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  1. Year after year I ask peeps to explain a sting jet to me and they oblige. I think I understand it, then along comes another year and I realise I still don't get it. I've read articles, I've watched videos and animations, I've tried modelling it with string and Rizlas and my brain still doesn't manage to grasp it.
  2. Useful live webcam. It's from Carolina Beach Fishing Pier, just south of Wilmington. http://surfchex.com/cams/carolina-beach-web-cam/
  3. Link to Jupiter beach live webcam http://www.evsjupiter.com/
  4. Don't go!!!! Must admit I watched that fake YT thing for about 3 hours before I cottoned on. Why peeps do that is beyond me.
  5. Well, the first subtle clue was that it was labelled as archive footage, the second was that it was 1 hour long rather than an indefinite live stream, third was that the box selected at the bottom said "Hurricane Irma archive", which led me to hazard a guess that it was Hurricane Irma archive footage, fourthly the wind was blowing directly on shore which is the wrong direction for the current position of Dorian and fifthly, I'm familiar with those webcams cos I spend every hurricane season watching them (can never find 'em until someone links 'em though, cos I'm a technonumpty).
  6. The Fort Lauderdale link given is archive footage of Hurricane Irma, not live. Live cam is here https://www.earthcam.com/usa/florida/lauderdalebythesea/?cam=windjammer
  7. Lastest forecast broadcast on MSNBC has just said Dorian is gonna stall over Grand Bahama for the next 24-36 hours.
  8. Thanks, wasn't sure of it was supposed to stick to WNW before the turn.
  9. Dratted thing currently moving due west, was that forecast at all?
  10. I'm following Mission 27 (Gulfstream), but apparently Mission 29 (Lockheed) is on its way to join in. Have you found how to get the data points? If not, gimme a shout.
  11. I really hope this thing gets steered northwards soon. Observed track of eye has been WNW. Katrina had a much more NNW track and was west of Dorian's track before she took a ridiculous turn to the WSW, crossing Florida and entering the gulf. Can anyone remember the set up that steered Katrina?
  12. I'm using this http://tropicalatlantic.com/recon/recon.cgi?basin=al&mapping=cesium The graphic shows a reading taken from what appears to be inside the eye, but isn't prolly due to delay in updating image. I'm using the "infrared funktop hourly" layer. Flight path takes a jog due east of previous reading and it comes out at 179.5 mph, without the wee red asterisk which usually is used to denote suspect data.
  13. Reading has come in from NE quadrant near eye wall, windspeed 179 mph.
  14. I see we're doing lightning stories so here's mine. After an amazing spell of hot weather in England, Scotland got the thunderstorms This was in 2000 or 2001. It was a foggy, rainy morning when the thunder started at around 10 am. I wandered into our downstairs bathroom for a wee and as I sat there with the windo behind me there was an absolutely blinding flash and at the same time the toilet and the suspended floor jumped and there was an incredible bamg. Not a rumble, a bang. I shot out of the bathroom, everything at ankles, yelling for hubby. Went out on hands and knees in a Noachian downpour to discover that a silver birch in the garden had been struck, the strike being 5 feet from our bedroom window. The roots of the tree are right beside our line to our septic tank which explains the jumping loo.
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