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  1. I'm using this. I use incognito cos it's full of adverts. You might be lucky and find a live stream being broadcast on YT. https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/weather-channel.html
  2. This is just a quick C&P from dropsonde data, got it from tropical atlantic site (puter lagging too badly to manage screenshots). "Dropsonde Location: Dropped in eyewall 45° (NE) from the eye center. Highest altitude where wind was reported: - Location: 28.41N 92.76W - Time: 23:01:39Z Lowest altitude where wind was reported: - Location: 28.42N 93.02W - Time: 23:08:41Z Mean Boundary Level Wind (mean wind in the lowest 500 geopotential meters of the sounding): - Wind Direction: 35° (from the NE) - Wind Speed: 143 knots (165 mph) Deep Layer Mean Wind (average wind
  3. Noticed a wind speed of 153.5 mph in the northeast sector.
  4. "But it's only August..!" wailed the horse owner, who's trying to get as much grazing done on her fields before she has to bring them in and start forking out money for hay. Each year I expect to be able to keep them out until October before the ground is so saturated that they wreck the grazing. God help those hay/haylage/silage producers still to get forage cut. They need the ground to be firm enough for their heavy machinery to get in and out of the field. Last time this happened we had a serious hay/haylage shortage for horses at the tail end of winter. I had to buy in prepacked stuff fro
  5. Oh, good grief! Just what we need. Worth keeping a close eye on this puppy.
  6. Looks like things happening northeast of Kendal, west of Tebay near M6.
  7. It was the warning for last night. I'm wondering if it was a first. And events have borne out that it was certainly warranted.
  8. Can anyone recall any previous occasion where Scotland has had an amber warning for thunderstorms? I'm not talking about an amber for flooding from thunderstorms. IIRC, the wording was for the thunderstorms themselves.
  9. Well that was quite a night in Scotland. After all of the excitement of the storm heading into Fife which I could see from west of Livi, I settled down and at about 4 am a storm formed right over the top of me. I had constant lightning from around 1 am until 4.30 am, well above 60 flashes a minute. Never seen anything like it in my life. And the rain that last one threw on me was incredible. I opened the front door and the porch was an inch deep in water within about a minute just from the gutters and the splashing from monstrous drops. I fell asleep aroud 4.30 am. I've just been ouside a
  10. I'm in the central belt, I've just been out in the field watching the lightning from your weather and I've never seen anything like it in my life! The lightning detector is missing so much! At one point there must have been about 30 flashes per minute. Heard very little in the way of thunder, but what I could make out of the clouds during flashes, that thing is a monster! and at one point Edited to add - my son was out with me, he's 20. First he lit my way to the field, then offered me his jacket, he was so solicitious, taking care of mummy... and after about 2 minutes of non-stop lightni
  11. It's looking more organised now, been perusing current recon flight on cesium. It's a strange one.
  12. I saw something about another pair of Atlantic lows doing the same dance and then merging as happened with Dennis, think they mentioned Wednesday, but I haven't seen any details.
  13. Year after year I ask peeps to explain a sting jet to me and they oblige. I think I understand it, then along comes another year and I realise I still don't get it. I've read articles, I've watched videos and animations, I've tried modelling it with string and Rizlas and my brain still doesn't manage to grasp it.
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