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  1. No idea, she's just never been able to do it. Her mouth opens and no sound or just half of one comes out. No problems understanding what she wants though!
  2. Here's ours, complete with bit out of her ear from a fight three years ago. She can't actually meow properly and instead makes all manner of noises to communicate.
  3. Cabling going in down my street right now. Not BT here of course, its KCOM instead, who are doing FTTP everywhere so the rollout has been glacial. Shouldn't be long now though, 250Mb down. Woohoo.
  4. A mostly cloudy day with occasional sunny periods. After the warmest July night since 2010 it was another very warm day. The humidity was particularly notable, with a dewpoint of 21.3C just after 1pm - the warmest I've ever recorded. Max Temp: 28.4C Min Temp: 18.0C Mean Wind: 12mph SW Max Gust: 20mph Sunshine: 6.6hrs Rainfall: None Currently mostly cloudy with a Temp of 22.8C.
  5. The humidity can't possibly increase from this! It was 28.4C with a dewpoint of 21.3C at 13:05 today. Looking back at my records I can't find another dewpoint reading above 21.0C, so its certainly unusual. I'm so glad I'm not on nights this week, I don't think I would have slept at all!
  6. Another very warm day here today with a max temp of 28.4C. Looking forward to tomorrow now as I just can't get the house cooled down in this weather (28.1C at the moment) and the thunderstorm chance looks like a bust again!
  7. Mostly cloudy with sunny spells. Exceptionally warm overnight with a min temp of 18.0C. Now up to 23.6C and 73% humidity.
  8. Clear and sunny throughout, giving the warmest July day since 2006 and second warmest day of any month in the last 10 years. The temperature was pretty stable after mid-morning due to the onshore breeze kicking in, but still very warm indeed. Max Temp: 28.8C Min Temp: 15.4C Mean Wind: 11mph SE Max Gust: 17mph Rainfall: None Sunshine: 14.1hrs (so far) Currently 23.3C and 68% humidity.
  9. 28.1C here now, so its the third warmest day of the last decade. Far too hot for me!
  10. Even here near the coast its 26.9C already despite a min of 15.1C. We've not hit 30C since 2001, could today be the day?
  11. With a maximum temperature of 27.8C, it was actually the warmest day here since 27th June 2011. It was rather humid too with a high dewpoint of 20.2C at 14:23, itself the highest since 1st August 2013. The day started off quite average with a min temp of 13.1C and unbroken sunshine, but cloud bubbled up as the heat built into the afternoon, with the last couple of hours being mostly cloudy. Currently 24.6C with a dewpoint of 18.0C and a light south-easterly breeze.
  12. We've peaked at 27.8C with a dewpoint of 19.6C so its quite uncomfortable. Tomorrow will be cooler here with the onshore breeze though.
  13. The humidity is certainly high at the moment. We're at 25.3C with a dewpoint of 19.1C. Its a bit uncomfortable for me but at least we're forecast some thunderstorms later so it'll be worth it.
  14. Just had a massive clap of thunder and power cut here. Its rather dark but the rain wasn't actually that heavy. Still, its the first 'direct hit' of the year so far.
  15. A rather disappointing 15.8C