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  1. We've had 59 hours so far this month. Its marginally below average, but 2005 managed just 69hrs all month. 2001, 2005 and 2006 were also duller than average, so it seems dull weather goes with a warm October in a lot of cases here at least.
  2. Mostly cloudy with a light rain shower this morning before it turned very dark with the sun becoming red due to the Saharan dust in the atmosphere. The cold front then passed over late-afternoon leaving sunny spells and an increasing wind. Despite the lack of sunshine it was exceptionally warm with a max of 20.8C, a date record and the latest date ever to reach 20C at this site since 1980. Max Temp: 20.8C Min Temp: 11.2C Mean Wind: 15mph S Max Gust: 28mph Rainfall: Trace Sunshine: 1.1hrs Currently mostly cloudy with a moderate SSE wind. Temp is 14.8C and 64% humidity - lower than for quite some time.
  3. Exceptionally mild overnight with a min temp of 15.9C, the warmest since 1st October 1985 at this site. Today is also a date record, with a max so far of 20.6C and the 2nd latest date in the year to reach 20C (15th October 1995 reached 20.2C). Currently 20.5C and 73% humidity with long spells of sunshine.
  4. Mostly cloudy with sunny spells and the occasional very light shower. Exceptionally warm for so late in the month, with a max temp of 21.1C, making it the 10th warmest October max here since 1980. The 15th is the latest date in the year I've seen 20C so Monday certainly looks like it could break that.
  5. Its not only that, but that cold air that has to take a longer track over warmer seas is also warmer to start with. Take a look at 2016 above 80N, temps are some 10C above normal in winter on average: Compare to 1963: Its some 20C cooler during he first three months of the year. If the source of the air is 20C warmer, going across SSTs some 5C warmer and travelling across 500-1000 miles more of that sea, then its no surprise how things have changed. More energy in the system means a stronger jet stream (high pressure topples quicker) and more shortwaves. Its like the perfect storm of factors going against us. Time will tell if this is permanent though, as even 2010 was much more favourable:
  6. Slightly milder than average: 11.4C
  7. Another warm one: 14.9C
  8. A very warm and sunny day with a max of 26.7C, making it the warmest day since 19th June. Currently 26.6C and 55% humidity after a low this morning of 14.1C.
  9. August and September 2007 were both very dry and sunny months here and had notable prolonged periods without any measurable rain - very different to the two months before. There was no measurable rain between: 27th July - 12th August (17 days) 21st August - 16th September (27 days) Followed by: 10th October - 9th November (31 days) In fact the following was an exceptional dry period. 27th July - 17th November - 98.0mm This continued until January when the taps turned on again and we had 141.8mm, the wettest locally since at least 1847.
  10. July 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    The 10.51 is the average of the months to 2dp here: http://hadobs.metoffice.com/hadcet/cet_mean_2017 3.95 + 6.09 + 8.67 + 8.87 + 13.21 + 16.04 + 16.77 / 7 = 10.51.
  11. Autumn thoughts

    That high pressure to the north-west of the US has been displaced northwards semi-permanently in recent winters and there it is yet again. It serves to direct cold air from the Canadian arctic southwards which then hits the warm Atlantic out of the east coast and fires up the jet. We then get the usual SW-NE line of low pressures and resultant high pressure over Europe. Its also caused the Californian drought so I imagine they would be happy to see the back of it too!
  12. 57.4mm of rain on Tuesday in the end. Wettest summers here since 1980: 2007: 353.1mm 1997: 290.0mm 1982: 282.7mm 2017: 263.6mm (so far) Already the 4th wettest in 37 years (and most likely since 1963, looking at the local figures).
  13. Heavy rain from 6am this morning with a brief break for a few hours during the afternoon before the rain resumed this evening. Now up to 51.2mm since midnight making it comfortably the wettest day here since the floods on 25th June 2007. Cold too with a max of 14.6C. Some localised flooding at the moment but nothing major. The stream at the end of the street has raised by a metre though.
  14. The dreadful weather today continues here. After a brief dry spell this afternoon we're back to heavy rain again. We're now up to 43.2mm since midnight. It has been cold too with a max of 14.6C.
  15. Today is utterly dire. Heavy rain all day so far and a total already of 30.6mm. This summer is turning into a very wet one in this location, June was 200% of normal, July was 130% of normal and August is already at 80% and climbing rapidly: Wettest summers here since 1980: 2007: 353.1mm 1997: 290.0mm 1982: 282.7mm 1980: 262.8mm 1992: 262.2mm 2004: 259.0mm 2012: 252.4mm 2017: 236.6mm (so far)