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  1. Hedon, East Yorkshire. November 2017 Warmest Max: 15.1°C (22nd) Coldest Max: 2.2°C (30th) Warmest Min: 12.6°C (22nd) Coldest Min: -0.2°C (6th) Average Max: 9.6°C (-0.2°C) Average Min: 4.3°C (-0.2°C) Overall Average: 7.0°C (-0.2°C) Rain: 62.6mm (101%) Wettest Day: 17.6mm (4th) Sunshine: 104 hours (153%) Air Frosts: 1 Sleet/Snow Falling: 2 days Snow lying at 0900: 1 days Dry Days: 5 Wet Days: 25 Days With Rain >1.0mm: 11 Days With Rain >10mm: 2 Thunder Days: 0 Days With Fog: 0 High Gust: 40mph (23rd) Close to average temperatures and rainfall, but exceptionally sunny. It was the sunniest November since 2006, finishing on 12 hours more than October and only 21 hours less than September. The air frost on the 6th was the earliest of the season since 2008. The 1cm of snow on the 30th was actually the first measurable snow since January 2013. The wind gust of 40mph on the 23rd was the highest of 2017 so far. Autumn as a whole was close to average on all three measures, with mean temperatures 0.4°C above normal, rainfall 91% of normal and sunshine 100% of normal.
  2. Indeed. We managed a cover of around 1cm in the end. It doesn't sound much, but its the most since January 2013 here. It has mostly remained intact aswell, due to a max temp of just 1.7C. That's actually the lowest November maximum since 1993. A short sharp cold snap, but actually rather impressive for this neck of the woods so early!
  3. This morning: Currently just 0.4C with a decent cover. First measurable lying snow since January 2013, its been a long wait!
  4. A complete lying snow cover for the first time since January 2013! Woohoo!

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    2. reef


      That would mean no lying snow in winter for six years. Its going to happen, isn't it?

    3. chrisbell-nottheweatherman
    4. Daniel*


      Still not out that camp hoping for that to change.. 

  5. Partly cloudy with sunny spells and snow showers. Theres also the first snow cover at 0900 of the season, albeit just! Currently 0.4C which is the min so far.
  6. The heavy showers we've had for most of the night have now turned to sleet. The 850hPa temps are only around -4C right now, so that bodes well for tonight and tomorrow when they should dip to -7C or -8C. There should at least be some falling snow to low levels. Its pretty marginal though so wouldnt be too surprised if its not quite cold enough. Fingers crossed.
  7. Autumn thoughts

    Its certainly mild out there tonight though! It's currently 14.3C here at nearly 10pm in the second half of November. Shades of 2015 there. Fortunately this should be the last time it gets anywhere near that for quite some time.
  8. Overcast but dry with occasional bright spells. It was exceptionally mild with a max temp of 15.1C, a date record for the 22nd. The min last night of 12.6C was actually the third highest in November since 1980. Currently very mild at 14.3C and 77% humidity with a strengthening southerly wind gusting to 35mph so far.
  9. acerus weather ranger

    Yes, I've noticed a slow deterioration aswell recently. The latest annoyance is the inability to switch from fahrenheit to celcius on their main PWS page. The option to change it is there, but it doesn't work most of the time. Highly irritating.
  10. Hedon, East Yorkshire. October 2017 Warmest Max: 21.5°C (14th) Coldest Max: 9.9°C (30th) Warmest Min: 15.2°C (14th) Coldest Min: 4.1°C (30th) Average Max: 15.8°C (+1.8°C) Average Min: 9.9°C (+2.2°C) Overall Average: 12.8°C (+2.0°C) Rain: 28.0mm (47%) Wettest Day: 6.2mm (24th) Sunshine: 92 hours (85%) Air Frosts: 0 Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 days Snow lying at 0900: 0 days Dry Days: 13 Wet Days: 18 Days With Rain >1.0mm: 9 Days With Rain >10mm: 0 Thunder Days: 0 Days With Fog: 0 High Gust: 35mph (17th) Warmest since 2006 and driest since 2007. Max and min on 14th were the highest since 2011. 20.8°C on the 16th was the latest date to reach 20°C on record.
  11. We had our first air frost of the season this morning with a min temp of -0.2C. Ill have to check later, but its probably the earliest first frost since 2008.
  12. Living somewhere that always benefited from northerlies it has definitely been a major issue in recent years. The polar air is slightly warmer, travelling over a longer sea track due to a retreated ice edge and being modified by SSTs much warmer than normal on its way here. Its a triple whammy, assuming the jet relents long enough to allow a northerly in the first place!
  13. Moving on from a maplin weather station

    The next step up is perhaps one of the Oregon stations. The WMR89 is probably the one that fits the bill most. If you can stretch to a Davis Vantage Vue though, then its a significant improvement. There isnt much choice in the mid-range unfortunately. It seems theres a glut of cheaper stations and not much above £150 that offers a significant improvement unless you pay a lot more. Hope this helps.
  14. Slightly milder than average: 7.6C