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  1. Just a small reminder, as there's so many one-liners in here that we cant keep up: PLEASE USE THE MODEL BANTER THREAD Thanks
  2. Yes, they did. We have rules on no politics discussion so any posts on such matters will go without warning.
  3. reef

    Winter 2018/19

    It has certainly been a dry period. We've only had 3.2mm of rain since the 22nd December. What's even more notable is we've seen just 347.8mm since 28th April 2018. We'd expect around 500mm in that period on average.
  4. reef

    Winter 2018/19

    Half way through the winter now and the winter index says it all: 2009/10: 174.5 2010/11: 129.4 1995/96: 128.1 2012/13: 103.1 1990/91: 92.5 1993/94: 77.4 2000/01: 74.2 2008/09: 64.8 2003/04: 63.9 2017/18: 62.2 1996/97: 60.0 2005/06: 55.1 1998/99: 52.6 2002/03: 52.0 1992/93: 48.7 2011/12: 48.3 2001/02: 48.1 1991/92: 44.5 2014/15: 43.7 2004/05: 42.8 1994/95: 38.1 1999/00: 36.5 1987/88: 35.1 2016/17: 26.1 2007/08: 25.7 2015/16: 24.4 1997/98: 20.3 2006/07: 19.7 2013/14: 8.0 1989/90: 8.0 2018/19: 7.0 (to 14th Jan) 1988/89: 6.6 It's going to take quite something in the last 45 days to turn this winter around.
  5. It's been abysmal so far. We haven't dropped below -0.8C so far this Autumn and winter with a total of four slight air frosts. Combined, we've been below freezing less than 12hrs so far. It's the half way point of winter tomorrow, hopefully it delivers something in the second half!
  6. As requested and back by (un)popular demand! Post here if you haven't seen anything yet this winter...
  7. There's a difference between banter related to the thread/models and just having people cluttering threads with any old nonsense. It's not about being the "fun police" but making sure the threads are actually readable for others.
  8. 3.6hrs of sunshine in the last week. Hate anticyclonic gloom at this time of the year. It barely gets light!

    1. Mokidugway


      And after days of gloom the sky clears  🤔

  9. reef

    Winter 2018/19

    We reached an air pressure of 1043.9hPa today, making it the highest since 7th February 2012. Strangely we also had rain showers! Odd to get anything in the way of shower activity with pressure this high. I imagine that doesn't happen too often.
  10. The three warmer years are 2006, 2011 and 2014 aswell. All in the last 12 years.
  11. Hadley is confirmed as 6.9C. Joint 15th warmest. The annual CET was 10.69C, 4th warmest.
  12. reef

    2019 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum Poll

    I think gains are going to be harder to come by now. Hudson, Chukchi and Baffin are iced over and SSTs in Barents are still well above average. Hard to believe the ice has barely touched the northern coast of Svalbard and we're almost into January.
  13. Close to average but rather dry. 4.6C and 62mm
  14. It would also be the 15th warmest in the 360 year CET series. There's only been 27 winter months with a CET of 7.0C or above in that 360 years, so its up there with the worst.
  15. I suspect by mid-January we're going to be talking about the lack of rain at this rate rather than anything particularly wintry. The GFS 12z has rainfall amounts of <10mm for large parts of the UK out to mid-month, with areas in the south east getting just 1 or 2mm. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/maps/GFSOPUK12_384_49.png After the dry summer and Autumn the lack of rain might start to become an issue if this comes to fruition.