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  1. A brief light shower this morning with thunder heard for a time, before turning sunny but hazy. The max temp was 23.5C after a min temp of 15.9C. 0.6mm of rainfall in total. Currently 18.8C and still sunny.
  2. We've had that wind direction here since Saturday. Our max temps here since then: 8th: 20.7C 9th: 19.3C 10th 22.1C 11th: 25.9C 12th: 23.5C Its been bone dry apart from 0.6mm this morning aswell. No chance of any thunderstorms here with the onshore breeze killing the convection. August 1995 was similar, temperatures were much moderated due to a persistent breeze from the sea. The mean temp was actually lower than August 2018 and 2019.
  3. Its times like this I'm glad I live so close to the North Sea. We're at 17.9C after a max of 25.9C and above 30C is rare. I absolutely cannot imagine 30C at 10pm. How do you even endure that in this country without air con. Even places Ive been abroad wouldnt often be that warm so late. Its ridiculous.
  4. 22.2C in here right now, but it was 27.0C this time yesterday. With the temperature below 20C outside with a keen northerly breeze we've been able to cool the house down. This is a warm house though, its been consistently above 21C all summer despite rarely being warm outside so we're looking at air conditioning next year.
  5. The North sea fret has come in now aswell, so we're sat at 15.6C at the moment compared to 29.4C the same time yesterday. I can't say I prefer either to be honest!
  6. A massive difference today with the onshore breeze. We're currently at 19.3C compared to over 30C this time yesterday.
  7. A much nicer 20.1C with a refreshing northerly breeze today. Still sunny just much more pleasant.
  8. Just peaked at 30.8C so joint 4th warmest day ever and joint warmest August day since 1990.
  9. We reached 30.8C in the end so joint 4th warmest day ever and joint warmest August day since 1990. At least the humidity has dropped a little, but its stifling!
  10. The line of showers passed over us without a drop and the temperature has rocketed back up to 30.3C which is the 6th warmest day for us since 1980.
  11. Just hit 30.2C here which is the joint 6th warmest day in my 40 years of records. Days above 30C: 1. 34.0C 3rd August 1990 2. 31.7C 25th July 2019 3. 31.0C 19th June 2000 4. 30.8C 15th August 2001 5. 30.3C 23rd July 2018 6. 30.2C 26th August 2019 6. 30.2C 7th August 2020 8. 30.0C 22nd July 1996
  12. Up to an unpleasant 28.8C here with a dewpoint of 19.7C. That makes it the warmest day of the year for us. I can see the thunderstorms over the York area in the distance but it remains sunny here for now.
  13. Indeed, we are just on the edge of that blob too. Leconfield 7 miles away managed just 73.8 hours all month! What's astounding about that 97hrs figure is that January and February this year were nearly as sunny with 85hrs and 89hrs. June and July 2020, the two months of the year with the most light had a combined total of 279hrs, only 30 hours more than Winter 2019/20.
  14. It looks like its breaking away from the northern coast aswell, with open water there. I don't recall seeing that before?
  15. We finished on just 97.5 hours which is a staggering 49% of the 1981-2010 average. That's the first month with less than 50% of normal sunshine since December 2002. It was also the dullest summer month I've ever recorded (back to 1980), beating the previous holder of June 1987 with 111 hours. Another noteworthy stat is that its the first time any April, May, June, July or August has recorded under 100 hours. Truly remarkable, for all of the wrong reasons!
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