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  1. If you want heatstroke maybe. It was 32.9C with a dewpoint of 15.5C at 16:00 near Heathrow. That's neither a dry heat nor conditions ideal for a walk!
  2. Much more pleasant today with a breeze off the North Sea and completely clear skies. We had a brief maximum of 23.4C after midday with the temperature now a comfortable 19.6C.
  3. A max of 27.0C here in the end making it the warmest August day since 2007. The temperature is still 19.4C now at 01:00, so a very uncomfortable night ahead.
  4. autumn

    Last year into this year was just about the worst combination of weather going in the UK: An Autumn that started below average and got warmer relative to the mean as it went on leading to that awful December. It felt like the temperatures didn't change for four months. That then lead onto another poor (and snowless here) Jan/Feb before snow arrived in Mar/Apr when it was too late. It was just the worst of all worlds.
  5. Then by all means post in this thread and not here:
  6. If this month were to finish on 17.8C then this summer would be the 10th warmest since 1900 and joint 19th warmest in the entire CET series! Like a lot of other good summers it would have a disappointing June (rain and sunshine-wise) and good July and August aswell.
  7. autumn

    October frosts aren't anymore unusual in London than most of the SE really. As recently as 29th October 2008 there was an air frost at London Heathrow for example (-0.2C). The Absolute minimum in September and October are actually lower than here.
  8. autumn

    Yes, last Autumn was utterly grim. We didn't reach 20C again after the August bank holiday weekend, but were still hitting 16C in December. With the temperatures just becoming more above average as the Autumn went on, it just felt like we had the same weather for four months with the light and sunshine levels dropping and that was it. Anything but that this year!
  9. Indeed. As well as that, SSTs and Arctic sea ice levels are radically different to then. SSTs in the Greenland area are exceptionally warm, so I've a feeling we're going to get strong storms spawning there this Autumn. I reckon we'll miss them during September as we'll be under the influence of a mid-latitude block, before October sees the floodgates open.
  10. Its looking below average here now with that strong E/SE wind! Just shows how the models can flip all year round.
  11. Then you're setting yourself up to be disappointed. 170-200 hours of sunshine in September would be record-breaking. Even the exceptional September 2003 only just about managed it. I honestly don't get some people in here. Its like they crave warm and sunny weather in summer but set the bar too high so they can have a whinge about it, essentially meaning they don't enjoy the very weather they actually want!
  12. We haven't had a significant overhead thunderstorm since August 2012 here now. There seems to be an unusual trend in recent years for all of the warm spells to have an easterly component to the wind (much like the one in July and the upcoming spell), which has two results. These are that the maxima have been lower here than further inland and the onshore breeze kills off any convection.
  13. Currently mostly clear and sunny with a temp of 23.2C and 51% humidity. Last night was the warmest minima on record with a 'low' of 19.1C, beating the previous record of 18.4C on 10th August 1991.
  14. This weather is far from normal here. The min last night was 19.1C, which is the warmest on record of any month. The previous record high minima was 18.4C on 10th August 1991.
  15. Its far too early to write off August this year in my opinion. Locally, just going by the GFS 18z we'd be averaging 18.7C to the 21st, which at that point would almost ensure the third warmest summer here since 1976. We've only had 2.0mm of rain so far too, with not much forecast over the next week or so. Basically a lot can change in a short space of time. I would not be surprised if this summer is looked back on as starting poorly and finishing well.