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  1. Sustained winds of 35mph, gusts just shy of 60mph in CS England, albeit for a short time
  2. And Saturday looks worse still (At least IMBY). Mind you, the Sun have named it Hellstorm Hannah for us
  3. About 45 mins ago, had the most bizarre 'storm'. Temperature dropped from 9 to 2.5c, hail,snow,wind turned the lawn white. Now calm. Temps have dropped below freezing. Really odd that we started the day so mild and now we're icy!
  4. Agree with all those who say strength of wind is greater than Freya. Recorded 4 50mph+ gusts at home just after 8. Still blowing a hoolie. Wednesday looks nasty, but not a named storm yet?
  5. Warmest night in ages. Currently 7c. Some beefy showers on the radar.Maybe @Mapantz will get a rumble or 2 after all
  6. Low of -2.1c (again!). Yesterday's official high of 18.5c making a huge diurnal range of 21.6c. Incidentally, that was the temperature I recorded in my garden
  7. Freezing fog to greet the day again. Overnight low-1.7c. Currently 1. Looks like another glorious spring day after the fog burns off!
  8. Two big bands of rain, and I'm in the middle. Been wet, but nothing like had been predicted. Windy enough to blow empty bins over, but nowhere near as bad as Weds night. Just about hit low 40s. Not pleasant out,but we seem to have got off lightly
  9. The winds forecast here are lower than last night's, but still pretty stormy. We have road works in our street and the closure signs have been blown over and put back up at least a dozen times
  10. Vicious little storm passed through in the night. Woke me twice. That'll be the 49mph gusts then
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