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  1. Cold and clear in the morning after an early ground frost before cloud bubbled up by the afternoon, though still remaining mostly sunny. Max Temp: 14.3C Min Temp: 3.7C Mean Wind: 15mph SE Max Gust: 22mph Sunshine: 9.1hrs Rainfall: None Currently mostly cloudy with a temp of 9.8C and a light south-easterly breeze.
  2. Last nights rain totalled 21.4mm, taking us up to 93.8mm for October (351% to the 15th!) and 203.8mm for the Autumn so far. The wettest Autumn here since 1980 was 2000, which had 296.3mm - there's certainly a possibility to beat that, considering we're only just halfway through the season.
  3. Mostly cloudy with bright spells after heavy rain yesterday evening and last night. 21.4mm fell in total, taking us up to 93.4mm for the month already. Min temp 10.4C. Currently 10.9C.
  4. We've now had 181.8mm of rain in the last 23 days (and counting, as its currently raining). The 1981-2010 average for the entire Autumn here is 179.9mm. It has been quite cool by day aswell, with a high maximum of 15.6C this month and only 3 days surpassing 15C. The models aren't showing anything much above 14C for the foreseeable either. Its quite a different October to recent years. Extremely dull too, we've had only 33 hours of sunshine in 14 days.
  5. Dull, overcast and misty all day with persistent light rain. Cold too with a max of just 12.8C and a keen easterly wind. No sunshine and 19.6mm of rain since midnight. Currently overcast but dry with a temp of 12.4C.
  6. Another 18.0mm of rain so far today meaning we've now had 154mm since 22nd September. Surprisingly the ground has taken it well due to the long dry period before, but the rivers and streams are rising now so it could do to stop!
  7. Cool and overcast for the most part with a few breaks in the last couple of hours. Extremely wet overnight with 20.2mm falling in less than three hours. Max Temp: 14.3C Min Temp: 9.3C Mean Wind: 14mph N Max Gust: 21mph Rainfall: 17.0mm Sunshine: 0.9hrs (so far) Currently mostly cloudy with bright spells and a temp of 12.5C.
  8. Another 20.2mm of rain overnight taking us to 134.4mm in the last 13 days. That's more than we had during the entire winters of 2011/12, 2014/15 and 2018/19.
  9. We put ours on for an hour for the first time yesterday after the inside temp dropped to 18C.
  10. Closing this as we're now past the sea ice minimum. Please continue in the new thread.
  11. Even here in the east it has been vile. Since the evening of the 22nd September we've had 99.2mm so far. This month is now on 107.0mm, making it the wettest here since 1993. Hard to believe the first 21 days had just 7.8mm!
  12. Blaming the younger generation is just pure ignorance as you mention. The young live in the world that the previous generations constructed, they have no choice. The other factor that is often ignored now is how much more efficient things are. The lighting in our house for example is all LED, each bulb using no more than 14w compared to the 60-100w light bulbs previous generations might have used. There's also the fact that white goods in general use a lot less now than a lot then. The younger generation might have more in the way of technology now, but how does a smartphone consuming 2 watts compare to a record player in the past for example? I would not be surprised if younger people now use much less electricity than previous generations.
  13. 11.5C and 119mm Slightly above average for both temperatures and rainfall. I was tempted to go cooler than average, but its always a risk these days!
  14. Overcast all day with light rain at times and heavier rain this afternoon. The total since midnight is now up to 37.2mm, making it the wettest day since 8th August 2017. It has been rather cool aswell with a brief max of 14.6C. Now currently 12.8C with a 25-30mph NNW wind so feeling quite chilly. September is now up to 99.2mm here (after only 7.8mm in the first 21 days), making it already the wettest since 1999.
  15. Surely you cant be serious? The weather this week has been abysmal. 84mm of rain in 8 days and not a single day with any dry, usable weather. There hasn't hardly been any sunshine either. I'm no fan of summer extending well into Autumn but this weather hasn't been of use to anyone.
  16. Extremely wet again overnight with 28.8mm since midnight. Mild with a min of 11.7C and now up to 13.4C with further rain on the way.
  17. Well they would say that wouldn't they, seen as though Electoverse is an AGW-denialist website. Total nonsense, like the rest of the rubbish on there.
  18. Well that ended abruptly! We had 7.8mm from 18th August - 21st September (35 days) and then 50.6mm in the last 6 days. It has been a theme of this year of little rain for weeks followed by short spells of lots of rain: 1st January - 1st March: 43.2mm 2nd - 17th March: 64.0mm 18th March - 23rd April: 12.8mm 24th April - 11th May: 63.4mm 27th June - 18th July: 2.4mm 19th - 31st July: 48.0mm
  19. By far the best storm of the year, torrential rain and frequent thunder and lightning. 17.0mm of rain already.
  20. Both are due to refraction of sunlight in the Earth's atmosphere. Essentially light rays are bent by the atmosphere which causes the sun to be seen on the horizon earlier (and later during sunset) than would otherwise be the case. This is more profound at higher latitudes and especially so during the winter as the sun takes longer to rise and set due to it's lower angle.
  21. We've already gone past the expected sunshine this month with 9 days to go. The 1981-2010 average here is 145hrs and we're already on 154hrs. The sunniest on record was 1986 with 202hrs, so we only need to average 5.33hrs per day to the end of the month to reach that. Its also been very dry, with 7.8mm so far this month and 9.8mm in the last 5 weeks.
  22. Mostly clear and cold overnight with a min temp of 3.9C, the lowest in September since 2012. Now mostly cloudy with sunny spells and a temp of 16.7C.
  23. Quite a cool start this morning despite the breeze with a min temp of 6.2C. Now up to 14.9C with sunny spells but quite a strong NNW breeze of 15-20mph.
  24. We managed 20.3C earlier, but now the cold front has passed over it is 14.4C. Little rain on it though, barely wet the ground. Still only 7.8mm this month at the half way point.
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