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  1. reef

    Noctilucent Clouds Season 2018

    Haven't had much luck this year so far due to relentless cloud overnight, but hoping next week provides an opportunity during the hot spell.
  2. There's probably a good chance John, we had a min of 16.6C which is the warmest on record here back to 1980. Currently cloudy with sunny spells and a keen south-westerly breeze. Warm again with a temperature of 22.4C.
  3. All the talk of heat next week yet we unexpectedly recorded the warmest June minimum on record last night. The min of 16.6C beat the previous record of 16.4C set on 18th June 2005. These warm records do seem to get broken out of nowhere these days, only seven other days have had minima above 12C so far this year.
  4. It's starting to look like a NE Lincs hit rather than here on the radar to be honest. It's all gone a bit quiet. The rain has just started to we'll know in minute!
  5. I can hear thunder to the west now but it looks like it's becoming messy on the radar, especially just to the north.
  6. Its been astonishing, just 31 days haven't had an easterly component to the wind since mid-February. Never known anything like it. If it wants to do that in winter then it can feel free, but funnily they always seem to be westerly then!
  7. Still without a single day of thunder yet in 2018. Looking at the radar surely today is going to be the first in the next couple of hours. At least the wind isn't onshore so that's the first obstacle out of the way!
  8. reef

    Earthquake Activity Thread

    Apparently it was a 3.9. Epicentre was about 8 miles SE of here. Certainlt felt that one, though not a patch on February 2008's 5.2.
  9. reef

    Earthquake Activity Thread

    Yep, just felt that!
  10. It has been the total opposite here. In May we had 280hrs of sunshine, but the first 8 days of June have only managed 25hrs!
  11. We're on 14.5C (+1.4C) to the 7th. It just shows how much cooler it has been here with the onshore breeze. May was only 1.4C above average for the same reason.
  12. We finished on 280 hours of sunshine in the end, making it comfortably the sunniest on record and only 47 hours less than July 2006. Spring as a whole finished on 104% of average despite only 74% and 79% of normal sunshine in March and April. The mean max was also the highest on record, at 17.6C, beating the previous record of 17.4C which was set last year. Rainfall-wise it was the driest May since 2010 with 31.6mm of rain, 68% of normal.
  13. Warm with close to average rainfall. 15.7C and 65mm
  14. Overcast, misty and a max of 14.3C while 30 miles inland its 21C. Must be a north-easterly with the dreaded muck!

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      same here often, here misty/thick sea fog, Stoke clear and sunny

    2. Mokidugway


      Pretty much wall to wall sunshine here 

    3. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      we can trade if you like.