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  1. Rather average for both temperature and rainfall. 16.4C and 71mm
  2. I'm no heat lover but found summer 2018 fine aswell. That also came after a cool spring spell so its not as though its down to acclimatising or anything. Its just the humidity has been very high. Here for example the minimum humidity for the last 8 days: 14th: 72% 15th: 68% 16th: 62% 17th: 51% 18th: 62% 19th: 66% 20th: 66% 21st: 70% The majority of the time it has been in the 70-75% range. The only day it dropped slightly was the 17th, but it was 29C then. Its just been awful.
  3. Its actually maximum temperatures that have the higher anomoly: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_info_max.html https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_info_min.html +2.5C for the maxima and +2.1C for the minima. Maximum temperatures haven't been remarkable for extremes but they have been almost consistently average or above.
  4. If we hit a final July CET figure of 18.0C then August would only require 17.5C for this summer to make it into the top 10. Even with an August equal to the 1991-2020 average, that 18.0C for July would still give us the joint 17th warmest summer in the 363 year CET series. Barring anything unusual in August, this is going to finish as a very warm summer.
  5. There have been several times this year where Max and Lewis would have crashed if Lewis hadn't backed out of it (Spain being the best example). Not this time! Max is aggressive and hopefully will learn to leave a bit more space and not assume the other driver will back out. Lewis passed Leclerc and Norris at the same point so it is possible at Copse assuming the other driver doesn't chop across!
  6. Those are warm max/min figures for your neck of the woods TM. We reached 29.3C here yesterday which put it as the 9th warmest July day in 42 years for us, so I imagine >28C is quite notable for you?
  7. Fortunately the sea breeze has kicked in for us now and the temperature has dropped from 26.2C to 23.3C in less than 15 minutes. The dewpoint dropped from 19.1C to 16.7C with it, so it feels quite different now. Yesterday was too much for me reaching 29.3C (the 9th warmest July day ever for here) with a dewpoint of >20C at times. It was still 26C at 8pm so cooling the house before bed was pretty much impossible as I'm up at 5am all weekend for work.
  8. This weather is horrid. We're still at 28.4C with a dewpoint of 20.2C at nearly 7pm.
  9. Getting pretty uncomfortable out there now. Currently 29.0C with a dewpoint of 19.6C. It'd be nice if it wasn't quite so humid. It'd also be nice if the other half hadn't opened all of the windows this afternoon to 'keep the house cool', meaning we've got to somehow get it down from 29C this evening.
  10. I've always been of the opinion that expectations are far too high for August when it comes to sunshine, mainly due to the anomalously sunny 1989-2005 period. The 1981-2010 average itself is artificially high, from 1920-1980 around 15 Augusts were higher than that average, yet from the 1989-2005 alone nine Augusts managed it with the worst of the others barely no more than10% below it. Its also a month where by the end light levels are similar to the first half of April so its quite far fetched to expect 200+ hour totals regularly on a month so far from the solstice.
  11. Thick fog here again with visibility barely 50m. Its fairly unusual to get sea fret here in high summer despite being only 7 miles from the coast. Its quite odd for it to be light at 10pm in a proper pea-souper!
  12. Didn't expect to see the sea fret today, its quite unusual by July, especially so close to midday. As a result its only 14.4C but at least its dry. We also had an unexpected very heavy shower yesterday evening which dumped 12mm in about half an hour.
  13. June was a decent month here, these were the figures for my location: Mean Temp: 15.3C (+0.9C) Rainfall: 25.2mm (40%) Sunshine: 209hrs (112%) There weren't any really cool days either. In fact, the lowest maximum all month was 14.6C on the 30th which is actually the second highest in 41 years. There was only measurable rain on 8 days aswell. The start of July hasnt been great but we're still running above average on temperature and sunshine and well below on rainfall for the summer overall. The summer index stands at 216, which isn't half bad after the 'coolest' month of the summer.
  14. Another one here who didn't realise time was getting on and forgot to put a prediction in in time. I imagine the penalty is too large now so Ill just say I think its going to be slightly warmer than average with close to average rainfall overall.
  15. Figures for here: 30th August - 22nd September: 23.4mm 23rd September - 31st October: 111.2mm 1st November - 2nd December: 18.4mm 3rd December - 18th February: 221.4mm 19th February - 2nd May: 30.6mm 3rd May - 26th May: 65.8mm 27th May - 16th June: 6.6mm 17th June on.. ??? Wet, dry, wet, dry. Always seems we get stuck in a rut these days. Weeks of wet then weeks of dry and back again.
  16. After a cloudy start it turned clear and sunny from around 0900 and remained so until the last hour or so. It was the warmest day of the year so far though humidity was quite low, hitting a minimum of 37% late in the afternoon. Max Temp: 27.2C Min Temp: 13.0C Max Mean Wind: 15mph (S) Max Gust: 21mph Rainfall: None Sunshine: 12.4hrs Currently partly cloudy with sunny spells and a temp of 24.9C.
  17. The sea breeze seems to be very limited today. We're usually always affected by it here 7 miles from the coast but today it hasn't reached us. We hit a max of 27.2C and its still 25.1C, quite unusual to be so warm late into the evening in this neck of the woods.
  18. The temperature is quite slow to fall too. We're still at 25.1C at almost 8pm. Its quite unusual to get evenings like this here as the sea breeze usually kicks in during the afternoon and temperatures then fall quickly in the evening. The wind however is south-westerly at the moment.
  19. Warmest day of the year for us today, peaking at 27.2C. We're also on 143 hours of sunshine so just under 9 hours per day on average so far. Still 26.1C now and only 38% humidity so actually quite comfortable.
  20. It rather passed under the radar last night but it was the highest June minima on record here with a low of 16.6C, beating the previous record of 16.4C set back in June 2005. That's in records going back to 1980, so it was a notably warm night. This spell hasnt been bad at all here if you like sunshine, up to 92 hours at the moment, which is only 5 hours less than all of July 2020!
  21. It was a total bust here, overcast throughout. Of course 30 minutes after it ended it turned sunny. Another one missed!
  22. Totally overcast here, in a month with 79hrs of sunshine in the first 9 days. Its like the weather knew an eclipse was on.
  23. Yes, how typical that during the eclipse it is totally overcast. Couldn't make it up!
  24. Clear all day and just topped out at 25.5C. I dont know whether its because it has been cool for so long but it feels stifling. Pretty much at my limit until I can acclimatise at least.
  25. Very warm and sunny, currently 25.1C which is the max so far.
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