to Oxford (is it a CZ??) with patchy more general rain following behind. The M4 seems to be doing a good job of taming them though. Think we're just going to have a damp, sticky night here. Good luck chasers!
  10. Humidity steadily climbing here and winds now variable but light.Very dark to my south
  11. Peaked at 20.9 C here too. Now humid with hefty showers to the SE and W of me (avoiding me so far). Whether these showers will produce sferics remains to be seen.
  12. Yeah, the ones to the west of London seem to be decaying now. The Newbury cell just skirted me, and all I've got is a small shower of nice big raindrops. Looking to what's developing in the Ascot area. Tracking the right way, but might not deliver t and l
  13. The cell leaving Newbury might hit here...
  14. Beefy showers gone either side of me
  15. Hefty showers developing to the south of me. Temps now 20C and feeling humid as the cloud builds