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  1. Rain just clearing here. Temperatures a very disappointing 12 c. Feels like autumn again
  2. Peaked at 22.5 with hazy sunshine yesterday. Overnight low of 8.2. Brighter already out there
  3. Didn't get one drop here either but 8 miles south was another matter...
  4. Enjoying this sunny spell but looking forward to this afternoon and the potential for thunderstorms
  5. Overnight low of 0.5 ☃ Even the met office have us down for thunderstorms on Monday
  6. Frosty hollows

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    #Tornado reported on a warned cell near 41748 #Viersen, #Germany TBC - 45min Mature level 2 warned cell prior to tornado report! https://t.co/5zNeyWDpzV 27/30 #eustorm https://t.co/0n8QJ9s7BZ
  7. At least we can look forward to this https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/955733/UK-hot-weather-long-range-summer-forecast-bank-holiday-BBC-weather-Met-office
  8. That rain band has been pushing in for best part of last hour, but literally stops when it reaches here as if it's met a rain shield. Weird
  9. Birds and bright light have been waking me up at stupid O'clock Feeling warm and humid out (77%) and a lot of convective cloud that looks securely capped
  10. Temps fell to 3.9 c overnight. Recovered to 10c already. Another bright morning which woke me up before 6am again. Typical after I've stopped doing early shifts.
  11. 23c here and not a cloud in the sky
  12. Maxed out at 27.1 yesterday. Overnight low of 13 which is high for us. Looking like another day of warm, hazy sunshine