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  1. Squally shower passing overhead right now accompanied by a huge gust of wind that came out of nowhere
  2. Morning all. Rainy and cool here. 7.3 C, southerly breeze. Pressure 992 hPa
  3. Think this definitely warrants a name!
  4. Vicious looking squall line visible on the radar stretching for Limerick NE wards
  5. I also think it's a great idea, particularly when we get a conveyor belt of storms, even if it's just to say to your neighbours we best repair the fence Doris mashed up! Though Ewan isn't supposed to impact on us in CS England, the fact he's on his way has spurred me to get outside and dispose of some of the debris from Thursday before it goes on another journey!
  6. Very overcast this morning with a hint of drizzle. 8.4C but feeling cooler with a brisk SW wind.. 1008 hPa and steady
  7. Bright and sunny morning, much colder than of late, but we avoided a frost here (surprise!). T 1.6 C, Winds westerly 4 mph, pressure 1012hPa and rising
  8. I liked this not because of all the grief you've had!
  9. Still very blowy here, but worst of it seems to be over for now. Probably strongest winds since the Valentine's day storm in 2014
  10. Starting to calm down now. Strongest winds in these parts since the Valentines day storm in 2014
  11. Thought it was dying down but seems to have blown up again. 34 mph gusting to 58. Unusually strong this far inland. Dread to think what speeds they got in the NW
  12. I imagine the sick bags got put to good use on that flight!
  13. Can't say I'm a huge fan either. There's blowing cobwebs away and then there's this!
  14. Had an absolutely enormous gust just now! No idea what the speed was but given we've had several well into the 50s already, I'd say that must have touched 60 mph
  15. Apart from the squall, we've had no rain either. Wind now steady 34mph gusting to 55 mph. My road faces SW and acts like a wind tunnel being a low spot. Unsecured bins flying right, left and centre. Haven't inspected the fence yet.Winds should ease mid afternoon, so will look at the damage after that. Forgot to add pressure's been stable here for a few hours at 988hPa