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  1. Still -3.8c Wondering if we'll get a sub zero maximum today? Would be first one in a long time!
  2. Overnight low of -4c and a crisp, clear morning. I normally hate getting up in the dark, but this morning's dawn stroll to work was magical. Put me in a proper good mood. Is there such a thing as explosive anticyclogenesis? Pressure has gone from 1004 yesterday am to 1027 just now
  3. That line is right on top of me,now. Got a horrible feeling going to cop the entire line as it moves NE
  4. I'm a long way inland and it seems to be picking up rather than dying as predicted
  5. It was tongue in cheek! Boro have a hood young side, especially if they can hang on to Spence. He's amazing
  6. Nice part of the world. It is incredibly warm on the region for sure. I've got the heaters on minimum
  7. I quite like being outside in the elements tbh. It has to be torrential rain and cold before I'd go inside by choice. All quiet on the eastern front of the region now. Looks like a gentler day tomorrow
  8. Last remnants of it here as that squall line pushes north. Very little rain here, too, despite predictions of plenty
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