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  1. Closing this, as its more suited to the climate area. Further to this, there's no issue if people want to restart this topic in the climate area, so long as the rules for that section are followed. We have strict rules in that section for a reason and won't accept people sending things off topic in other areas in an attempt to circumvent them.
  2. So far this thread has been kept open and allowed in the general section but then inevitably turns into a climate slanging match. This is exactly why we have the rules we have in the climate section. Sorry, but closing this now. Feel free to start another one in the climate area keeping to the rules in that section.
  3. Here it was an exceptional summer. It was the warmest on record, joint second sunniest and fourth driest since 1976. We also hit 30C for the first time since 2001. In the period 1st May - 31st August we had an astonishing 978hrs of sunshine - That's almost 8hrs of sunshine per day for a four month period - in the UK! Using the summer index: 1976: 316 2018: 288 1989: 284 1995: 279 2006: 273 1996: 263 2003: 262 2013: 260 1983: 257 1994: 254 1984: 249 1990: 244 1991: 233 2001: 233 1999: 232 2009: 232 2005: 231 1979: 231 1992: 231 2015: 230 2010: 230 1981: 227 2014: 224 2017: 223 2002: 220 2000: 220 1997: 219 1993: 218 2016: 216 2007: 215 2004: 214 1998: 206 2011: 204 2008: 203 1982: 202 1988: 202 1977: 201 1986: 194 1985: 190 1980: 186 2012: 185 1978: 179 1987: 165 (1976-1979 using local figures)
  4. Hadley is confirmed as 16.6C, a 0.4C downwards correction. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cetml1659on.dat 5th warmest summer on record at 17.27C
  5. reef

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Apart from the fact that pretty much none of the last 20 posts or so have anything to do with Arctic sea ice, the rules in this section are quite clear. Anything further and people might find they aren't able to post in here. Thanks
  6. This cold front sure has prepped up a bit! We were only supposed to have a short spell of light or moderate rain but it's chucking it down and has dropped almost 17mm already!
  7. With 10 days remaining we're still running at a mean of 19.3C here. The warmest August on record was 1990 with a mean of 18.5C. We only need the remaining days to average 17.1C to beat the record, though its unlikely now with the weather this weekend. It all depends how much it warms up next week.
  8. Its extremely warm tonight. The temperature dipped to 19.5C briefly just before midnight but it has since risen to 20.1C.
  9. Very warm and humid here today with a max of 25.9C coming after a min of 16.8C. Current mean for the month is 19.4C, which is pretty high when you consider the warmest August on record here was 18.5C in 1990. We're also on 102hrs of sunshine for the month already. Its been a good summer month so far.
  10. You can't really say they were just as cool "if you take out these few days". The point is, in the past there weren't as many "these such days". It doesn't change anything at the end of the day, they are still seen as rotten summers. However, the fact is that although they are cool by recent standards, they don't compare to past summers. Another fine example is the 1960s: seven summers of that decade were cooler than 2012 and only 6 out of 30 of the summer months were above 15.5C on CET. Wet or dry, that would surely have people up in arms these days!
  11. I think summers like 2007 and 2012 were seen as so poor because they were so wet. The 1985-1988 summers were most notable for how cool they were, something which we would struggle to attain nowadays I imagine. I suppose if 2007 and 2012 were 1C cooler on average then no-one would have noticed, they'd have been perceived as being just as poor. Likewise there are several 'good' summers from the past which wouldn't be much warmer than 2007 and 2012. I guess that's the way of things. Similar weather as before, just with temperatures on average a degree or so higher.
  12. 1985 is probably the worst here, though 1985-1988 were all pretty dire. They were all wetter than average and cool, but 1985 just wins out for the worst. For an idea of how bad 1985 was, just 13 days topped 21C all summer here. The August came in with a mean at 15.0C, which seemed bad until August 1986 sunk even lower with 13.7C! In total, in the four summers between 1985 and 1988, only 11 days surpassed 25C here. Less than this July which had 14! All four had a mean temp of at least 0.5C below 2012. I couldn't imagine the reaction if we had such a summer nowadays. I doubt its even possible now though to be honest.
  13. GFS 06z would leave us on 18.6C here to the 29th. The warmest August I've ever recorded was 18.5C in 1990. Summer would then likely finish on 17.7C.... ...both 1976 and 2006 were 17.1C.
  14. We just had 12.6mm from that thunderstorm that passed over. We'd only had 4.2mm or rain so far in August before that.