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  1. We're getting the west's normal weather this month with these constant easterlies! We're on nearly 150% of the monthly average rainfall and it has been duller than average. It has also rained for 22 out of 27 days this month so far. Still, after last Autumn/winter I don't begrudge those in the west having such a dry month. That can only be a good thing as the water table will be low for the start of 'winter'.
  2. We're on 82mm already, which is nearly 140% of the monthly average. We've had rain on every day but one this month and three days with more than 10mm.
  3. Yes, for £8 per month more but there's only two of us so not really worth it at the moment. Its expensive enough though to be honest, not having BT lines here (we're KCOM) means it's the only option and hence prices aren't as competitive as we'd like.
  4. Just put my order in for FTTP with today: 250mb down and 30mb up with 1.5TB of data. It'll be a bit quicker than the 1.2Mbit I've been getting on this creaking ASDL2.
  5. 36mm of rain from the east in the last 24 hours. If only it was winter with 850hPa temps of -10C. It'd be a snowfest!

    1. Grimers


      Certainly would, I think Cairngorm Mountain has received snow today.

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I've been thinking that- even with an unusually warm Arctic the same setup in Dec/Jan/Feb would probably be pulling in -10C 850hPa air, considering that it's only October but we've been pulling in quite a lot of sub 0C air at 850hPa.

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      will be saying exactly same thing next April, when we have similar setup

  6. Had mine on to test it for half an hour ready for winter (it hasn't been used since April!) and so I can bleed the radiators but even with the easterly wind we've had for days its still above 20C in here.
  7. autumn

    Its a bit of a funny easterly for October this. Due to the high SSTs (above 15C for the most part direct to the east) and low 850hPa temperatures (around freezing right now), there's actually enough of gradient to give sunshine and showers by day and clear, calm and cool conditions by night here. Its actually quite similar to a 'cold' easterly in winter, rather than the usual grey layer of stratus. In fact, the first 10 days of October have managed half of the average monthly sunshine hours. Unfortunately, as the wind veers south-east through the week and imports warmer air over a shorter sea track we'll actually see worse weather than now. One of those annoying incidences in the cooler months.
  8. We had a min of 3.8C, just missing out on a ground frost. Considering we didn't drop below 8.9C in July, August or September (and below 10C only 11 times in total), that wasn't half bad.
  9. There's been no measurable lying snow here since January 2013, so hopefully we'll get some this year. The setup looks vastly different to recent years, so there's some hope at least, but I can't help feeling with the globe being so warm the odds are against us getting anything colder than average over the whole season. Anything but another 2013/14 or 2015/16 though. Those were utterly awful.
  10. A lovely fresh day but cant have the windows open as the idiot at the back has decided to burn loads of conifer cuttings. So selfish when we have brown bins which it can go in.

    1. lassie23


      not doing a bbq then?

    2. mezzacyclone


      conifer should be banned not burned :D

      all i do i dump tonnes of Lleylandii? stuff simply grows to fast too thick n too heavy? but if its dead or fresh it still smokes like a soux :/

    3. Spikecollie


      If they're Leyland Cypress, they smell utterly disgusting when they are burnt. Selfish, inconsiderate people...

  11. Continuing on with the warm theme: 12.3C
  12. autumn

    Late-November into December 2010 was a fine example. The problem is that in such a situation it really is all or nothing here so close to the coast. Half-baked synoptics just wont deliver as 850hPa temps aren't low enough to overcome the high SSTs, which is probably why we haven't had any measurable lying snow for 3 years and 8 months now!
  13. autumn

    I'd be amazed if we got any early snow this year. Everywhere is just so warm still and there's barely any sub -10C 850hPa around in the Arctic circle even (and pretty much no -15C 850hPa air). There's also the issue of SSTs to our north and east, they are much higher than average, so even if we got a cold airflow then there's moderation of the cold to be concerned with. Apart from the light and sunshine levels, this September has felt decidedly summer-like. It's felt that the seasons are somewhat delayed (or absent in the case of winter!) for some time now. We're at the point in the year where the average max and min are 16C and 9C here, yet no day has got even close - even those with airmasses which should give those temps.
  14. Similar here. No falling leaves yet, but the trees have a distinctive 'brown-green' look to them now. Hopefully they wont be stripped by gales this year! Light-wise its definitely feeling like we're well into Autumn now. It always surprises me how quickly the sun gets so low at this time of the year.
  15. Its a good point that actually. The wind can make the biggest difference to whether heating is needed or not. If you're in a drafty building then in winter its often warmer indoors on a calm 4C day than a blustery 12C day!