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  1. Close to average: 11.5C
  2. This rubbish again. The last four years have been pretty poor but before that we had four out of five below average winters with some great snow events and some notably cold months. How anyone can say we don't get blocked winter months anymore is utterly wrong when we've only just had January 2010, December 2010 and March 2013 (spring but at 2.7C CET coldest for over a century) which were very cold indeed. We're in a run of poor winters right now, but then again between December 1970 and December 1976 every winter month was above average. The same applies from Jan 1997 to Dec 2001. We've always had runs of mild winters in the UK. The idea that a switch has been flicked and favourable winter blocking is gone with only 0.8C of warming since pre-industrial times is utter nonsense.
  3. Thundergraupel!

    1. karyo
    2. Mokidugway


      Sound painfull , you beenĀ sitting on cold surfaces ?

  4. Continuing on from the discussion in the old thread... Longer term you have to look at where any recovery might come from. The ENSO forecast suggests yet another moderate or strong El Nino this winter, so we could yet again be looking at a globe warmer than the long-term trend. That's more heat being transferred north when the ice is still suffering from the hit of the last 12 months. I wonder if this current period will look like another step change downwards similar to around 2007?
  5. Closing this, please continue in the melt thread. Cheers
  6. Its certainly looking like the second half of the month will be much cooler than the first. As the first half was 9.7C (provisionally), I wonder if we could be in contention for the coldest second half relative to the first on record. It could easily be more than 2C colder and as Kevin mentions, colder than March too.
  7. It never actually made a first stand! Its all rather typical though isn't it. Greenland highs and northerly blocking seem impossible in winter but then in spring and summer up it pops. If it was a clean northerly with sunshine and heavy wintry showers then I wouldn't mind, but it doesn't look that way unfortunately.
  8. Ridiculous warmth for so early in the month today. We reached 23.1C in the end, which is 12.0C above the 1981-2010 average for the 9th and only 0.9C short of the warmest April maxima we've ever recorded in 37 years. Before 2007 we'd only reached 20C twice before April 16th, but since then we've managed it 6 times and two of those days were 22.6C and 23.1C.
  9. I was sceptical of that original figure for the 30th as we had a mean here of 15.7C and are very much north of the CET zone. Its quite impressive how warm that is for late March. Been a while since we had an upward adjustment too!
  10. That's quite strange, I'm running an oregon sensor in a Davis 7714 shield and it matches my Davis VP2 with FARS within 0.3C at almost all times. The only issue as you'd expect is the slower response time of the unaspirated 7714 against the FARS of the VP2. Careful when comparing other readings with your own as it may just be that your area/garden is simply warmer at night.
  11. It was indeed the warmest on record for us (since 1980), with a mean of 8.9C (+2.5C), beating 1990 by 0.5C. Hadobs seems to be down again at the moment.
  12. I run 24 hour FARS on my Davis VP2 and have found it makes a difference in responsiveness so you are more likely to pick up maxima and minima when there are abrupt changes in temperatures. On hot days there can be a degree or two difference aswell. Ironically on cold, calm nights it reads slightly higher on occasion, but more accurately as you're measuring the actual air temp rather than being affected by radiative cooling on the ISS casing. I don't use the Davis FARS fan though as they are quite frankly rubbish. I run my station fan on a 12v supply from the mains so it truly is 24/7 after finding the Davis fans failing every couple of months. For the last two years I have been using a Xerox photocopier fan (which is circular and actually looks like it was made to fit!) and have seen excellent results. I wouldn't say it was essential in the UK for FARS, but I like the best readings, so I have the 24/7 FARS along with the more accurate SHT31 sensor (+/-0.2C in the entire range) to make sure that is the case. I do however have similar issues with the wind vane in that there are quite a few high trees in this area, but I'd say your anemometer is positioned as best as possible there. It will be accurate for your location which is what matters. At the end of the day we don't live in exposed airfields like most of the Metoffice sites!
  13. 9.9C Very warm, but looking at some of these guesses it might be on the low end of the list!
  14. Its looking likely it will finish on 8.9C (+2.5C) here, which smashes the previous record of 8.4C set in 1990. Comfortably the warmest March on record and worth noting that only 9 Aprils have been warmer in the last 37 years.
  15. After the warmest minima in 37 years of records yesterday, today was even higher with a min of 12.8C, meaning we've smashed the record set in 2000 by 1.4C. Yesterday's max of 19.0C was the 3rd warmest March max in the same 1980-2017 period (and probably since 1965). The mean temp of 15.7C was also a whole 1.4C warmer than the record set in March 1990. A remarkable spell. Currently mostly cloudy with sunny spells and a temp of 15.3C.