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  1. Frost watch season 17/18

    3 degrees right here right now
  2. Just been to the gym and noticed lots of debris on the ground. My daughters trike and a couple of garden chairs blew over because I left them in the middle of the garden not expecting significant gusts. Garden gate had also blown open. Still those who experienced Hurrican Irma are probably laughing at us and our high winds!
  3. cardiff had sustained winds of 40mph for a while and gusts of 60, so it would have been a lot windier in coastal areas. The warning was perfectly justified I think even if the exact location of the strongest gusts wasn't quite expected. Fortunately the worst of the winds were in the early hours with little traffic about. Find the Heathrow gust hard to believe though. It's 45 minutes from me and we only managed an occasional 40s gust
  4. http://www.xcweather.co.uk/ Wales getting a pounding
  5. Pretty breezy down here. I'm inland and out of the warning areas and have just recorded a 39mph. St catherines point IOW have 51 mph gusts and very strong gusts in the Severn estuary as well as south coast. A lively night for anyone on the SW flank of the low
  6. Winds ramping up in the south west/ south wales/channel. 45 mph PEmbrey sands
  7. Hurricane Irma

    This is absolutely heartbreaking
  8. Hurricane Irma

    And we are still hours away from landfall???Horrendous. Hope as many people as possible have got to safety
  9. Travelled from Preston to Warrington on M6. Roads are atrocious. Towers shooting up in all directions west of Manchester
  10. I'm staying in the Ribble Valley. Woke up to a heavy shower and a clap of thunder.Skies look murky rather than organised though. Rain looks very slow moving
  11. No not really. Bands of patchy disorganised rain throughout the evening and fog this morning. Feeling much fresher
  12. Yes. That'll be because I'm going to Yorkshire!!!! #sodslaw
  13. Sorry, I missed a page of posts and see somebody else gave a much clearer explanation why it isn't a squall line!
  14. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Don't think so but they were very badly shaken up. Some excellent stills above here!
  15. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    My friends are in Venice and their campsite was badly hit by a tornado yesterday.