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  1. Its a good point that actually. The wind can make the biggest difference to whether heating is needed or not. If you're in a drafty building then in winter its often warmer indoors on a calm 4C day than a blustery 12C day!
  2. Still 22.8C upstairs at the moment where the Davis VP2 console is. There seems to be considerable heatsoak still from the summer. Last night was actually down to 9.1C, but we'd need several single figure mins here before we get below 20C indoors.
  3. Still haven't dropped below 10C here yet this month, so its a long time before we can think of even a ground frost, let alone an air frost! Tonight might finally manage a sub-10C min though, down to 10.9C already.
  4. The top year was 2006. Now corrected, but still notable the company 2016 shares.
  5. Warmest extended May-Sep periods in the CET series: 2006: 16.16C 1947: 15.90C 1976: 15.76C 1868: 15.68C 2003: 15.68C 1846: 15.66C 1934: 15.62C 1911: 15.54C 1826: 15.52C 2016: 15.52C (assuming a 16.0C September finish) 1959: 15.48C 1995: 15.48C A 16.2C finish would put us on 15.56C between 1911 and 1934. Either way, just into the top 10 in over 350 years looks likely.
  6. I tend to use the dehumidifier upstairs rather than the heating during most of the Autumn as it keeps the house dry and adds just enough heat that unless it gets into low single-figures outside overnight then things are still comfortable. As it stands though we're about as far away from needing the heating as can be. We haven't had a minimum temperature below 10C yet this month and the mean max is 21.1C. The house hasn't dropped below 21C yet.
  7. Yes, just two days here aswell. I've never known a summer this poor for storms in this area. We only got 4.4mm of rain from today's band in the end.
  8. Storm shield working well here. No thunder around and its still bone dry!
  9. In my experience of working both night shifts and day shifts, there are more dozy drivers around doing daft things in the morning than the evening. Under the present system, on 1st March sunrise is around 6.50am and sunset 5.40pm which is an hour either side of each rush hour so about right if you ask me. Its not as if you can do much in the evening at that time of the year anyway, as its still cold and nothing really grows.
  10. autumn

    A closer to average 17.2C here now after a high of 20.8C. The north-easterly breeze makes such a difference. Still sunny, but wont be long before the fret moves back in, I can see it in the distance.
  11. autumn

    The sea fret and cloud has burned away here to give another clear and sunny day. Its a completely different feel to yesterday however as we now have quite a fresh north-easterly wind. We're at 20.4C though its still rather humid with a dewpoint of 17.0C.
  12. autumn

    We reached 27.7C here in the end, beating the old record set in 1999 by 0.7C. Today was with an onshore easterly breeze aswell, so its very notable for this this area. That means this September we've beat the all time high minima by 1.0C and high maxima by 0.7C in two separate warm periods! Rather unusual as they've been standing for 32 and 17 years respectively.
  13. Hot, sunny and humid. The maximum temperature of 27.7C was the warmest in September at this site since my records began in 1980, beating the old record of 27.0C comfortably. The dewpoint reached a max of 20.6C, the fourth time this year 20C has been surpassed and the first time ever in September. Max Temp: 27.7C (new record) Min Temp: 15.9C Mean Wind: 7mph E Max Gust: 10mph Rainfall: None Sunshine: 9.8hrs Currently partly cloudy with a temp of 18.7C and dewpoint of 16.5C.
  14. autumn

    The humidity is shocking again today. It seems to be a running theme this year, another 20C+ dewpoint (that's four times this summer) when its generally once or twice a decade. Currently 26.9C with a dewpoint of 20.3C. The September record max is 27.0C here too (since 1980), so that looks like it might go aswell.
  15. Cloudy throughout, though there were a few bright spells in the afternoon and evening. Exceptionally mild, with a min temp of 18.1C (so far), beating the record set back in 1984 by over a degree. Max Temp: 23.6C Min Temp: 18.1C (so far) Rainfall: None Sunshine: 1.2hrs Currently 18.1C with a dewpoint of 16.9C. Overcast with a light south-easterly wind.