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  1. It's a drum fan from a Xerox photocopier. It sits right in with a couple of cable ties. I run it at 9v as it produces enough flow at that voltage and it will prolong its life. It's been going 24/7 for 4 years so its reliable too.
  2. We're on 1046.7hPa at the moment, which beats the previous record of 1045.0hPa I mentioned earlier in this thread by quite some way. It's still going up too.
  3. I run mine 24/7 with a 12v DC fan powered from the mains for this very reason. The Davis 24hrs FARS shield is exceptional but does not perform well when the fan isn't running. In that situation it shows a big temperature lag and actually performs worse than the non-aspirated shield.
  4. The highest pressure I've recorded here was 1045.0hPa on 7th February 2012. The GFS has us breaching 1048hPa on Sunday night so there's definitely a chance we might beat that.
  5. There's been plenty of blocking, but unfortunately it has been in the worst place possible for cold weather for the UK and much of Europe. Winters like this one remind you why the Euro high is called 'the slug'.
  6. We're on 7.4C to the 17th, some 3.1C above the 1981-2010 average. Our mildest January on record was 2007 on 6.9C. The remaining 14 days of this month require a mean of 6.4C to beat it.
  7. This month? SA village breaks weather record with temperatures soaring to 54°C WWW.TIMESLIVE.CO.ZA Vioolsdrif, a village in the Northern Cape, has broken a new record for the highest temperature in the country — reaching over 50 degrees Celsius. and earlier this year: https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/02/07/southern-hemisphere-is-scorching-all-time-record-heat-set-chile-argentina-australia/
  8. No measurable snow here in December since 2010 now. As this December has been completely snowless, that means next year we'll reach a decade without any. January isn't doing much better mind you, with just one 0.5cm cover that lasted less than 12 hours in the last 7 years.
  9. A few off-topic post have been removed. Please stick to solar and Aurora chat. Thanks
  10. Its certainly been a marked change. 1951-1987 had five winters with a CET of 5C or higher. That's the same number as we've had since 2012. That same 1951-1987 period had 19 winters below 4C. 1988-2019 has seen only 6 winters below 4C. Days of snow lying has fallen as the temperature has increased unsurprisingly. In my location, the 1961-1990 average for days of snow lying in winter was around 11 days. The 1987-2019 period has seen that pretty much half to 5.6 days. Its extremely noticeable.
  11. It was a short-lived easterly in December 2005. Actually quite decent in these parts giving a few cm of snow and an ice day. As for the models at the moment, totally atrocious. We havent had more than 1cm of snow since January 2013 here now and it doesnt look like changing any time soon. We're not a 'snowy' climate but that's an unusual length of time without anything significant.
  12. It would be nice to get a decent covering at some point during the winter here. Its daft to say prolonged cold spells aren't possible anymore but its certainly getting more rare. January 2013 was the last time we had a covering of more than 1cm, 7 years ago next month!
  13. A mild and very windy night with rain just after midnight and then occasional light showers after. The max gust of 55mph is actually the highest I've recorded in December since 1999. Max Temp: 10.9C Min Temp: 7.3C Mean Wind: 32mph SW Max Gust: 55mph Rainfall: 3.6mm Sunshine: 1.2hrs (so far) Currently sunny with occasional showers and a temp of 7.8C.
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