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  1. After a cloudy start it turned clear and sunny from around 0900 and remained so until the last hour or so. It was the warmest day of the year so far though humidity was quite low, hitting a minimum of 37% late in the afternoon. Max Temp: 27.2C Min Temp: 13.0C Max Mean Wind: 15mph (S) Max Gust: 21mph Rainfall: None Sunshine: 12.4hrs Currently partly cloudy with sunny spells and a temp of 24.9C.
  2. The sea breeze seems to be very limited today. We're usually always affected by it here 7 miles from the coast but today it hasn't reached us. We hit a max of 27.2C and its still 25.1C, quite unusual to be so warm late into the evening in this neck of the woods.
  3. The temperature is quite slow to fall too. We're still at 25.1C at almost 8pm. Its quite unusual to get evenings like this here as the sea breeze usually kicks in during the afternoon and temperatures then fall quickly in the evening. The wind however is south-westerly at the moment.
  4. Warmest day of the year for us today, peaking at 27.2C. We're also on 143 hours of sunshine so just under 9 hours per day on average so far. Still 26.1C now and only 38% humidity so actually quite comfortable.
  5. It rather passed under the radar last night but it was the highest June minima on record here with a low of 16.6C, beating the previous record of 16.4C set back in June 2005. That's in records going back to 1980, so it was a notably warm night. This spell hasnt been bad at all here if you like sunshine, up to 92 hours at the moment, which is only 5 hours less than all of July 2020!
  6. It was a total bust here, overcast throughout. Of course 30 minutes after it ended it turned sunny. Another one missed!
  7. Totally overcast here, in a month with 79hrs of sunshine in the first 9 days. Its like the weather knew an eclipse was on. 😕
  8. Yes, how typical that during the eclipse it is totally overcast. Couldn't make it up!
  9. Clear all day and just topped out at 25.5C. I dont know whether its because it has been cool for so long but it feels stifling. Pretty much at my limit until I can acclimatise at least.
  10. Very warm and sunny, currently 25.1C which is the max so far.
  11. Thick fog to start then mostly cloudy with sunny spells. A mild start with a min of 10.0C followed by a warm and extremely humid day. Currently 20.9C and 81% humidity after brief max earlier of 22.3C.
  12. A bit unpleasant out there today, not due to the temperature which is at 20.8C but the humidity of 80% that has come with it. We should have been in the firing line for some storms with all of that moisture in the air, but as always happens, the wind has swung to the east so any shower activity dies off before it reaches us.
  13. How about moving to the correct thread to discuss it then?
  14. There's been a summer thread for ages. Its just people decide to clog up the spring thread with summer discussion.
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