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  1. Well, I'm slowly losing the will to live. Woke this morning to pages and pages of posts in the model thread, some going as far as 25th Dec, some for tomorrow. Tried catching up, but my brain threw a tantrum and refused. Someone, anyone, with electronic crayons and the Fax chart, please draw some pictures for me because atm words are way beyond what my brain can cope with. Labels are OK
  2. Storm Caroline - Atlantic Storm 3

    I've just had a rather violent squall which brought the balanced tree further down and scared the poop outta the horses. I'd put 'em in the field while I mucked out and just as I finished the wind went mad, accompanied by very heavy sleet. Horses came galloping to the gate and yelled at me to bring them back in. Being a softy I did and they're now tucked up in their jimjams with big piles of haylage. Never seen 'em look so relieved! Horses really don't like high winds, makes 'em very unpredictable and spooky.
  3. So they finally got their act together...
  4. You had to say that, didn't you? You just had to say that! If the rest of the winter ends up warmish and wet I'll know who to blame and I'll be hunting you! Within an hour I fully expect a monster of a PV to set up bang on the pole and a return of last year's Azore's slug. Having said that, yes it does seem promising. I'm surprised how quiet this thread has been. If the trop and strat finally manage to couple, what changes might that bring?
  5. Storm Caroline - Atlantic Storm 3

    No idea what my top gust so far has been, but it was strong enough to bring down a tree in the front garden. It's currently precariously balanced against a neighbour's tree, uncomfortably close to the telephone line and only about 15 feet from my front window. Luckily it's tilted away from the house and the wind swinging more northerly will help it to stay against the neighbour's tree. Then if it goes, it should miss the phone line... I hope.
  6. That's what he said... Just out of interest, can someone tie in what the PV is doing with what's happening or going to happen? Help me understand this.
  7. Storm Caroline - Atlantic Storm 3

    Isn't lunchtime Thursday when the winds are at their strongest? Why turf the kids out into that?
  8. Well said!I was busy bemoaning my measly 2 cm when I saw your post. It made me stop and think. No matter what any of us gets, we will get weather. Hope you feel better soon.
  9. Forecast animation looks tasty https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/stratosphere
  10. Earlier someone asked what was going on with the stratosphere and polar vortex so I went and looked https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/stratosphere Animation shows PV being displaced and landing on us and Europe and a Canadian warming.
  11. What on earth is going on there? It's like a conga line!
  12. Storm Caroline - Atlantic Storm 3

    Damn damn damn damn damn. This puts me right in the red area. Looking at the direction the house should shelter the stables to begin with, but as the wind swings round to more northerly the stable doors face right into it. Neddies might get a tad cold cos I only have half doors.
  13. Storm Caroline - Atlantic Storm 3

    Thanks Jo. I've been away from the forum for a few days and I'm busy catching up with the model thread. I'm so glad you posted cos you've saved me time wading through pages and pages. Looks like I'm safe from the worst of it, but at 600 ft it could be nasty.
  14. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/17 onwards

    Snow!!! Trying to lie, been some heavy showers. I have everything crossed including my eyes.
  15. Un-named Atlantic lows 2017

    N...N...N... Nineteen!!! NHC graphic for depression 19.