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  1. It'll be higher than that. We were 0.3C higher than the CET by the 17th and we're now on 6.4C and haven't always been in air as mild as much of the CET zone. Its almost definitely 6.0-6.2C now.
  2. Surprisingly calm here so far, with a max gust of only 37mph. It looks from the charts that the centre of the low passed over us with the strongest winds just to the south. Min pressure was 974.8hPa, which is the lowest since 28th March last year. Quite cool now, with a temp of 3.9C after a max this morning of 9.7C. 10.8mm of rain so far.
  3. This mirrors my experience with Davis. I had to replace pretty much everything within the first two years other than the rain cone and temp sensor. However, in the 6 years since nothing has failed (touch wood), so perhaps the quality has improved. As you say, the VP2 has had incremental upgrades (SHT11 to SHT15 to SHT31 sensors), better anemometer and more recently the third iteration of the rain cup. However the fundamental limitations of the console remain and need bringing into the 21st century. The worst of these being the 8 channel limit, the fact that supplemental sensors can't be read to nearest 0.1C and that on an anemometer transmitter you can't run solar, uv and wind together, just one single accessory. I guess we keep getting them as there is no alternative other than going really expensive!
  4. I really looked forward to this when it was announced and came out a few years back as I hoped that it would push Davis into updating the VP2 (more especially the console) and control the prices a bit. Unfortunately as with anything Oregon, the software and support has been dire. The quality has been questionable too, with those few that did buy it having trouble with signal dropping and display issues. Its such a shame as on paper it had a lot to challenge Davis, but in the end most decide to go with the Vue or VP2 instead for the wider support, user base and reliability. Its hard to find anyone with one as a result.
  5. Mostly cloudy with sunny spells. The max and min temps today of 12.5C and 7.8C came within four hours of each other this morning, though during the day it still reached a mild 11.5C. Currently 8.6C and quite calm compared to earlier. 0.4mm of rain and 3.7hrs of sunshine today so far.
  6. The first half of the month was exactly equal to the 1981-2010 average, but the last 8 days have averaged a ridiculous 9.5C, some 5.4C above average! As a result our mean is now 6.4C (+1.7C), so its already 5th mildest in the last 38 years (and since 2002) and rising quickly. Winter is also the 6th mildest now in those 38 years aswell.
  7. That would be a year with the warmest spring, summer (by some way) and Autumn on record pretty much. It would be up there with the driest years on record too. The annual CET wouldn't be far off 12C. Fortunately we're a few decades from that I would say!
  8. Mostly cloudy with sunny spells and the occasional light shower this afternoon. Mild again with a max of 10.0C and min of 5.3C. 0.4mm of rain after the 15.8mm yesterday evening. Current temp is 8.2C.
  9. December was more than 1C above average (some places by a lot more, it was 1.6C above here for example), February is looking like following in its footsteps and January was average or above average outside of south-eastern England. Winter overall will likely be above average for most.
  10. I had this exact same issue with my first Davis anemometer transmitter (it uses the same PCB). Pretty much straight away it exhibited the same behaviour you describe. The replacement has been working correctly for 6 years now with only two battery changes required in that time. It should hopefully last you a while as Davis QC seems to be much better now. In the first two years of owning my station I had an anemometer (reed switch), ISS PCB (leaking cap), FARS fan (would stop randomly) and anemometer transmitter (above) all fail. Fortunately in the time afterwards everything has been OK.
  11. Very mild in the sunshine today with a max temp of 13.4C. Mild overnight too with a min of 6.1C. Currently partly cloudy with sunny spells and a temp of 12.6C.
  12. Today sums up the last few years here. Temperatures completely on the wrong side of marginal and even when snow did fall over the last few days the temperature didn't drop below 1C to allow anything to even settle temporarily. Its looking like a fourth consecutive winter with no measurable lying snow now and only 2 days with dustings since early 2013. Never known anything like it.
  13. Overcast and wet with light rain or drizzle for much of the day. Extremely dull aswell, requiring the light on inside all day. The dewpoint is now 1.8C, so nowhere near cold enough for anything wintry. Currently 3.9C after a max of 4.0C. The min last night was 1.8C. 4.6mm of rain so far.
  14. Personally I just want to see some measurable snow since we haven't had any since January 2013. I'm not particularly bothered about it staying around for days, so anything in the rest of February, March or April that manages that will be most welcome. Its far too early to write anything off. Who knows what will happen this summer/spring though. I'm not entirely confident as we've had MLB and favourable summer synoptics for 2½ months now. Sods law says just as those synoptics start being able to deliver warmth that they'll vanish without trace and we'll have endless Atlantic and Greenland highs! I'm already surprised the slug to our east has been so stubborn, can it really persist for another 6 months? Mind you, the North Pacific high has been there semi-permanently for pretty much 2-3 years now ruining our winters, so who knows?
  15. Milder than average, with the cold just missing us to the east. 5.3C