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  1. Nah, I really did mean take 'em off, may supply an extra... measuring stick...
  2. Could take the bottoms off though... that'd keep 'em dry.
  3. Started here again, had a lull for a couple of hours, but it looks like it might make up for that. Of course it starts just as I have to go out and bed down the horses for the night.
  4. If that pans out we're gonna get hammered here and we're now at about 8 inches with 2.5 ft drifts in places.
  5. Yeah, but never trust a male when he says anything measures 13 inches... just sayin'...
  6. That red warning is right across the M8 corridor. I used to work in Glasgow and live in Edinburgh and many, many people do. This upgrade to red in the middle of the day long after most people have gone to work is a real problem. I've done that route in horrendous conditions, took 5.5 hrs and there was only about an inch of snow east of Harthill! Given the amount of snow we had overnight and the forecast that today would be even worse and given that last night it was reported that we were "on the cusp" of a red warning, an earlier upgrade might have been prudent. Still, at least the schools had the sense to close and I talked hubby outta going to work. Now we can enjoy the snow instead of worrying.
  7. East Kilbride??? Nae luck. I'm from there. Years ago it got cut off nearly every winter. Get out and stay out until the weather improves is my advice
  8. Also amber warning of disruptive snow now extended further west through the central belt of Scotland to include Glasgow. Previously Livingston was just inside the amber warning area. Looks like Tues/Wed will be nasty through the M8 corridor.
  9. Storm Fionn - Atlantic Storm 6

    There's already 7 inches here and with more forecast overnight, it could be bad. Main roads not great.
  10. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    Oh, there's no lack of interest from this particular Scot, I'm very worried, still got the half-toppled tree overhanging my phone line in my garden.
  11. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    Seems xcweather has now moved the strongest winds northward, more in line with met office warning area, see Sunday 9 am http://www.xcweather.co.uk/GB/forecast
  12. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    That's what I was thinking...
  13. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    Just looked at this. Worst winds seem to be up the Irish Sea and Wales http://www.xcweather.co.uk/GB/forecast
  14. Well, I'm slowly losing the will to live. Woke this morning to pages and pages of posts in the model thread, some going as far as 25th Dec, some for tomorrow. Tried catching up, but my brain threw a tantrum and refused. Someone, anyone, with electronic crayons and the Fax chart, please draw some pictures for me because atm words are way beyond what my brain can cope with. Labels are OK
  15. Storm Caroline - Atlantic Storm 3

    I've just had a rather violent squall which brought the balanced tree further down and scared the poop outta the horses. I'd put 'em in the field while I mucked out and just as I finished the wind went mad, accompanied by very heavy sleet. Horses came galloping to the gate and yelled at me to bring them back in. Being a softy I did and they're now tucked up in their jimjams with big piles of haylage. Never seen 'em look so relieved! Horses really don't like high winds, makes 'em very unpredictable and spooky.