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  1. We had 49.0mm of rain from midnight to midnight, which is the most since the floods on 25th June 2007. Fortunately it fell a lot slower this time so no problems. June as a whole is up to 111.2mm now, which is more than the 111.0mm we had all spring! A very strange month overall, as sunshine is already at 105% for the month and the mean temperature is 2.6C above average and 0.6C warmer than the previous warmest in 2003.
  2. 35.6mm here now. If we manage another 10mm today then it'll be the wettest day since the floods on 25th June 2007.
  3. A bit of a grotty one today with persistent rain and a strong wind. Rather cold aswell with a max of just 12.5C. 30.2mm so far since midnight.
  4. A mostly cloudy day with sunny spells and occasional light rain showers in the afternoon and the last hour or so. Much cooler than further south but still pleasant. Max Temp: 22.6C Min Temp: 13.4C Mean Wind: 9mph E Max Gust: 17mph Rainfall: 0.2mm Sunshine: 4.4hrs Currently Mostly cloudy after a light shower passed through. Temp is 18.1C.
  5. The CET looks very low to me too, considering here we're now on 17.2C (+3.5C) to the 19th. Its looking likely we'll obliterate 2003 and possibly beat 1976.
  6. A lot hazier today, but a very light north-easterly breeze has kicked in which has stopped the temperature rise in its tracks. The dewpoint on the other hand is another matter. Its currently 27.8C with a dewpoint of 22.1C. I dont think Ive ever felt such weather in this country, its uncomfortable to say the least!
  7. 28.7C with a dewpoint of 20.7C. Urgh. 

    1. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      30.8C with a dewpoint of 18C here, according to a local weather station on Wunderground.

    2. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Actually, I'm switching to the UEA weather station as it's likely to be more accurate.  It's showing 29.6C with a DP of 16C.

  8. This has without a doubt been the most horrid hot spell for me as Ive been bedridden for 4 days with the flu during it! Its currently 29C inside and 27C with a 20C dewpoint outside. Thank goodness for the cooler day here tomorrow.
  9. The 19th June 2000 remains the second warmest day ever here with a max of 31.0C. Only 3rd August 1990 on 34.0C has been warmer since 1980. The 18th was 'only' 24.9C due to that onshore breeze.
  10. Clear and sunny almost throughout with a little cloud in the early evening. The max was the highest of any day since June 2011 and the 5th warmest in June since 1980 at this site. Only three other days have been warmer since August 2001. Max Temp: 28.9C Min Temp: 15.3C Mean Wind: 7mph S Max Gust: 13mph Rainfall: None Sunshine: 16.4hrs Currently clear and warm with a temp of 18.4C. The mean for the month is now 16.9C, some 0.8C above the previous highest in 2003.
  11. Far too hot for me now at 28.4C but its a nice day, completely clear and sunny.
  12. Already up to 25.1C at 11am here after a min of 15.3C. I wonder if 30C is possible? It would be the first time here in 16 years if it were to happen.
  13. Up to 16.6C here now to the 17th, some 3.1C above the 1981-2010 average for this point in the month. The odds on beating the previous warmest in 2003 (16.1C) are shortening by the day. I don't have records far enough back, but an estimate from the metoffice climate anomalies site suggests 1976 would have been around 17.0C, so a realistic target with the heat which is forecast.
  14. We reached 27.8C today, making it the warmest June day since 2011. The min was 16.1C aswell, which was also the warmest for five years.
  15. Not the best weather to be suffering from flu!

    1. lassie23


      having a temperature in this weather:bad:

    2. reef


      Yep, running a big one at 38.6C, awful.