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  1. Been drizzling on and off this morning. Warmed up quite a bit this afternoon and has now come over gloomy and almost threatening! Even got some cumulus bubbling up
  2. Can't remember the last time it rained here now. Been in Penzance for the weekend and it is probably the first time I've had five consecutive dry days there! Back to overnight ground frosts. Currently 1.2C, sunny with unbroken skies. Not a breath of wind either
  3. Maxed out at 23.3 also. 19C at the moment.Hard to believe it's going to be a full 10 degrees cooler tomorrow
  4. Yesterday peked at just short of 20C. We should crack that today. Warmer night than of late and yet another glorious morning! shame today's the last day of this gorgeous spring weather. Heating bck on tomorrow by the looks of it
  5. Another chilly night (-0.3), another glorious day. T currently 17.5C. Planning first BBQ of the year tomorrow
  6. Morning all. Yet another glorious cold morning. Overnight low hovering aruond zero, but plenty of unbroken sunshine. Now just five hours stands between me and 2 eeks off work!
  7. Another gorgeous day and warmer than MetO predicted.We've had a few glorious days here. Whether it'll keep it up for the Easter hols I don't know
  8. Beautiful crisp morning. Blue skies, sunshine but chilly. Currently 4.1C after a slight ground frost
  9. Pleaasant at 15.1 C after an early touch of frost
  10. Unfortunately this lovely cloud came to nothing
  11. Lots of convection to my north. Radar showing hefty showers both north and south of here, but have completely missed me
  12. Peaked at 20 earlier today. Lots of unbroken sunshine, blue skies and feeling very pleasant out of the breeze.
  13. Well, Barcelona have had a humdinger tonight. Looked great on webcam. Probably not so great for my daughter whose plane was hit by lightning coming into land
  14. Lovely day. Ate my lunch outside. T got up to 15.2 C.
  15. Spring like morning here though a little chilly at 3.8C. Sunny with broken cloud. Light NW breeze