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  1. reef

    Autumn 2018

    It's been exceptionally dry, warm and sunny here so far. Like every month since April mind you! Things might look different by month end in November's case however.
  2. reef

    Autumn 2018

    We've had just 227.8mm since 27th April. Its been an exceptionally dry period.
  3. Its all looking a bit '2015' at the moment: very mild, extremely wet (in the west) and dull everywhere. Hopefully we get a calmer spell mid-month, though GFS and ECM aren't agreeing on that.
  4. reef

    Autumn 2018

    I was just about to mention this. October was exceptionally sunny here with 144 hours in total, making it the sunniest on record. It extends a run of sunnier than average months this year: May: 280hrs (139%) - sunniest on record June: 241hrs (131%) - 3rd sunniest July: 267hrs (134%) - 2nd sunniest August: 190hrs (103%) September: 158hrs (109%) October: 144hrs (133%) - sunniest on record November: 14hrs (204%) to the 3rd. It's been quite a year. We're on 1649hrs already when the 1981-2010 average for the whole year is 1547hrs. It's going to finish well above average.
  5. Confirmed as 10.6C: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cetml1659on.dat 0.1C below the 1981-2010 average and the coolest October since 2012.
  6. Mild and slightly wetter than average: 7.9C and 102mm
  7. Its certainly turning into an extended dry period now. The last 6 months (26th April - 25th October) has had only 211.0mm of rain here - just 63% of normal. Only 33 (out of 183) days in that period have seen >1.0mm of rainfall.
  8. reef

    Autumn 2018

    A poor choice of words on my part perhaps. My records start in 1980 so I probably should have said in at least the last 38 years. October 1980 was pretty average.
  9. reef

    Report Climate change ipcc

    As opposed to ignoring warming altogether and basing everything on solar cycles? I've never read such utter rubbish in this section as the last few pages in here. It's about time people started posting to the rules of the climate area and backing up their claims with actual scientific evidence rather than waffle. As was asked a few pages back, just what would those on the other side of the argument need to see before they changed their minds? No-one has answered that one yet I see.
  10. Yes, we reached 27.3C that day too, but have never topped 20C later than 16th October. It makes reaching almost 25C today so unusual. As mentioned in the Autumn thread, the minima here this morning of 18.8C was 1.9C warmer than the previous record set on 1st October 1985 and the third warmest of any month back to 1980 - the other two higher minima both being this year in July.
  11. reef

    Autumn 2018

    Its worth noting that the min temp of 18.8C this morning didn't only beat the previous October record by a whole 1.9C, but it's actually the third warmest minima of any month here in the last 38 years. The other two days with warmer minima of 18.9C and 19.1C both came in July this year! It's still 19.7C out there now aswell.
  12. reef

    Autumn 2018

    We hit 24.8C in the end, making it the 4th warmest October maximum in 38 years of records. What's remarkable is all of the other three days are on the 1st and 3rd of the month, so to hit this high on the 13th was previously unthinkable. We haven't gone above 20C any later than the 16th before and that happened for the first time in 2017! Its also the first time we've ever had 4 consecutive October days above 20C. The previous high was three consecutive days in 2005 and 2011.
  13. Its up to 24.8C here now. We've never had a temperature above 20C past 16th October in 38 years of records, so to reach almost 25C so far into the month is ridiculous.
  14. reef

    Autumn 2018

    The sun has come out here aswell now and we've shot up to 24.0C, so its already the 5th warmest October maximum on record.
  15. Today's min is down as 15.2C on Hadley, so warmest since 22nd August.