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  1. We reached a max of 16.1C in the end so only the warmest since 2012 here but certainly notable.
  2. Exceptionally mild with well broken cloud and long sunny spells. Temp is currently 14.7C after a min of 8.4C.
  3. Sunny already today despite being forecast to be cloudy for most of the morning. Already up to 10.8C after a min of 8.4C so could be close to our record of 16.9C set in February 1998 on the first day of this spell.
  4. It's time for a new thread as we've passed the minimum this year and the regrowth of Arctic sea ice has begun. As always, please stick to the rules for the section, the end of the last thread was already going well off course.
  5. Can we stick to spring discussion please. Thanks
  6. This is not the place for AGW discussion. Back to the models...
  7. Not at all, but as it's looking average or above for the foreseeable future then the chance of a sub-3C February and below average winter reduces significantly.
  8. December had a CET of 6.9C and January was pretty average at 4.0C. Until the last couple of weeks it was hardly cold at all. Even now after the cold spell February needs to finish with a CET in the high 2s just for this winter to be around the 1981-2010 average. That looks unlikely now so it'll probably finish quite a bit milder than normal.
  9. Spring and Autumn are generally neglected. Usually when people say what spring weather they want they really mean 'summer' and likewise with Autumn: they mean 'winter'. Not that it means anything as we can never be overdue a particular weather type, but we actually had the warmest spring on record just recently in 2017 (and 3 others in the previous decade that were 10+C). If anything an average spring would be nice with alternating cold and warm spells similar to 1995 leading to a back-end summer rather than it all being over by August.
  10. We didnt have anywhere near that, just a light covering that wasn't measurable. Its all gone now as we've only had one light shower since 6.30am, that band totally missed us. Our 6 year stint without more than 0.5cm continues...
  11. They should be mostly snow but won't lay once it warms up unless they're heavy enough.
  12. Yep and as a result we're finally getting a few showers here. Just had a heavy snow shower leaving a light covering.
  13. I swear this area is cursed. Yet again when its cold enough for the snow to have a chance of laying there's a massive gap on the radar. It doesn't seem to matter whether its a SE, E or NE flow, always happens nowadays. Truly frustrating!
  14. Its a strange stat. Here only four out of 10 have been above average, yet 6 out of 10 have had no lying snow at 0900. The 2000s on the other had 7 Januarys above average but 5 seeing no lying snow.
  15. We finished on 4.2C, so 0.2C below the 1981-2010 average. Very dry and sunny though. Rainfall was 23.6mm (42%) and sunshine was 76hrs (133%). What is notable is that only 4 days had more than 1mm of rain, very unusual in a winter month.
  16. After the weird freezing rain shower before midnight every shower after that has been snow fortunately. We did manage a reasonable cover so it goes down as a snow day at 0900 though nothing you could measure. I'm only going by what my other half has said though as I was asleep after my night shift and missed it all. By the time I got up at 1pm it was almost completely gone and the temp was above 3C. We haven't had a shower since.
  17. A few miles more inland makes the difference it seems. Glad you've seen something.
  18. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, its freezing rain here! Temp has shot up to 0.6C but surfaces are still cold from the hard frost today so there's glaze everywhere.
  19. Freezing fog for most of the night and all day until the evening. Now clear and cold with a light SE wind. We just missed out on an ice day with the temperature briefly hitting 0.1C. Max Temp: 0.1C Min Temp: -4.2C Mean Wind: 4mph SE Max Gust: 8mph Sunshine: None Rainfall: None Currently clear with the temp back down to -1.0C.
  20. -2.3C at nearly 1pm. Didn't expect this. Might not be snowing but it's rather cold!

  21. A rather uninteresting 5.0C and 55mm So slightly milder and drier than average.
  22. I used to have one of these (a WS-2300, the same model just with no USB adaptor) as my first AWS in the early-mid 2000s alongside traditional equipment before I went to my Davis. The temperature sensor on mine was actually pretty accurate once placed inside a screen (it ran 0.3-0.4C too cool before calibration) and the rain gauge was pretty good. Mine lasted 6 years with the base station failing before any of the sensors did. The software for it was called heavyweather and hasn't been updated in probably around 15 years. Its much better if you use something like Cumulus with it instead.
  23. The first half of February 2012 was awesome. The 1st-12th averaged -0.2C here with 10 consecutive days of snow at 0900. There were two good snowfalls in that period, 9cm on the 4th and 5cm on the 9th. There were 12 consecutive days with frost, including three days below -5C. The rest of the month was garbage with an average of 7.5C giving a final figure of 4.5C - exactly average. 2009-2013 was a good period, it had a total of 70 days of lying snow at 0900 in those five winters. The six winters since have had 6 days in total - all less than 1cm.
  24. If 1cm cover is the benchmark then we haven't had anything here since January 2013!
  25. The 1990s weren't anything special. I'm not sure why you keep coming out with this. Sure the last few years has been a poor run, but on average here: Winter Index: 1990s: 57.0 2000s: 48.3 2010s: 68.9 Days of sleet/snow falling: 1990s: 11.8 2000s: 11.9 2010s: 11.7 Days of Snow lying at 0900: 1990s: 5.8 2000s: 3.6 2010s: 7.6 Winter months more than 1C below average: 1990s: 2 2000s: 2 2010s: 5 Winter mean temp: 1990s: 4.77C 2000s: 5.08C 2010s: 4.69C The 2010s are almost unanimously better, despite the last few years being poor. Sure, 2010-2013 heavily weigh up the 2010s, but 1991, 1996 and 1997 did the same in the 1990s.