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  1. 2.50 on the dot and I woke! It was the roar of the sustained winds was the feature. Thought I'd got away with damage as apart from rubbish the garden looked ok at first sight, but I've just been to feed the chickens at the bottom of the garden and my summer house is wrecked! The trellis has bern ripped off, the window blown in and that blew the doors out
  2. Nadty little sting in the tail for East Anglia there. Looks like worst is over
  3. We had at least 2 60mph+ gusts last night and I'm probably furthest west and furthest inland in the region. Pressure picking up quite rapidly now. Short lived but nasty beast but nothing on 1987. That went on for over 7 hours and as the system moved away there were still huge gusts throughout the following day. I remember trying to walk across lambeth bridge and clinging on for dear lufe
  4. Just said the same thing. Just listening to the roar of the sustained winds was on a par with Feb 2014. Unfortunately I didn't tie my bin lid down and have had to rescue some of my rubbish from the street. Pressure dropped a lot lower than anticipated as the low crossed and deepened. Sustained winds here 35 mph+ gusts in high 50/ low 60s. Top gust 66mph. And I'm as far inland as you can get!
  5. Woke up to a terrific gust definitely late 50s. The wind roared for over 2 hours before moderating slightly. Sustained winds of 35mph + gusts 65mph this far inland. Worst storm in a while. Can only think it didn't get an amber and therefore a name because it hit overnight
  6. Wind has started to pick up jere but nothing of note yet. Peak gust usually coincide wiht the emptying of the bins in my experience
  7. Gusts of 72 and 66mph recorded as far inland as Northolt. Last time I saw winds that high in the south was the Valentines day storm a few years back
  8. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Gusts of 72 and 66mph recorded as far inland as Northolt
  9. I'm not home but in S.London tonight and it's eerily quiet after one of the most intense squalls I can recall
  10. Don't be fooled. That was Eleanor's warm up.
  11. I'm visiting the thread as I'm in S. London atm. Just had a few minutes of garden carnage as the squall line passed through. Several plant pots are casualties and the rain was intense for a short period
  12. Was 7C and raining when I went to bed so wasn't expecting to wake up to the second white out of the year! Really lucky
  13. Wow! A bust here unfortunately. Bulk of precipitation passing north plus its still mild at 7C