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  1. S.Wales firing up. Hopefully that'll track along the M4
  2. If anyone in London haas called this bust...shame....
  3. Its all gone bonkers as predictions had said
  4. SE England enjoy your night. This is going to be the things dreams are made of (if you're a storm chaser in UK)
  5. I've done that! Though the storms had been over the Pyrenees!
  6. If you live anywhere south of Sheffield Id abandon all hope of an uninterrupted night
  7. The rainfall in the hook arm of the MCV is insane
  8. Storm cells in channel have tripped in last 50 mins according to eustorm on Twitter
  9. There was a tornado warning for the Slough area earlier!
  10. Wow!! That hook that developed on the MCS!!! And this isn't even the main event?
  11. Eustorm map warning for tornados in Slough area
  12. Has the MCS (was it a MCS) swung in a more easterly direction?
  13. That storm has suddenly got a a shift on. Moving much faster now. Heavy rain t and l.
  14. Five miles away and it's pepping up now after I thought it'd miss us