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  1. Wintry shower here. T 1.6. No sign of the mild air yet
  2. Same here. Snow has stopped but radar says otherwise!
  3. Temps still dropping and skies not yet clear. Down to 0.7 already. Going to be an icy night
  4. Settling here. Looking very pretty. Glad am not drivingthough!
  5. Proper snowing now! Temps dropping like a stone. Down another degree in half hour. 1.5C
  6. Yeah...Stokenchurch is the highest point around for miles. If there's going to be remarkable weather, they get it. That's why I prefer to say the M40 is the invisible weather shield round here. Not the M4!
  7. It's sleet down the road! I'll get watching my lamp post!
  8. Wind moved round to NW, temp down -2.5 degrees in last hour and we have sleety snowy stuff
  9. Winds still southerly here, though just seen metO have updated the yellow warning to take place from now, so expecting a change to NW winds imminently I guess. T steady at 5.4
  10. Light drizzle here, but temperature is dropping very slightly(yes, that is a straw in my hand) Gonna all come down to nowcasting!
  11. Morning all. 3.8C here and fairly bright. Looking forward to a good soaking, I mean some decent snow later. Meto still has us down for heavy rain after lunch turning to snow after dark for a couple of hours. I'd love it to happen, but being in the valley frost hollow I think ice will be the main feature here. Happy snow hunting all!
  12. My app still says heavy rain due after lunch tomorrow turning rapidly to snow by dusk!.We shall see. Have been proved wrong on too many occassions!